LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The ACLU is sending 379 requests nationwide to local law enforcement agencies demanding to know if, when, and how they are using cell phone data to track civilian activity.

“The ability to access cell phone location data is an incredibly powerful tool and its use is shrouded in secrecy. The public has a right to know how and under what circumstances their location information is being accessed by the government,” said Catherine Crump, staff attorney for the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project. “A detailed history of someone’s movements is extremely personal and is the kind of information the Constitution protects.”

The ACLU says it has filed requests with the following Southland police departments:

– Anaheim Police Department
– Bakersfield Police Department
– Beverly Hills Police Department
– Corona Police Department
– Glendale Police Department
– Huntington Beach Police Department
– Irvine Police Department
– Kern County Sheriff’s Department
– Long Beach Police Department
– Los Angeles Police Department
– Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
– Ontario Police Department
– Orange County Sheriff’s Department
– Orange Police Department
– Pasadena Police Department
– Redlands Police Department
– Riverside Police Department

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed that the request has been received.

“We’re certainly going to respond in the appropriate manner,” he said. “We are in the process of preparing the appropriate response.”

We also contacted the Los Angeles Police Department, which is “unaware” of any requests that may have been filed at this time.

Comments (14)
  1. Andrew says:

    I know how to respond in an appropiate manner: Throw that request in the trash, burn it, then send the ashes back to the ACLU, Air Mail!

  2. Mike Nub says:

    You live in 2011. You own a cell phone. If you’re involved in illegal activity, hell yes I want your phone tracked! I don’t commit crime, so authorities, track away!

  3. Senia says:

    ACLU is an idiot. With millions of people in the city, you think Law Enforcement has the manpower of monitoring each and every cell phone? They will only monitor those they suspect doing illegal activities & within reason. I say, go ahead track down all those criminals amongst our midst.

  4. royrogers says:

    May all the workers of the ACLU burn in all for the damage they have caused to the society of real AMERICA. With what they have done it is now AMERIKA. Thank you bunch of losers!!!!!

    1. feudalist hunter says:

      To being with, when you refer to the United States do not use America to describe the country. America is a continent you moron, not a nation. Thats why organizations like the ACLU exit. They exist to keep you right wing feudailst in check along with your revisionism and projection. Now go back to listening and watching cable news, loser!!!

      1. ACLUSUCKS says:

        No, we are America. North America is a continent, South America is a continent, America is our country, hence we are Americans. Well some of us, maybe not you.

      2. ACLUSUCKS says:

        One more thing, genius… Mexico is also the United States, so if you just use the term United States, to which country are you referring? Yet you called royrogers a moron?

  5. Mo says:

    apparently none of these people have read 1984 or Brave New World. It is beginning and these people are helping. I don’t do anything illegal and I don’t want the police tracking me. I’ve seen too many corrupt police to trust them.

  6. Noneyoubussiness says:

    Lots of pigs getting pist cuz their revealing the truth about their lil tacking technology ahahahahaha, Keep up the good work aclu. Reveal the truth about this Pigs..

  7. Smack Down Dribble says:

    All of you who denounce the ACLU are tools. We need watchdogs like them to help maintain our privacy and constitutional rights. Granted, they go way overboard sometimes on certain issues but better to have someone then no one. Law enforcement is an unfortunate necessity. Just because I don’t do anything illegal doesn’t mean I want to be tracked where ever I go. GPS, internet and other electronic monitoring systems are here to stay and if you must have them, better to keep them out of the hands of everyone else.

  8. The Mad Man says:

    I’m not afraid, let them track my phone. If I make an emergency call, they had better respond! That’s what I use my phone for!

  9. The Mad Man says:

    This tracking goes two ways. If the news media can track the police to get a story then I can use the same equipment to track the police. Think about that!

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