LOS ANGELES (CBS) — They will literally work for food.

Not only that, they aren’t noisy like lawnmowers, don’t emit gas (well, the kind that pollutes anyway) and they don’t take coffee breaks.

About 120 goats were hired Saturday to help clean up and beautify downtown. The goats took over, and ate their weight in gold, in an area near Angels Flight Railway.

This isn’t the goats’ first time at the rodeo (technically from 4th and Hill to Olive), and as effective as they are clearing the brush, it will surely not be their last.

According to Environmental Land Management, the four-legged weed whackers are employed when terrain is too steep or hilly for humans or too inconvenient or overrun with vegetation for a lawnmower.

Plus, they also say goats can eat about 15-percent of their body weight and spend most of the day eating…in other words, they’re like teenagers, minus the attitude.

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  1. James says:

    Not a baaaad idea.

  2. abe says:

    Obviously, a 1000 years old tool (the goat eating grass) works nowadays. Why can’t government go back to older policies that made this country (the most powerful country in the world) in less than 300 years?

    1. James says:

      Older policies that made our country the most powerful country in the world in less than 300 years. Hmm … let’s see … I can think of two policies:
      1. Kidnapping lots of Africans, squeezing them into boats, shipping them across the Atlantic, and making them work for free.
      2. Massacring the Native Americans and forcing the survivors onto arid desert reservations.

      Some policies are better left in the past.

  3. Yankee says:

    U call this news?!

  4. RESTOMAN says:


  5. Bob Theduck says:

    This has been used in other southland cities for some time. Let’s hope some of these goats are not “kidnapped” for diner like has happened elsewhere.

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