PASADENA (CBS) — A SWAT team was called out to a Pasadena home, where a fight got out of control between at least nine men Sunday.

Police say the fight started as an argument between friends that got out of control.

During the melee, one of the men was attacked by several others with baseball bats, the victim told police. He was treated and eventually released from an area hospital, Pasadena police Lt. Diego Torres said.

Police were dispatched to the 100 block of Eloise Avenue about 1 a.m. Officers found a victim who said that he had been assaulted in a nearby home. The victim said there were at least seven people in the house and possibly another man who may not come out.

“We made announcements and no one came out and, as a precaution, was brought in SWAT,” he said. The SWAT team arrived there at about 4 a.m.

“They contained the residence and called in. Additional subjects came out,” Torres said.

In all, eight other men were inside the house. They were all being detained and questioned by detectives to find out what happened, but no arrests were made.

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  1. charlie says:

    my friend don’t beat me up with baseball bats, time for this guy to look for new friends.

  2. Shiggity says:

    Umm it took a Swat team to break up a fight? Sounds like it’s time to do some firing and hiring within the department.

    1. bounce says:

      Did you even read the story? Do you fully comprehend what happened? There were seven, possibly eight people in the house that refused to come out. Do you know how difficult it is to safely clear a house with just one subject inside?

  3. Joe Danny says:

    lol, and they need the idiot SWAT team forthat? Pathetic.

    1. bounce says:

      Nothing pathetic about it. What’s really pathetic is your constant spamming for a commercial site.

  4. Reality Check says:

    Friends how many of us have them,friends ones we can depend on,friends is a word we use everyday most the time we use in the wrong way you can look the word up again and again but the dictionary dosent know the meaning of friends….Houdini.

  5. duh says:

    Waste of SWAT resources. Have workers protected by PD erect a fence around the property. Last one standing inside the fencing gets to walk out free and clear. Pay-Per-View. Profit.

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