HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Police have arrested a suspected child molester just hours after asking for the public’s help in capturing the Huntington Beach man.

Authorities found Gordon Ray Bodkin, 45, at an apartment complex in the 16100 block of Sher Lane, Lt. Russell Reinhart said.

Police received a call at 4:25 p.m. from a person who had seen Bodkin walking with another person in the apartment complex. Officers arrested Bodkin at that location without incident, Reinhart said.

Bodkin allegedly molested a 4-year-old relative whom he was supposed to be babysitting on Aug. 9, Huntington Beach Police officials said. Bodkin was caught in the act when the little girl’s parent came home from work early and found Bodkin pants-less with the child, according to police.

Bodkin then fled the scene on foot.

Bodkin was also wanted on a parole violation in connection with burglaries and theft.

Authorities Monday released a mug shot photo of Bodkin, taken from an arrest in January,  in the hopes that it would generate leads.

Comments (12)
  1. dogguts says:

    Better idea – shoot the f***er on sight.

  2. uFools says:

    I agrre with dogguts but should he survive until captured then make everday of his incarceration a living hell.

  3. Jim Gates says:

    he needs to share a cell with bubba

  4. Robert Campbell says:

    piece of excrement

  5. Goodbabysitter! says:

    THAT IS JUST SICK! I have a 4 year old niece who I love dearly and I always babysit her when my sister has to leave for awhile! And what this man did was just SICK! A 4 YEAR OLD POOR INNOCENT GIRL.I HOPE THIS MONSTER IS SENT TO JAIL FOR LIFE AND ENDURES THE TORTURE HE FIRST GAVE TO THAT LITTLE GIRL.

    1. Melissa O says:

      He won’t survive in prison

  6. Chops says:

    Another Trashy White Anglo doing what they do best Molest Kids…White people are Sick and should be treated…maybe it’s a Genetic thing…Gross I feel for their Children who grow up molested by them…

  7. Xian says:

    White guys are dopes
    Like 80% of the molesters are WHITE
    I’m in the 20% that’s sane

  8. rich says:

    if he was caught in the act and his pants were down how did he have time to pull them up and split before the parents beat him half to death?

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