LOS ANGELES (CBS) — CBS2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein first reported on wedding photographer Alan Brent Carruth in 2007.

Scores were suing him over what they called shoddy work. Some couples never received their photos at all. Some got their pictures three, four and five years after their ceremonies were held.

Carruth was to be sentenced Friday for eight counts of grand theft.

But not before some of the couples got to get a few things off their chest. Today, many of those couples confronted Carruth in a Los Angeles courtroom. And their anger was palpable.

Jennifer Autajay saw her wedding photos for the first time in court today. Five years after her marriage. “My brother just recently got married,” she cried, “and we look at his album. Our son asks, ‘Mommy, daddy, where are your pictures?’ What do you tell a 4-year-old boy?”

And Autajay was not alone in telling Carruth exactly what she thought of him.

Mary Saxon said, dealing with Carruth has “been a nightmare. A nightmare. And nobody wants to see my pictures now,” she said, “and they’re … horrible.”

She was married in 2005. “How are you going to give me my dreams back? And my memories back? Tell me. You can’t.  We cant do a repeat.” And she also asked Carruth, “How can you sleep with yourself?”

Marisa Edwards wanted her dying father to see her wedding album before he passed. “A parent book…it’s the last thing I was going to send with him in his casket. But that didn’t happen,” she said, choking back tears.

Carruth told Goldstein outside of court that he “felt horrible” for his myriad of disappointed customers and added “I don’t know what else I can say.”

He also lashed out at Goldstein. “You have been dishonest with me. I hesitate to talk to you.”

Goldstein said Carruth was claiming medical problems and his scheduled sentencing was pushed back to August 26 while a judge reviews his medical records.

Carruth faces up to eight years in prison.






Comments (24)
  1. Bryan Conover says:

    Im seeing a lot of wasted tears on this one !

    1. The Wedding Monster Brides says:

      I hired Brent to do my wedding. He showed, with two other photographers, took pictures, gave us a full digital copy of all the pics. The albums were hard to get, and I had to go in several times to expedite, but I got them . . . and they are nice. My sister never got hers because she didn’t have the time to follow-up. But jail? JAIL PEOPLE?!? That’s totally unjustified. They are just pictures. The truth is that he got overbooked, and wasn’t able to handle the volume. He made bad business decisions. Unfortunately, then, he wasn’t able to follow thru and that sucks, but JAIL? There are kidnappers,. rapists and murderers that get let out of jail because our funds are low. Why? So we can put photographers in?
      You people who pressed charges are terrible. Get over yourselves!

      1. Cela says:

        SHUT UP! You are only saying this because you got what you paid for. How about you burn your album and join the rest of the 150 couples that didn’t get anything. You are naive to think he fell behind on his work and made “bad business decisions.” It’s obvious he never intended to deliver.You are ridiculous to even compare this to rapists and murderes. It’s not just about pictures, it’s about the thousands of dollars he stole from people.

  2. Jimbob says:

    Eight years in prison is around the same amount of time that psycho pair of Dodgers fans is facing. Something just ain’t right with the justice system…

  3. Shiggity says:

    I love how parents involve their kids. Ummm a 4 year old doesn’t give a rats arse about some marriage photos.

    1. The_Zman says:

      Exactly that part had me rolling….

  4. JB says:

    lame….ok so you got ripped off, but photos aren’t memories. you got married that was the goal, that was the experience. enjoy your marriage and quite wasting time on this. they’re acting like someone was killed…..

    1. brian says:

      What a terrible response! You mean to tell me that a wedding photographer not doing an album or losing all of the photos for a wedding is not a memory or OK?

      I guess you must not have a life!

      BTW, Accepting thousands of dollars from 100’s of couples and not meeting their contractual obligations is a crime and that’s why Alan is in court! His wife and daughter will also be tried as well.

  5. candy says:

    waaa waaa waaaaa

  6. Gary says:

    Give me a Break! Children dying every day around the world from starvation and these people are whining about their wedding photos!!??? How DARE they!! OMG What does she tell her 4 year old son??The Truth!! You have no wedding photos. So what!!!! Get on with your life already, you were lucky to have a nice wedding to begin with. How many people can’t even afford that!! How spoiled and self absorbed can you people be!!! Get over yourself!!!

    1. Cela says:

      What do dying children have anything to do with this? That comment is as stupid as the lady with the 4 year old son who questions what to answer him. What do I care if people can’t afford a nice wedding? Maybe if Alan Brent gave me back my $3000 I could help feed the dying children and help the poor have nice weddings. Gary, you are a fool.

      1. Gary says:

        ‘ What do I care if people can’t afford a nice wedding?? That reply by you tells me everything I need to know about you!! You have no understanding or empathy for anyone besides yourself! Can you say self absorbed anyone??

  7. Stubby says:

    You get what you pay for and I’ll bet this guy was cheaper. Suckers born every minute. Over half of these people will get married again anyway, and next time they can check the photographer out.

  8. not says:

    If this woman are such whiners bet their marriages will not last! Their man will dump them for another woman that doesn’t whine. Maybe when they remarie they’ll get the pictures of their dreams, memories and stop crying.

  9. Elvis is in the house! says:

    what are they gonna do with those pictures when after 10 to 12 years they gonna file for divorce. : LOL!

  10. The Mad Man says:

    Why wasn’t she on Judge Judy? Well, what’s in a photo anyway. The one day of your life where you spent so much money for something you can’t afford? Take pics of the divorce breakup and then you have some memories.

  11. I used Brent says:

    Brent did my wedding, as well. I had to fight to get my pictures, but I was persistent,and I got them. And, he WAS cheaper. Lots cheaper than others. I feel badly that some couples didn’t get theirs pics, but is that REALLY worth locking him up for? I have my album. It sits on the shelf. Noone cares about it or even asks about my wedding. Is that REALLY worth jail?
    That is more suited for Better Business Bureau.
    I think that the news getting involved has sparked a mass hysteria, and the reporters are actually repsonsible for sending this man to jail.

  12. just a thought... says:

    You all know the media will only take pieces of a testimony that will make “good” tv news. They don’t tell the entire story. These women in the clips, and they are only clips – one lost her father, and one saw her wedding photos for the first time. Yes, they are only photos, but couples have paid thousands of dollars for a man they trusted, to capture their sacred day. Multiply $4 – $5k times 150 couples, that amount of money taken, deserves some type of punishment. Yes, 8 years is quite silly, but some sort of restitution should be done. Alan Brent Carruth was actually disbarred as a lawyer 10 years ago, for embezzling thousands of dollars from his clients families – now doing the same to wedding couples. If this happened to any of you – i’m sure you would want some sort of justice as well, right?! A man stealing a car goes to jail, why shouldn’t a man who steals hundreds of thousands of dollars? Even for one day…

  13. CASEY says:

    Thank You David Goldstein!! obviously most of these sad, abnormal individuals who have commented to go soft on Brent , hate themselves and are disfuncional. A weeding memory should happen only once. Brent deserves at least 10 years for taking people’s memories away. The first idiotic comment is utterly insane and rediculous.You people are quite sad..If this guy would have deprived my wife and I of our photos, he’d be lucky to be walking the streets!

  14. Sentence Question says:

    Does anyone know what sentence he received?

  15. Just one of you says:

    Any update? I was unable to make it to the second sentencing day. I could alway call the LA County Attorney, but thought one of you might know.

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