VAN NUYS (CBS) — A bomb squad has been sent to examine a suspicious vehicle parked in the 14100 block of Magnolia Boulevard, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

No evacuations have been reported, but traffic is being routed away from the area.

The LAPD received the call about a suspicious package inside of a car around 11:45 a.m.

No additional details were released.

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  1. Travis Mogren says:

    Wel.. Since they blew up a briefcase in Beverly Hills yesterday I assume that they will be blowing up the entire block today.

  2. Jeannine Suibielski says:

    Cool so someone inadvertently leaves – what? A birthday present? Perhaps a baby shower gift? A package they received from UPS that they haven’t had the time to open, and someone waltzing by decides Al Qaeda simply must be out to get that particular neighborhood? Alarmist much Los Angeles? I can see it now, tomorrow AM the owner of the car calls Mercury Insurance and tries to see if they’re covered for LAPD blowing up their car because they left their neighbor Judy’s going away gift in the car. Oopsies!!!

    1. Jeff says:

      You can guarantee that the LAPD will not be responsible for the car.
      In fact they will probably charge you for there time as well as the explosive.

  3. susan says:

    this was right by my house. Its sad last week they wouldnt even let me get to my house because someone saw a suspicious man jump a fence. All of a sudden he was armed and dangerous then after an hour of standing around they left.

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