LOS ANGELES (CBS) — From restaurants to vacation resorts, families with small children are finding it harder than ever to go out on the town.

That’s because as baby boomers age and others opt not to have children, more people are finding it more difficult to deal with the noise associated with other people’s children.

While offering products that risk being perceived as “anti-kid” has long been a marketing taboo, U.S. demographics have shifted in such a way that restrictions are now supported by aging baby boomers.

Robert Klara has written about the trend for AdWeek magazine and told KNX 1070 it’s yet another consequence of an increasingly stressful economy.

“Those of us who are working are being asked to work harder than ever before, and it follows that when we decide to go out and have a little bit of leisure time for ourselves, we really need to decompress more before,” said Klara.

Klara adds that in today’s climate, “a screaming kid becomes something I think is in some ways more offensive and more rankling” than in years past.

The shift in strategy seems to be paying dividends: hospitality businesses are looking to offset economic challenges by reserving at least some portion of their services exclusively for adults.

“The economy is still stumbling, and people have been cutting back on their leisure spending,” said Klara, “so if you happen to be a brand or a company that depends on leisure spending for its revenue, you’re going to be looking to offer just about any new kind of amenity you can, and a guarantee of a quiet, all-adult time seems to be one of those amenities that’s emerging.”

The idea of keeping adults and kids’ areas separate isn’t exactly new: many churches have a longtime practice of offering a “quiet room” for those patrons who are accompanied by small children in order to avoid disrupting services.

“Here you have the church that seems to be several steps ahead of the private sector in realizing that people need quiet and peace to do whatever it is that they’ve come to do,” said Klara.

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  1. Gabriel Hill says:

    I love kids, but they need to be controlled by their parents. I hate having to dodge children running around the store or restaurant while the parents look on.

    1. ArmyStud says:

      Yo GH, Can you Please say that LOUDER, Thanks….

  2. Ron says:

    Movie theaters used to have enclosed rooms for families with babies. It was great. I just went to an local summer outdoor concert and 2 young ladies sat beside me and they let their little girl(in a stroller) scream, whine and ruin the whole peace and quiet I had, before they came. I am all for adult only sections and NO SMOKING sections, too.

  3. aconcernedcitizen says:


  4. Astonished says:

    Not to mention the hazards of having to navigate the aisles of some stores while dodging children are running full speed up and down them. I also hate when I go into a store and “mommy” or “daddy” plops their child in the toy section and walks off leaving the kids to “amuse” themselves by tearing open packages and throwing things all over.

    I didn’t find it funny or cute when I was a younger adult, and I definetely don’t find it funny or cute now!

  5. Mufasa McFurry says:

    Three words for the parents with out-of-control children.


  6. I’m in my 30’s-not a Boomer- and this sounds GREAT! Take them ALL and their parents and shut them off in a room somewhere together, so everybody else can enjoy LIFE!

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