PASADENA (CBS) — Pasadena police sought the public’s help Friday in the search for the vandals who have been plastering racist and anti-gay graffiti on surfaces in Pasadena.

The graffiti spray-painted along Washington Boulevard between Lincoln and El Molino avenues surfaced earlier this week and was recently removed, the Pasadena Police Department said. The targets included residential, commercial and city-owned buildings.

“Residents and businesses in the neighborhoods need to know these crimes will not be tolerated,” said police Chief Phillip Sanchez. “We will uphold each person’s rights to live in an environment free of such acts.”

The graffiti has included racist and homophobic slurs and Swastikas.

Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard said, “Any action or event that suggests racial bigotry or discrimination or hatred is tremendously disappointing.”

Police asked that anyone with information on the graffiti vandals call the department at (626) 744-4241.

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Comments (5)
  1. Parasites In Academia says:

    Obviously a leftist setup job to foment civil unrest.

    1. Emanon says:

      Yup — This is SOO easy to spot. Without victims and civil unrest, the libs power goes away.

      How about those on the right start graffiti that says “go home whitey” or “the white man needs to die…”

      Oh wait, you’d never hear about it in the news.


  2. Kenneth Howell says:

    Gee! Why don’t you check your anti graffiti department. I am sure they are paid plenty to hire people to do it ,and get kickbacks for the cleanup

  3. BD McGee says:

    enough of this being soft on crime BS. Shoot taggers on sight, PERIOD.
    You don’t want to get shot, don’t tag.
    what isn’t clear about that?

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