FULLERTON (CBS) — A hacker group is threatening to cripple the Fullerton Police Department’s website over the death of a homeless schizophrenic man.

The threat from the group Anonymous has forced the city of Fullerton to shore up its computer and electronic communication systems and monitor them for any intrusions.

So far, no sabotage or disruptions have been detected.

The group issued three demands with a deadline of noon Sunday. The group is demanding the prosecution of the six officers involved in the beating of Kelly Thomas, the immediate resignation of the department’s chief of police, and an immediate payment of $5 million to the surviving family of Thomas.

Thomas, 37, died five days after suffering severe neck and head injuries during an arrest by Fullerton police officers on July 5. Since his death, residents have voiced increasingly loud protests about Thomas’ treatment and the police department’s actions.

The Thomas family has filed a claim alleging violation of civil rights, negligence and conspiracy against the city of Fullerton and its police department. Ron Thomas, Kelly Thomas father, says the city offered him $900,000 to settle any civil claims against the city on July 29.

Ron Thomas, however, says he does condone a hacker attack on the city, despite his desire for justice.

Part of the message sent to the city read:

“For too long the public has ‘accepted’ the spin from the police. Already they have begun libeling him by publishing documents about his mental illness to sway support towards the police. At the same time, the videos from the cruisers and the surveillance camera, which could instantly alibi their officers is still yet to be released. What is it that they are trying to hide? Why is it that former Fullerton Police Chiefs sit on the city council?”

“We will begin to treat the web assets of the police, city government – and any other targets we deem in support or a cause of this incident with as much mercy as was shown to Kelly Thomas. He may have been silenced, but his screams will live on forever, and we will join him as ‘Operation Fullerton.’”


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  1. shiggity says:

    LOL…these guys stay on top of current events…

  2. bugman says:

    If they can,or,it could be the pd saying that like their supposedly threats to cover their ??????

  3. Teddy Lindsay says:

    Where are your proofreaders?! Your story reads, “Ron Thomas, however, says he does condone a hacker attack on the city, despite his desire for justice.” I’m sure it should read “he does NOT condone a hacker attack”, etc. Kind of an important difference, don’t you think?

    1. Alice Marsupi says:

      Like minds….

  4. Alice Marsupi says:

    Does your writer understand the meaning of the word ‘condone’? Who edits this pap before it goes online? Anonymous espoused the principle that this country was built on.

  5. Talega says:

    So, to challenge the PD in the death of one person, they put many others at risk by disrupting communications. It sounds like brainless hackers.

  6. bounce says:

    How about we let the justice system take a stab at this before we start threatening and blackmailing public institutions?

  7. Steve says:

    Please do a better reporting you are a week behind. Not only that, it was a hoax! C’mon the news is getting more and desperate these days. This is being fed to you by the PR machine headed up by the Fullerton Police Dept. & the Orange County DA. No matter how they try to spin it the good people of Fullerton still believe a violation of one is a violation to all. We will continue to protest peacefully until we see the video recording and justice is served to these 6 rogue policeman.

  8. Matt Woods says:

    It should be painfully obvious by now that most if not all of these police departments have rouge cops and the rest of the staff might be good except that they protect the rouges. Just like Rodney king, if there was no camera footage then it wouldn’t have happened and even when exposed the city circles the wagons. Just like when they killed my 6 year old daughter one year ago. Facts are facts until they can bend them to suit their needs or protect their kind. The City’s have lots of tools and lawyers that we pay for to protect them from crimes perpetrated against us our own police departments. I’m against violence but it would not bother me to see these particular cops beat to with in an inch of their deaths (just short of the beating they delivered to Kelly Thomas).

    1. Cali Fornia Mike says:

      Forgive me for asking, what happened to your daughter?

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