SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Fullerton man who put his semen in a co-worker’s water bottle was ordered Monday to pay more than $27,000 in restitution.

Michael Kevin Lallana was ordered to cover the victim’s loss of income and other expenses such as therapy, Deputy District Attorney Brock Zimmon said.

 In April, Lallana was sentenced to 180 days in jail and three years of probation for secretly ejaculating twice into a co-worker’s water bottle so that she’d go on to drink it later.

Lallana hasn’t served any of the jail time because his attorneys have appealed his Feb. 24 conviction on two misdemeanor counts of battery, Zimmon said. Lallana is required to conform to the terms of probation.

Lallana’s attorney, Eduardo Madrid, argued during restitution hearings that the victim’s civil settlement with her former employer should offset how much Lallana owed her.

But Zimmon said restitution is meant to rehabilitate the defendant and to provide a deterrent.

Schwarm ordered Lallana to pay $1,625 for past therapy, $6,500 for one more year’s worth of therapy, and $18,683.50 in lost earnings, Zimmon said. The remainder covers other miscellaneous expenses, such as sending the water bottle to a laboratory for testing.

Lallana and the victim started working together at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Newport Beach, but both were transferred to the company’s office in Orange in 2010.

She testified that while working in Newport Beach, she left her water bottle at work on a Friday in January 2010 and when she returned on Monday, she took a swig and noticed a foul taste that seemed like semen, so she threw out the bottle.

After moving to the new office in Orange, she again tasted semen in her water on April 6, 2010. She said she took the bottle to a laboratory to have it tested, because Orange police told her they could not open an investigation on speculation of a crime, and her superiors at work did not know what to do about it.

When the test showed there was semen in the water, Orange detectives started questioning the company’s employees.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Frankie goes to Hollywood says “Relax, don’t do it, when you want to…. “

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      As the radio played, “Come on Eileen…”

  2. ivan says:

    why does she know what semen tastes like…damn hoe!

  3. Jeezus says:

    i’m not even reading the rest of this….she deserves way more $$$$$$ than that

    1. Tempus Nunc says:


  4. jkaang says:

    She’ll swallow semen in a alien after a night of partying from a stranger.

  5. Charlie says:

    Legalize prostitution,

  6. Fletcher Peterson says:

    that is halarious…..but i guess she got the last laugh….bet he was creaming her coffee too

  7. dude says:

    i agree how much seamen has she swallowed in the past that she recognized the taste in her water? lol and THERAPY give me a break if she recognized the taste it means shes tasted it willingly so how tramatic is it to taste it again lol

    1. Jeezus says:

      hate to burst all your bubbles by jerking your chain about how she knew the contents were semen, and i didn’t read the whole story here, but when i’d originally read of this story when it happened, it stated that she had gotten sick on two or more occasions after she’d drank her water, and then she simply took the bottle of unknown contents to the proper investigatory semen tasters who confirmed the identity of the baby

  8. EverydayGuy says:

    How many sailors?

    1. dude says:

      ok so i spelled it wrong lol but it can still fit maybe she tasted a few navy dudes lol

    2. Jeezus says:

      Seal Team 6

  9. eek says:

    he’s TWISTED, he deserves more time.

  10. BD McGee says:

    Hey, does this water taste funny to you?

  11. susan says:

    Im soo disgusted, this story actually made me speechless. Who the hell does that!! He shouldve been sent to prison. Then he will know what its like to unwillingly drink semen. Dam pervert

    1. BD McGee says:

      Sounds like you could use a nice pearl necklace, sweetheart.

  12. sha says:

    this guys is a loser. who probley cant get any pu**y so he jerks off in a bottle

  13. Matt Bishop says:

    180 days is nothing. This SOB needs to be put away for several years, and the financial award to the female coworker ain’t near enough.

  14. Timothy McGarry says:

    Why didn’t he just, like, ask her for a date?

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