BAKERSFIELD (AP) — The family of a one-time NFL running back who was fatally shot by Kern County sheriff’s deputies in a convenience store parking lot is suing the sheriff’s department for alleged civil rights violations.

Lawyers for the family of David Lee Turner, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1978 to 1980, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday claiming that deputies improperly searched the 56-year-old Bakersfield resident and used unreasonable force on him.

Turner was outside the store last month when the deputies responded to a report that a group of minors was trying to get adults to buy liquor for them.

The department has said Turner initially was cooperative when the deputies stopped him for questioning, but hit one of the deputies in the back of the head with a bag of canned beer after the officer hit Tuner’s leg with his baton.

The other deputy then shot Turner twice.

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Comments (5)
  1. kandles says:

    what a surprise–this will only worsen racial relations especially in bakersfield!

    1. anger loco says:

      i’m more afraid of a White guy then a black guy… White Men are creeps who rape and molest woman, little boys & girls…
      Even police and judges watch child porn in there chambers.
      Crazy white devils…
      U are not better then anyone.. Mike & Amy u guys are idiots

      1. Mike says:

        I live in a white neighborhood, and leave everything unlocked and i have never had ANYTHING stolen. The only crime that has occured in the area, was a neighbors house was broken into by??????????? you guessed a black guy!

        Anger Loco, i’m far from an idiot. I just speak the truth, and you hide from it. If you’re more afraid of a white guy, you’re actually more ignorant then you sound.

      2. what a nad says:

        Nice generalization, nimrod. What a deep and well-thought out analysis.
        8th grade drop out, I’m guessing?

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