From the boys (Willem)…

On our way into Los Angeles we made a stop in West Covina to check out some ledges that are quite popular. We skated there and commenced our drive to our waterfront hotel south of Santa Monica. We got settled and proceeded to a skate spot on the beach front in Venice beach. We saw a lot of long boarders and old guys cruising down the sidewalk but not many hardcore skaters. We skated the ledges for a good 45 minutes and decided to barge over to the beachfront skatepark.

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We got to the skatepark and it was very crowded but we managed to duck and dodge through the locals and get a little bit of skating in. The next day we went to Hollenbeck skate park and skated there for a good 2 and 1/2 hours or so.

After that we made a quick visit to Santa Monica High School and some famous spots there. After skating for 30-40 minutes, we got the boot from an angry security guard.

One thing about California that we learned is that there is less tolerance for skating than in Seattle. After a good day of skating we hit the beach for a relaxing swim and last moments with our departing teammate, Niall.

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The next day we went to the Stoner Skate Plaza in Los Angeles. We saw some famous pro skaters like Kenny Anderson and Joey Brezinski. We gave them some stickers and asked about skate spots and were directed multiple times to Lorena elementary school.

So we went to check it out – our last spot in L.A. – and were met with a schoolyard full of skateable picnic tables and benches. We skated for a while but were driven out by the rain just as the filming had wrapped up. And after that we were on our way out.

As we were leaving Los Angeles I realized I was going to miss the skate scene there. Everyone I talked to was nice and the parks were quite welcoming. The parks there were mind-blowing and I don’t think that there is a better city for skating in the U.S. as far as parks spots and skate scenes go. I am extremely glad we could stop there and linger a little bit and I hope to visit again sometime soon.

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