BEIJING (AP) — A bench-clearing brawl at an exhibition game between American and Chinese basketball teams has marred the orchestrated harmony of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to China.

The fight between the Georgetown University men’s basketball team and the Bayi Rockets on Thursday night in Beijing forced the game to end early. On Wednesday, Biden watched the Georgetown Hoyas play another Chinese team. Biden did not attend Thursday’s game.

Georgetown head coach John Thompson III said in a statement that the two teams “played a very competitive game that unfortunately ended after heated exchanges with both teams.” He said Georgetown regretted the incident.

The Georgetown Hoyas are in China on a goodwill trip.

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  1. sdghsfgh says:

    Jockstrap mentality at its finest. Now all we need are some fan-thugs in the parking lot punching people into coma and it’ll be just like America.

  2. casejoker says:

    They mad cuz Yao Ming retired.

  3. Smooth Lee says:

    WE don’t know yet what incited the “brawl”, but in the video it appears that the Georgetown players were treated to some awfully ugly and vicious attacks by Chinese players and fans alike. Behavior like that in the states would result in players suspended, and fans arrested for what can only be described as assult. It was criminal. Georgetown will be playing that team again! They shouldn’t. Pack up and get out of there. I believe the Chinese players cannot be trusted to not act out like that again.

    1. uFools says:

      Read other reports regarding this incident. Don’t limit yourself to US Media Outlets. Rather, read what the world had to say. Then, you’ll be able to form an accurate conclusion. This was a very physical game from the onset. One team consisted of military trained personnel while, the other team… need I type more? It’s not fair to only blame the Chinese team as, it takes two to tango. This was a bad idea to pit collegiate players against the Army in the first place. Think about it… Players trained to kill versus Players that play X-Box when not on the court.

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