LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors agreed to pay $650,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging sheriff’s deputies used excessive force against two men arrested during a traffic stop.

Two sheriff’s deputies spotted Erick Hoxey driving in Compton without his seat belt on the afternoon of April 12, 2008.

The deputies said that after stopping him, Hoxey assaulted one of the deputies and several others were needed to subdue him and take him into custody.

KNX 1070’s Bob Brill reports attorneys for the plaintiffs argued that Hoxey was a victim of racial profiling and that the incident was part of a pattern of violence and racial animosity among deputies at the sheriff’s Compton station.

“Good people are having their lives destroyed by rogue cops and nothing is being done about it,” said attorney Glen Jonas.

In Jonas’ description of the incident, Hoxey had been parked for five minutes when the patrol deputies pulled up next to his car.

“They pulled him out of the car and began brutally beating him with their fists and batons,” Jonas said.

When his girlfriend, a pre-med student at UC San Diego at the time, “begged the deputies to stop beating Mr. Hoxey, they punched her in the face and continued to slam Mr. Hoxey’s head into the cement,” said Jonas.

Hoxey and his passenger allege the deputies falsely arrested them and used excessive force.

The Sheriff’s Department concluded the force was reasonable and within department policy, although they directed the deputies involved to attend a four-hour tactics and survival course.

Despite the committee’s finding, county counsel recommended settlement to avoid the risks of uncertain litigation.

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  1. Phiilip says:

    somewhere in there lies ther truth. I frankly don’t believe either side..

  2. Nicolas Cruz says:

    I’m glad he won! Now I want a background check’s (not racial profiling) warrants, tickets, child support,uncollected taxes, etc ! Before that check is release before his attorney and his client get there slim my fingers on it!! CRUZ-N FOR A BETTER AMERICA

    1. Wendy Weinbaum says:

      As a Jewess in the US, I say the police “officers” were nothing more than ROGUE PORK!

  3. frank says:

    Amen the cops just drove up and started beating him !! RIIIGHT

  4. Pisha says:

    And LA is out of money all the time???? We are one of the most litigious states ever, and we allow people who break the rules get away with suing. Ridiculous if you ask me. What happened to the RESPECT officers should earn? He probably did some ass thing to provoke it to begin with.

    1. upinya says:

      WOW, another great reply from the same loser. Man, you are so cool, probably really tough too!

    2. upyours says:

      Hey upinya, and where is your “great reply”, DUMBF**K? Maybe you and the other pu$$y b!tch, MIKE, can get together and rent a set of balls so the one’s up your a$$es don’t do all the talking.

    3. upinya says:

      Yup, I knew it, you are really tough. I can tell by your really tough statements.

    4. upyours says:

      And, you prove you’re a pu$$y dumbf**k following me around with a screen name you pulled out of your a$$ after your daddy was done.

  5. c-man says:

    At least the money doesn’t go to some slimy bottom-feeding hispanic that doesn’t speak english.

    1. JOSE_The Illegal says:

      to c-man: I don’w think we really need that money.
      We got way more money than that back in 2009 after the 5 de Mayo brutality of the LAPD Criminals at the McArthur Park.

      Thank you, I was well served by the lawsuit against the LAPD
      How Muc$$$??? Enough, Enough, Enough……
      I LOVE Justice..

  6. The Truth says:

    Why does the news have to state that she was a “former pre-med student”. I am sure she never graduated. And the news state “she begged for them to stop and she was punched in the face”. Yeah right. I am sure she threw some black ghetto attitude to the cops. I would be willing to bet they deserved a little attitude ajustment. Awwww…..poor innocent negroes….once again harrassed by the police. Awwww……blacks have been oppressed for so long.

  7. alan hart says:

    Take the money for these settlements from the Deputies retirement funds. The strong arm tactics will stop immediately. The only difference between street gangs and the police are the uniforms.

    1. Chucky says:

      Wow, good idea…..NOT. Thats illegal dummy. I think they should take it out of your welfare check.

      1. alan hart says:

        Nothing is illegal when you write the laws.And, by the way, I am not on welfare and I am doing quite fine without union help or an over stuffed government pension.
        Do you have any idea how much is paid out annually due to police misconduct? Mort than 23 million last year alone. This shouldn’t be taxpayer money. It should come from the people that cause the problem.

      2. Cbucky says:

        Wait until your 401k takes a dive. All these settlements come from moronic jurors that a to stupid to see through the b.s. And just out of curiosity, what good would your company do if they got sued over something yoy apparently did? Should they take that out of your paycheck? Wake up and try to come up with something that will help, instead of something stupid like take it out of their pension.

  8. alan hart says:

    If this happened in private industry, the officers involved would have been suspended and after all the facts were in, they would be fired and their pension benefits forfeited. That is how private industry works. The police work for the people and are representatives of the law. They are NOT the law and have no right inflicting their own sick sadistic codes on citizens. If they can not behave themselves, they don’t deserve to be policemen. Look at Fullerton or Rodney King as a example of police out of control. How much did we pay Mr. King?

    1. chucky says:

      Your pension benefits would not be forfeited, it’s against the law. I don’t think you really know what you’re talking about. Even if you go to prison, you’re still entitled to the benefits you have earned. And as far as inflicting their sadistic codes on citizens, you can’t say that, because you were not there, you don’t know what happened. Even the police are innocent until proven guilty. If it was up to people like you that rush to judgement, these officers would already be in prison.

      1. alan hart says:

        Perhaps you didn’t read the article. The County PAID this sum of money. Would they have paid anything if their choir boys were innocent? These officers deserve to be in prison. If it were two civilians that had it out with a third, there would be two guys with numbers on their shirt! You sound like one of these pathetic Police Representatives.

  9. Deutcher Konig says:

    Something in the doughnuts is making cops FLAMING SADISTS! Someone made the point that if a person just minds their own business, cops won’t ever hassle them. Oh really? How about you tell that to the corpse of Douglas Kerby…blasted a multiple of times with 00 shotgun blasts. Eviscerated for the “heinous” crime of sitting on his friends steps & toying with a water nozzle.

    You see friends, the Long Beach cops didn’t kill Douglas immediately upon seeing him. Ooooh no, they savored the execution.

    LBPD surreptitiously, silently, stealthily observed Douglas for over 20 minutes and THEN, T…H…E…N ostensibly because they smelled fresh doughnuts, decided to waste that piece of maggot dung civilian puke. (that’s what cops call civilians when talking amongst other cops, or didn’t you know that?)

    No officers to date have been disciplined, let alone prosecuted for MURDER of Douglas Kerby! A father, a son, a brother…a laid back man that was minding his own business, waiting for a friend

    How about Allen Kephart. Allen made the deadly error of pulling into a Valero gas station…driving to the nearest safe place to pull over, instead of stopping on a narrow mountain road. This act of consideration enraged the SBSD deputy and Allen was immediately attacked, tasered multiple times for disrespecting deputies…ie, not pulling over the instant emergency lights were activated. Witnesses say Allens’ face was smashed into the cement ground as soon as Allen exited his car. Tell me about being alright if one just calmly follows a cops “orders.”

    The latest SoCal murder of innocent White Males has been Kelly Thomas. Kellys’ crime- being a paranoid schizophrenic, sitting on a bench minding his own business.

    When officers approached and began barking orders at Kelly, Kelly ran. For running away, for appearing disheveled, Kelly gave officers the reason to beat, taser, stomp, knee drop, choke, pull hair, smash with the butt of the taser repeatedly to the head for over 15 minutes. Kelly Thomas was beat to death by Fullerton officers and had Kellys’ father, KFI and WE THE PEOPLE not shouted out, the wretched, lying, sinister police brass and their attorneys would have buried this incident.

    We have MAJOR PROBLEMS with police conduct in SoCAL and the nation. If the officers involved in these murders are not tried and sent to prison, WE THE PEOPLE will send the officers to HELL in pieces. Mark my words.

    1. chucky says:

      Yeah, sure you will. All talk, NO ACTION…….Mark my words, you better be a good shot, and you BETTER be prepared for a fight. By the way, with all of your big talk, how come you don’t say that when the media is around? You want me to tell you why? because you’re scared, that’s why. MISTER TOUGH GUY!

  10. bret says:

    KOMMIE-FORNIA: One of the WORST states in AMERICA to live!!

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