LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Los Angeles County health official allegedly confiscated $9,000 in cash during a raid on a Venice store accused of selling unpasteurized goat milk, cheese and yogurt without officially documenting the seizure, according to an eyewitness report on Monday.

Lela Buttery and Mike Adams witnessed the raid by on Rawesome Foods last week by the Specialized Surveillance & Enforcement Bureau of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Buttery said during a radio interview on Natural News  that the cash — which an agent took after handcuffing owner James Stewart — was earmarked to buy honey, eggs and other food products for club members of Rawesome Foods.

According to Buttery, Bureau Director Terrance Powell did not properly record the estimated $9,000 in cash that was confiscated in addition to $4,500 in cash previously listed on the warrant.

“They asked him how much money was on the premises, and when he said that he had nine grand in his pocket, they asked him what it was for, he said it was for the produce, and they took that money and confiscated it, and it was not recorded,” said Buttery.

“It is not on the currency control sheet,” she added.

The district attorney’s office said Rawesome Foods had been operating without a business permit or license for over six years before undercover investigators purchased unpasteurized goat milk, cheese and yogurt from the store last year.

Powell on Monday refused to comment on the allegations.

Comments (3)
  1. The Big Logic says:

    That guy must’ve had big pockets.

  2. Eric Slowik says:

    Thats peanuts back in the 90’s the safeway i worked at had 21k all the time its the guys store hes the owner thats nuthing to a business in venice.

  3. charlie says:

    KIss that cash goodbye, once it’s impounded, it’s gone. Even if you win the case, the government lose evidence like cash, guns, cocaine all the time.

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