VENICE (CBS) — It’s rare to find people who want to sleep outside…even during summer in Los Angeles.

It can get cold, it’s dangerous, it’s anything but sanitary.

But don’t tell that to a group of community activists in Venice who slept outside Saturday night…on purpose. The “Sleep Out To End Homelessness,” was organized to shine a light on the problems of the homeless in Los Angeles and to get all people thinking of ways they can help.

The sleep out started 7:30 Saturday evening and is scheduled to end 7:30 Sunday morning. More than 20 community organizations signed on as sponsors.

The sleep out was held at 681 Venice Boulevard, on the lawn in front of Beyond Baroque and SPARC.

Religious leaders, folk singers, civil rights leaders and homeless advocates all took part.

They demanded dignity for their homeless brethren as well as demanding an end to the criminalization of transients and a chance to brainstorm on positive solutions for ending the homeless crisis.

Organizers said to “bring your sleeping bag or your cardboard condo.”

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  1. Wally Wharton says:

    Any event designed to “raise awareness” that features folk singers (i.e. old white guys w/ horrible beards) has but one objective: to bilk more money out of the taxpayers to give to the tax takers.

    1. KELLY YOUNG says:

      i hope your insurance is paid-up! earthquake,fire, etc. because when the unexpected comes and the smoke clears, and your with-out!. remember one thing,
      a little compassion goes a long way! ill have a blanket for you along with a tent and a bicycle! NO TAX PAYER DOLLARS NEEDED! BECAUSE, I’VE BEEN THERE!

  2. anti homeless says:

    easy fix gather all the homeless up that are mearly out there cuz they are worthless bums and gas them they are a plight on socity and should not exist the ones who are mearly down on luck cuz they lost their legit jobs gather them up also put them to work cleaning the cities up feed them and help them get back to a real life

  3. tire of ignroant people says:

    Wow, some people amaze me with the idiotic comments that you place on the internet. These people are human beings, many do not ask to be homeless, many are homeless due to our economy. Have a freaking heart.

  4. anti homeless says:

    the ones that are out there because they gave up on life CHOOSE to be homeless because they would rather drink then be productive which is what my father did he got tired of the responsibilities of life and left home and just lived on the streets being a worthless bum ARE NOT WORTH ANYTHING yes there are some that are out there cuz life delt them a bad deal they lost their jobs and stuff thats why i said GATHER THEM UP HOUSE THEM FEED THEM and have them help clean the various cities up as they work on getting there life back on track WHAT IS SO HEARTLESS IN THAT??

  5. Ralph Brunswick says:

    Jesus was homeless. “The son of man hath not where to lay his head”. Rich ruling class steal a trillion dollars as their hired thug (Bush) leaves office – hand it to the bankers. Result is that economy nosedives and thousands who are the victims of fraudulant loans from the same bankers lose their homes and become homeless. Then brain-dead morons who would have been in the front lines of Hitler’s nazi-troops get to vent their idiotic, imbacillic Limbaugh-like hatred and ridicule these unfortunate victims and characterize them as sub-human. Bottom line? America has gone brain dead and lost its spirit and character. Let’s just call it what it is….”Satan-Land”. No wonder God has decreed an Armageddon-we need it.

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