LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Ten pieces of art drawn and signed by Michael Jackson were donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Monday, with the late King of Pop’s children on hand for the occasion.

Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, signed their names alongside their father’s signature on some of the artwork.

“You look at this, it makes you happy,” Jackson’s sister, La Toya,
said during a ceremony at the hospital. “They’re whimsical, they’re magical
and there’s just joy and peace. I know that when you see this and the kids see it, it will bring some type of joy to them, and at the same time I know it will bring joy to my brother as well.”

She said Jackson would appreciate the artwork being placed in “a hospital like this that will help children and people everywhere.”

The artwork was donated from the private collection of Brett Livingstone Strong, an artist and friend of the Jackson family.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Jackson’s mother, Katherine, were also on hand for the event.

Mary Hart, a hospital trustee who helped arrange the donation with her husband, Burt Sugarman, hailed the presentation of the artwork, which will be displayed around the hospital’s new building.

“To have the Jackson family here, to show a side of Michael Jackson here at Children’s hospital that the world is totally unfamiliar with is
incredibly exciting,” Hart said.

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  1. igor doublebubblevich says:

    were suppose to believe these are his biological kids> ok

    1. Louis Swan II says:

      If they are not his Biological kids or if they are, they know him as Daddy, even if they are adopted, so what, who cares igor doublebubblevich the kids know him as their Dad and that is all that matters.

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