LOS ANGELES (CBS) — James Stewart, owner of Rawesome Foods in Venice, was arraigned Thursday morning in downtown Los Angeles.

The district attorney’s office says undercover investigators purchased unpasteurized goat milk, cheese and yogurt from Stewart’s store last year.

While it’s legal to manufacture and sell unpasteurized dairy products in California, the state says businesses need licenses, permits and regular veterinary inspections. In addition, sanitation standards must be met.

Prosecutors say Rawesome Foods has been in business without a business permit or license for more than six years.

Naturalnews.tv video shows agents loading up products and taking them away from the store earlier this week.

Prosecutors say Rawesome’s milk, dairy and egg products are supplied by Healthy Family Farms in Santa Paula.

They say the farm has been operating since 2007 without any type of business permit or license showing their animals and equipment are safe.

Arraignment for Sharon Palmer, who owns the farm, has not yet been scheduled. Her employee, Eugenie Bloch, was arraigned Thursday.

Prosecutors say members of the farm are required to purchase dairy products in parking lots after hours and agree to a contract that doesn’t recognize government health standards.

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  1. Eric Slowik says:

    Lol now that pot is legal they are going after the numer one gateway drug “Milk” just think this stuff leads to all sorts of crimes !

  2. Donna Salvini says:

    This whole story is flawed. This is not a “store”. It is a PRIVATE Coop club of which I am a member. WE (as in me and all other members) OWN 40 goats boarded with Sharon. Their milk is OUR milk already so we are not BUYING or SELLING anything.

    Further most of us have been to the farms. The animals are safe and happy unlike the animals most people’s milk comes from who live in government approved horror, filth, and cruelty.

  3. Jan Steinman says:

    UPDATE: at least one of the “Rawsome Three” has been released on bail, but under the UNCONSTITUTIONAL condition that she not discuss the case with anyone.

    I wrote the LADA, suggesting that any crime heinous enough to cause suspension of our Constitutional Freedom of Speech should not be allowed bail at all, and that she try to get that past a judge, rather that trample on the rights of the accused.

    I would stay in jail rather than submit to a gag order.

    Let the LADA know what you think about this fiasco: SANDI@DA.LACOUNTY.GOV

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