VAN NUYS (CBS) — The public’s help was sought Sunday in locating a motorist who was involved in a dispute that critically injured a 51-year-old gas station attendant.

Police say the gas station attendant, 51-year-old Jorge Grimaldo of Panorama City, tried to stop a customer from leaving by standing in front of the car at an Arco station in the 15700 block of Victory Boulevard late Friday night.

The driver steered the car through residential streets for about a half-mile with Grimaldi hanging on to the hood of the car before he fell off, Los Angeles police Officer Gregory Baek said.

Grimaldi suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital, where he is in critical condition.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Valley Traffic Division officers at (818) 644-8032 or 1-877-LAPD-24-7.

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  1. Xen says:

    Police are looking for an uncivilized coward

  2. TheWindrunner says:

    Mexican hood ornaments don’t hold up well, unless they’re only used for slow drive bys.

  3. JoeFriday says:

    That was a dumb thing to do.

  4. Arod says:

    Why would a low paid worker risk his life over a few dollars. I wonder if the owner of the station will pay his medical bills and give him a raise….yea, right

    1. Tommy Howard says:

      The article says nothing about the driver stealing anything, let alone robbing the gas station.

  5. Tommy Howard says:

    I hope he recovers soon. I’d be willing to bet a dollar he won’t stand in front of another car.There are three sides to every story “Your side, my side and the truth”. Without a little more information about what was going on I’m not going to pass any judgement against the driver. As vague as this article is the customer may have been sleeping with the victims wife for all we know.

    1. Big John says:

      no matter what the reason he had no right to take off with this guy on the hood & if he did have a reason he need to drive to the nearest cop so that the guy on the hood could be arrested.

  6. Joe Diggs says:

    Hmm, not a very bright idea to stand in front of a car. Seriously.

  7. Reality check says:

    Dude this is not marvel comics,you are not iron Man or Super for Brains…….

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