COSTA MESA (AP) — Costa Mesa police say seven teenagers have been arrested for the Aug. 2 attack of a Newport Beach man.

Police told The Orange County Register Wednesday that 18-year-old Juan Carlos Juarez of Orange and seven youth between 14 and 17 have been arrested for investigation of attempted carjacking, robbery, brandishing a firearm, conspiracy and criminal threats.

Police say the apparently random victim was attacked twice, starting at a fast food restaurant where he was eating. He escaped that assault, but police say the teens followed him, pulled him from his car and beat him unconscious, stealing his phone, cash and keys. The victim was hospitalized with moderate injuries.

Newport Beach police say they arrested six teens a short time later.

Police did not know if the teenagers had attorneys.

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  1. Magnuss says:

    Hispanic chimps running amok.
    There goes Newport Beach too. Been a long while since I was there.

  2. caliking says:

    Why is it always the Hispanics…??? Arn’t they ashamed of themselves?

    1. GermaicanSpice says:

      It’s NOT always the “Hispanics”….there’s bad white people, bad Asian people, bad black people….and there’s bad Hispanic people….and in this case, that’s who committed the crime.

      1. Chung says:

        Newport PD needs to do something quick.Before the neighborhood is killed.

      2. Obama says:

        MR Chung : YES YOU !!! There are also tons of tons of Asian Corruptionall all over America, so don’t be so Judgmental and point out hispanics are the only Ethnicity that commit crimes…

      3. Magnuss says:

        Get real Chung
        The neighborhood is Gone.Look at what’s going on.
        There’s a lot more than those two incidents I’m sure. Wake Up people.

      4. Magnuss says:

        I just talked to a coworker.IT Is the HISPANIC going into the area and causing this kinds of problems.It’s been going on and getting worse the last few years.

      5. Magnuss says:

        Shut up you Mexican chimp.Look around.Who’s going to buy your Silly lies.IT’s Always Mexicans.

      6. Chung says:

        Mr. Obama
        Nothing like this.How often do Asian people carjack you?
        Please I know you are ashamed of being Latin but don’t try and drag Asian people into the gutter with you.We want no part of this Mexican culture.

      7. Chung says:

        Mr Obama
        Look at you getting all worked up.Going ape crazy.Slinging mud all over the place.
        What an Animal…..

      8. Spider Man says:

        Mr Chung : I hope you’re not considering yourself a True American ??? HA…go back to china rice stick, stinking flip flops….It’s your Ancestors who Corrupted America !!!!

      9. Wen Lin Tsai says:

        What a FAKing looser you are Chung.Wasting your time with MEXICAN.
        Don’t you ever do that again.

    2. Obama says:

      I’m just not a racist like you and that other idiot Magnus spewing idiocy, stupidity nonsense on a yahoo message board. Both of you should get a rope and end your life. What are you trying to say china bowl, that your Asian farts don’t stink and Asians don’t commit crimes ( of course they do) Remember that the Chinese introduced opium to the USA along with other crimes ( prostitution, drugs, money laundering, hard labor acts)

      1. Chung says:

        You should look up opium. Mr. Obama
        You are the one spewing idiocy, stupidity nonsense.That’s the only thing to come out of Mexicans.
        You are the one who came after me.Easier target?Too afraid of white people like all you browns.You are a sad bunch.
        I see this all day long.

      2. Obama says:

        Mr Chug or fung, lung, or whatever your China name is – I hit a nerve…

        be careful what you wish for, it might be those same hispanics you bash on that helps you in life threatening situation

        Be kind to others and of course your Neighbors, if someone ask for your coat, give it to him/her don’t ask for it back….

      3. Chung says:

        Mr Obama you must be Mr Spider Man too.
        This is too Stupid.

        You Try So hard.But a MEXICAN sounds like a MEXICAN.You can’t hide being a MEXICAN. But call yourself Spider Man . If it makes you feel better.. No one wants to be a MEXICAN.

      4. Chung says:

        Mr Obama
        No one needs hispanic help.Everyone had done very well before this hispanic wave came on to us.And believe me No one wants Hispanic neighbors.I’m Sure if they want my coat they would just try and rob me at gun point like this Juan Carlos Juarez of Orange .
        It’s often the hispanic that creats -life threatening situation – As you put it.

      5. Wen Lin Tsai says:

        Talking to a mexican chimp you might as well go fak an ape Chung.Such a disgrace Chung.Get Real Chung.How worthless are you Chung?Get out of here Chung.TALKING to MEXICAN..What an embarrassment you are Chung. What’s wrong with you Chung.Get Out of here.

  3. GermaicanSpice says:

    Well I won’t leave a nasty racist remark like that white-bred “Magnuss” who posted before me, did. However, these youths need to be punished…and I don’t mean a slap on the wrist. Expressing such violent behavior at such a young age will only lead to more vicious crimes as they get older. Time to nip the situation in the butt! Send them to a Labor Camp…that’ll teach them.

    1. caliking says:

      Yes, I agreed there are bad people in all races but the Hispanics are like animals. They are the real problem in society. Their parents weren’t educated to start with and they have numerous kids. The kids only grow up to be gang banger and a burden to our society. They often proud to display they are gang members and never a sense of disgrace…Every time I read news like these, its often perpetuated by the Hispanics. Instead of gang banging, do something that’s more productive for the society please!

      1. DD says:

        @caliking .. Harsh, but I gotta agree with your comment

  4. Mr. Wilson says:

    sounds like a gang of Illegal’s gone wild…A well planned and prepared caper;
    round them up and their parents and send them back across the border…

    1. c says:

      What’s the point of that Mr. Wilson, they will just come back!

  5. igor doublebubblevich says:

    exclusive places like new port and becverly hills demand blacks and Mexicans sign in before they enter, jewerly stores do the same, they are all up to no good.

  6. Gumby says:

    Caliking : Hispanics are like animals ? what about these American White Animals
    where should we place these heros in your society ?

    Ted Bundy –
    Charles Manson
    John Wayne Gacy Jr
    Jeffrey Dahmer
    Dennis Rader
    Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber –
    Bernie Madoff

    1. Caliking says:

      Gumby: I agreed with you, there are bad people for Whites, Asians, Blacks, etc…but it just seems like anytime there is a crime, its most likely committed by Hispanics. Why are we trying to deny the facts? Look at the streets, most of the young Hispanics are all thug looking and their parents are so proud of them. The thuggish looks will get you no where. The Hispanics kids needs to grow up and the parents needs to better educate their kids. If you lack the parenting skills, please do not have kids and bring more burden to our society.

  7. Joe says:

    Sounds like the Fullerton PD to me.

  8. Al-CIAda says:

    Seven versus one. Those guys are really tough.

    1. DD says:


  9. The Big Logic says:

    All of the violent attacks lately have been blamed on Hispanics. I’m of the opinion that these attacks are commited by Armenians using aliases.

  10. Lee says:

    Execute those 7 Hispanic primitives now will save many family grief and heartache in the near future.

  11. Wen Lin Tsai says:

    In a moment of unreasoning our little Chung stooped to playing with MEXICAN.
    He’s been terminated now.Everyone makes mistakes.I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive him.
    Please go back to your daily foraging now.

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