FULLERTON (CBS) — Fullerton Police Monday continued to monitor the city’s websites after a group of hackers threatened the department in response to the death of a homeless man>

Kelly Thomas was killed during a confrontation with police.

The group, calling themselves Anonymous, has posted a warning to the City of Fullerton online.

“Greeting citizens of Fullerton, California. For too long the public has accepted the spin from the police,” the treat said in part in a video posted to YouTube.

It went on to threaten the websites of City Hall, the Police and Fire Departments among others with a cyber attack unless the group’s demands were met.

The demands included prosecution of all six officers involved in the violent altercation with homeless man Kelly Thomas, the immediate resignation of Police Chief Michael Sellers and that the city immediately pay a lump sum of no less than $5 million to the Thomas family.

“I appreciate anybody who feels that there should be a settlement for this, because again all the funds are going to help the homeless. However, we absolutely do not condone anything illegal or violent. We’re absolutely peaceful, we’re not going to have it,” said Ron Thomas, the victim’s father.

Despite the threats that the city considered serious and credible, the website was still up and running as of Monday afternoon.

Anonymous gave city leaders a deadline of noon Sunday or risk having the websites shut down. They also notified Fullerton leaders by e-mail that the city would be the target of street protests, calling the threat “Operation Fullerton.”

“Our citizen’s may be denied Internet communication with the city and police. However, city services, including police and fire, will continue to operate as usual,“ Police Spokesman Andrew Goodrich said in a statement.


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