FULLERTON (CBS) — Fullerton residents are outraged after a homeless man died following a physical confrontation with police.

Kelly Thomas’ parents are demanding the release of both a 911 tape and a new surveillance video.

Thomas, 37, suffered from schizophrenia. He died after suffering severe neck and head injuries.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office is waiting on toxicology reports before they decide if criminal charges will be filed. The FBI is also investigating whether officers violated the victim’s civil rights.

In the meantime, the Fullerton Police Department has put five officers on paid administrative leave.

Two surveillance videos released earlier this week show witnesses telling a bus driver that officers used a stun gun to beat Thomas.

Thomas’ family and friends expressed outrage at a meeting last night. Some attendees even called for city officials to resign.

Police say they confronted Thomas while investigating reports of a man burglarizing cars.

An autopsy conducted Tuesday night was inconclusive about his cause of death.

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  1. citizen says:

    So in little warped mind we should just kill them all. Your nothing but a waste of human flesh.

    1. Stubby says:

      As usual, name calling is the response when there is no valid argument. You are pitifully unable to thoughtfully respond.

      1. erico999 says:

        Pot calling the kettle Black, non?

  2. Johny Chingas says:

    Stubby, sounds like you are a relative or spokesperson for the 6 CRIMINALS who killed this person.
    There is NO EXCUSE why these 6 ANIMALS used excessive force to control ONE person…..

    1. Stubby says:

      These “6 criminals” you speak of are police officers who do everything in their power to enforce the law appropriately. This homeless person created a disturbance, resisted their instructions and became dangerously unmanageable. They followed procedure to serve and protect. Unfortunately, the perpetrator, the one committing the illegal act, suffered from his own actions. He didn’t need to die, but he would listen to the officers. Why would anyone not do what a police offer says? Just plain stupidity.

      1. BP Geek says:

        Seriously? Are you serious? You either haven’t seen the pics or really checked into what you’re speaking about. I am a person who never chooses a side without knowing the facts, and often have a hard time taking sides even then. I’m very reasonable and “pro-police” if anything, but come on….are you serious?
        I work at a mortuary, and was raised with a mortician for a father. I’ve seen it all, and I’m telling you. Nobody could put up a long or strong enough fight to justify looking like that. Anybody that was in the process of receiving those types of wounds, even if they didn’t feel pain (as many are inaccurately alleging), would eventually weaken to a point where they could easily be subdued way before they ever looked like that. I have seen people who died in 100 MPH car wrecks, even some airplane crash victims who didn’t look anywhere near as bad as Mr. Thomas.
        It’s quite simple, either those photos were staged (which nobody, to the best of my knowledge is, is alleging), or Kelley Thomas was beaten to death! If you really can’t see that, take another good look! I am ten times more likely to see the police officers side in beating cases, and even understand that they may go a little too far here and there, and would defend them in those cases. I don’t expect anybody to be able to make perfect instantaneous decisions about the exact amount of justified force to apply. If someone fights the cops and a cop goes a little too far without intentionally meaning to do so, I’d say slap him on the wrist and make sure he doesn’t ever do it again (along with a strict probation period, etc.). However, this is not a case of some slight amount of excess force. You could take away half the damage that was done to his head and face, and he still probably would have died….look into the facts a little better before you speak, or learn how to realize when you’re wrong….because Stubby, you along with several other people who have commented here are just flat out wrong. I mean that with all due respect and zero name calling. I can agree to disagree in 99% of disagreements I’m in, but on this one, you’re wrong…check into this case a little better, and then come back and humbly admit you’re wrong. You seem like a logical, fair, and normal thinking dude who just doesn’t really know the facts on this one. I’d normally be somewhat on your side (just a little less blunt about it), and I was at first when I heard about this case. I thought everyone should wait for the facts to come out. Well, enough facts are out….hell, the only fact you really need are those pics, but there is much more evidence to prove this was no justified force case. If it were, they’d release everything they needed to prove it.

        The pics, man! Have you seen the pics? If not, go look…..if so, look again. They speak a thousand words to anybody that allows themselves to hear. No matter what your opinions of the police or the homeless, that pic tells all you really need to hear!

      2. emt driver says:

        BP question in your funeral business have you ever recieved 2 bodys from the same event?? Where one looks like hell and the other no so bad??? if not i have seen that my self and no im not in the funeral biz im an EMT ive seen may accidents where 2 people were in the same car and one was beat all to hell and the other no where near as bad. my point is 2 people can get hit or beat or what ever and one swell up like a ballon and the other almost non and the ABUSE having been the same. i clearly was not there in this case but i think it is POSSIBLE that he ( the dead man) may have not been hit as bad or as hard as the PICTURES may portray. just a thought

      3. BP Geek says:

        And a relatively valid one at that. Note that I have not yet said anything about what should be done to the police involved. What do I think should be done? I think there should be a truly thorough investigation followed, if necessary, by a fair and impartial jury trial followed by, if necessary, a fair and impartial sentencing taking into account the positive sides of these officer’s lives and careers.
        However, I am willing to risk making a judgment error on this one by saying one again that this was wrong!! If I turn out to be wrong, I will promptly and humbly admit it, but I’m confident enough that I won’t need to that I chose to go against my normal standards of waiting for ALL the facts to come out. I don’t have time to go into detail as to exactly all the reasons I arrived at my decision to speak out on this case, but the decision wasn’t taken lightly, nor without what I consider ample merit.
        Once again, I may be wrong, but I’ll take that risk on this one. I am out to speak about the fact that police brutality does exist, and we as a society need to address the issue. Note that compared to others on my side, my goal is not to focus on these particular police officers who have yet to be tried, much less convicted, but to focus on the subject at hand. By all realistic and fairly evident accounts, this man was beaten to death whether or not the individual officer’s themselves are directly to blame or not is up to the courts to decide.
        All I’m trying to say is that I’m not some anti-cop dude just joining another chance to talk sh!t about cops. I’m a reasonable dude who’s saying…..wow, i could be wrong, but it looks like this guy got murdered, and the City of Fullerton and the FPD are trying everything in their power to cover it up…that’s just not right. If, in fact, Kelley Thomas was justifiably beaten to death, then we should consider replacing taser guns with some kind of very strong tranquilizer or just start shooting people more often, because I’d rather be shot 15 times in the head and guaranteed to die quickly than to die from those injuries.
        I do not deny that your comments may be right, and I may turn out to be wrong, but if I had to gamble my life on it, I’d say MURDER….all due respect intended and implied
        By the way, thank you for doing what you do, and thank you to all the good police officers, paramedics, firefighters, teachers, and other underpaid public servants that someday may play a dramatic role in my life, or one of my loved one’s live’s. I’m not out to attack the good people out there, I’m just saying that if what appears to have happened to this man did in fact happen……Wow, what a shame when even people holding one of the most highly respected positions in our nation can do something like that to someone (whether they asked for it in the beginning or not)! I love this world and especially this country, but we should not be allowing things like this to go on in our world. If in fact, this case is not as it seems to me now, the point is there is no denying this kind of thing has happened and continues to happen around the nation, and it just isn’t right. We, as a society really need to begin addressing these types of issues. If not for the obvious reasons, just to help return the honor behind the badge that is slipping away from the good police officers due to the neglect, lack of self-control, and often down right bullying of a bad few.
        There, after all that, can we agree to slightly disagree, if not even agree to agree?

      4. emt driver says:

        yes we can agree that this was an ugly one i just guess i have not seen the research you have so im not as convinced yet and still want to give the guys the benifit of doubt but this i know he took 5 tazers one should have droped him hard at his size so the added 4 must have freeked them out big

      5. BP Geek says:

        I don’t know if you got my last long post but it doesn’t seem to be showing up. I’ll try later, but you seem like a reasonable dude, emt driver. If you’re local, read up and join the fight, I’m telling you, this is a reasonable and justified battle!

      6. emt driver says:

        i got it and am doing my own research i am not local i am in the high des. but i know several EMS types and others in that area as well as some officers from neighboring areas so im askin round to get what they know belive me im not CLOSE MINDED on this i can conceed that this could have been a bad deal i just hope against hope that it was not what it seems i guess i just dont want to belive 6 people from a field i totally respect would go this over board

      7. BP Geek says:

        Sorry, correction….when I spoke to Stubby above, I meant to be speaking to Astonished. Stubby, if you’re 19 ish and have lived a rather priviledged life so far, you’ll probably grow up some day and be able to see that others weren’t as lucky as you….it’s called empathy, hurts sometimes, but it keeps you humble. If you’re a day over 30, you should be ashamed of yourself for being such a full grown moron! Most idiots I have met may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but tend to at least be pretty nice, caring individuals, so at least they have something going for them! Learn how to either care a little, and open your mind to the other side when the other side makes more sense than yours, or just hang yourself or something, because it’s people like you that make this near perfect world suck so bad for the 98% or so of the population that are just good people trying to get by, wanting to do what’s right whenever we can, admitting when we did wrong whenever we catch it, and expecting something similar from everyone else.
        I’ve had several times in my life where I needed immediate help, and quite honestly, I didn’t call Kelley Thomas. No, sir, I called my local police department and they came and served me every time, in a prompt and usually respectable manner (with a few exceptions here and there). I admire and respect the good men and women behind the badge, and believe they often get a bad wrap for no good reason. If my son became a police officer, I would be very proud of him. However, if my son was involved in something like Mr. Thomas’ beating, I’d ask the officer that had the privilege of arresting my pride and joy if I could put the cuffs on him myself. What’s wrong is wrong. I understand that sometimes the boundary between right and wrong can be very cloudy and hard to identify, but then there’s cases like this. No doubt about it, THIS WAS WRONG AND SO ARE YOU.
        Anonymous, I still respectfully disagree. Stubby, learn some respect and go take a simple Logic 101 course at your local community college, you just might learn to grow out of your childish, moronic attitude!
        There, I called you names, and made a valid argument or two! Ha ha, I win! Beat that without just threatening me or calling me names in return!

      8. sadie says:

        stubby you’re obviously an idiot first of all it doesn’t take 6 officers to take one guy down second this guy didnt even have a deadly weapon to continue to beat the hell out of him is just plan wrong have u seen the photos??? or are u just that stupid

      9. sadie says:

        stubby people like u sadden me

      10. david says:

        sadie simple fact it is against the law to be homeless so the mear fact this man was living on the streets when he had the option not to be is not only criminal its STUPID who would choose to live on the streets when they could live in a decent home and second he has a long record so i find it very hard to belive he was just some innocent person beat by the cops and yes ive seen the pics and yes i know the police did that and i blame the man him self for resisting at all if he had not resisted in the start they likely would have just told him to get out of the area and i also blame his worthless parents for letting him sink to this level his father does not look like some poor person who had no resources to help his son and if he was in deed a former police man then he KNOWS WELL how to get his son help he was mearly a selfish idiot who CHOOSE not to get his kid help that is born out by the postings of SAD DAD who got his kid help and his son is alive

    2. Duh! says:

      All he had to do was obey the police officer’s commands, but instead he chose to fight.

      If he did not chose to fight, then he would be alive today.
      Get a grip people. Mr. Thomas brought this on himself by breaking into people’s cars and when caught by police, refused to obey commands and chose to fight with the police officers.

      Did you check out Mr. Thomas’ criminal RAP sheet? It’s pretty long.

    3. The DUDE says:

      It’s not that he wouldn’t listen it’s that he couldn’t listen because of his mental’ illness. The police officers involved are indeed criminals, these brutal savages did not have to take it so far. They had him outnumbered and threw him a vicious beating, and Stubby you’re only in accord with them because you happen to have a strong bias, to put it mildly, against the homeless, obviously. It sounds like you believe that you have the right to personal freedom and that they do not, that’s called hypocrisy.
      You show the measure of your intellect by stereotyping all the homeless like a racist of yore. As in any group there are the good and the bad. Both sides tend to think they are right. Sadly the wrong hardly ever give themselves the opportunity to progress from out of the darkness into the light, due to their narrow mindedness. You have shut yourself off from reality and are living in a similar delusion to that of the slave owners of yore.
      You use the constitution to seek tolerance for yourself and at the same time preach intolerance of others such as the unfortunate homeless. Stubby your anger probably stems from not being able to reconcile the hypocrisy of your nature. Do yourself a favor and help yourself because it sounds as if it was up to you, you would be fine with the mass extermination of the homeless. Does that remind you of anyone else? The Nazis felt the same about the Jewish.
      Remember that you get what you give, even if you fail to recognize that what you are giving is hatred and intolerance.

  3. jim says:

    spoken like a true tea party member

  4. Bingo says:

    You should be killed for even thinking like that. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. Know one cares about anyone else, they only care about themselves.

    1. Stubby says:

      Go back to where you come from, where killing someone for what they think is okay. This is the USA, with a constitution, and we all have the right to think and speak our thoughts, even as you do. You sound like you might like it in Libya or Venezuela. .

    2. Astonished says:

      This is America and as such people can express their opinions. You, of course, don’t have to listen to them, as is your right. However, I will ask this question.

      If this person was so beloved, then why was he wandering around homeless without direction from his family, and as admitted by his own father not taking his meds? No one seemed to be upset by his state of being until this happened. So now all of the sudden he’s a beloved, valued member of the community. Just saying. . .

      1. Karen says:

        I agree with you Astonished.

    3. upyours says:

      ASTONISHED, schizophrenia is not cause for involuntary imprisonment, and Thomas had been around the area for years albeit with minor offenses, dumbf**k.

  5. Stubby says:

    I’d appreciate that, but it clearly shows how you really feel.

    1. JM says:

      Stubby, why don’t just save us the trouble, crawl back into the hole you came out of, or better yet kill yourself and end that miserable life of yours.

    2. Stubby says:

      My life is fantastic except for the encounters with life’s lowest form of human, the homeless guttersnipes, who do nothing but create havoc, disease and criminal activity. Jim, you are also amongst the group incapable of thoughtful response with only childlike name calling. so inept and transparent.

  6. Grace says:

    Stubby is nothing but an ignorant moron. May the same thing happen to him!

    1. Stubby says:

      Great post Grace. How ere your grades in school, that is before you flunked out.

      1. Erico999 says:

        I smell a Tea Party… Stubby, is that you emitting that stench?

  7. Astonished says:

    My, my, my so much pointless anger. Conclusions expressed without facts. And facts that were released by the news media no less. Look I’m not taking sides here, but from what has been released, this is what looks to be factual:

    1. Kelley Thomas suffered from schizophrenia and according to his own father had NOT been taking his medications.

    2. Thomas was homeless when this occurred. Either by choice or because his family couldn’t handle his affliction.

    3. Police were responding to a call that someone was breaking into parked cars in the area where Thomas was.

    4. Persons suffering from schizophrenia, who are not taking their medication (and this is frequently the case), can become combative as a result of suffering from a schizophrenia episode. Such persons can be VERY strong, and they don’t feel pain like a lucid person would.

    5. It is possible, even if it hasn’t been mentioned in the news, that the officers responding didn’t know Thomas or that he suffered from schizophrenia.

    6. Apparently some of the officers suffered fairly significant injuries while attempting to subdue Thomas.

    Now I’ve been around Police officers from all different jurisdictions most of my adult life (and no I’m not a criminal). Most do they’re utmost to avoid getting into confrontations since they DO feel pain, and they usually get disciplined for use of force actions. However, like all of us, there a great cops, good cops, conciencious cops and guys/women who should never have put on a badge.

    Having siad that, all I’m saying now is let the independent investigators do their job. The court of public opinion wont help here.

    1. upinya says:

      Another great reply from a complete loser. What frame of mind are you in to type so tough on the computer?

    2. Matt Woods says:

      Is an independent investigation possible or will they just cover it up. Just how strong can this 145 pound sick homeless person be? You are intentionally blinded by the facts that they are cops who did the murdering. You are a cop or married to one. Maybe if the citizenry rose up and started killing the bad cops one for one wouldn’t this be the same only the reverse but oh yea cops are better then regular people.

      1. Astonished says:

        If he was mentally ill, VERY strong. Just go and take a tour in any mental health hospital. I gurantee that you wont belive what you see. As for me, I am not a cop nor did I marry one. I couldn’t have standed the stress of worrying about my spouse not coming home again — ever. As for killing the bad cops, please tell me, how would you know the bad from the good? Do the bad ones have a special mark on their forhead? And see, in order to espouse your view you intimate that I consider cops better than “regular”(whatever that means) people. Read my post again. I never, ever indicated that.

        I just don’t believe in mob rule.

      2. upyours says:

        So, ASTONISHED, what do you consider a mob, more than six, Dumbf**K? You have long since established yourself a moron just running his mouth.

    3. Matt Woods says:

      This can not justify the murder. I don’t care if he stunk and fought like a prize fighter, we pay these officers to arrest and safely detain. There is simply no way 6 big cops can’t subdue a small homeless person.

    4. upyours says:

      Hey upinya, the pu$$y cop that did the most beating had his eye shot out and had been put on disability pension by LAPD, or did you know that, a$$lick? Try growing a pair and leave a .contact# and we can “talk,” pu$$y.

    5. Astonished says:

      Agreed. I guess the only problem I have with these posts is the quick to shoot decisions made by both sides. Which is why calmness needs to exert itself. I’ve had my share of homeless encounters that left me wanting to throw up so I compeletly understand your stance, which again is your right, and I’ve also seen those whose only misfortune was to lose everything. That’s why I council calm and letting the investigation take it’s course. I guess I’m definetely in the minority here.

      People need to remember that police are not mental health experts, and they can only react to conditions around them. I wonder what many of these posters who so hate law enforcement would do if they were wearing the uniform and came upon a situation like this. Probably wouldn’t like having the proverbial shoe on the other foot!

    6. The DUDE says:

      How do you explain his begging of the officers to stop beating him if, as you claim, he was incapable of feeling pain?

      And you have obviously taken a side here. The side of your friends, the officers that you have been around for most of your adult life.

      And making the claim, “they don’t feel pain” is a rationalization and not a fact. Slave owners used the same method to comfortably oppress a whole race of people. They would tell themselves, and others, that their slaves were incapable of achieving higher education, knowing what to do with freedom if they were granted it, that they were mere savages, etc…, or like the Nazis with their rationalizations of the Jewish people.

      These are some of the dangers the ignorant, and the arrogant, pose on others.

    7. ffaulkner says:

      Actually, Mr. Thomas’ father was also in law enforcement in Orange County. He did not know these 6 officers, however. Also, there was a comment from a Fed Ex driver (on another blog site) that stated she worked in the area and that everyonne knew Mr. Thomas and that he was pretty much a loner and did not bother anyone unless provoked. And, if as someone else has pointed out, Mr. Thomas had a long criminal record, would it not stand to reason that these officers have dealt with Mr. Thomas on prior occasions or at least knew of him?

    8. Karen says:

      I completely agree. I am getting tired of “knee-jerk” reactions from the public “know-it-alls” who KNOW NOTHING because they were not there.

      Let the police investigate what happened.

      I am sorry that this man is dead. Are the police REALLY to blame or is the public a vigilante without any basis?

      Let the police investigate what happened.

      1. GiGi says:

        Yeah, let the police investigate the police. They will be found as guilty as you would find your relatives. Duh!

      2. Jenni says:

        Karen, do the world a favor and go away..your hatred and ignorance is neither needed or wanted. You can sit your fat azz on that keyboard all you like spewing your hate but all that does is make you look worse then you already do. You keep telling people to get their facts straight when its YOU that needs to get YOUR facts straight. Even the damn Fed-X and Bus drivers are saying he didnt resist. Are they all lying Miss KNOW IT ALL? Even if he did..MEDICAL RECORDS prove he died of axphiscation(sp) and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA…do you know what that means?? Probbaly NOT..it means they beat him in the head with a hard object and they cut off his air supply! You would not be spewing this hate if that man were your son would you ..your heartless and completly PATHETIC!

    9. GiGi says:

      None of what you’ve said here justifies beating a man to death. Let it happen to your loved one and see how quickly your viewpoint changes. It’s easy to be so dismissive about a stranger.

    10. gizmo says:

      Well said! i too have been around a person diagnosed with schizo and they are noooo joke when it comes to anger? they can flip on a dime and are very combative without there meds and they feel no pain and are very strong when your trying to subdue them. i bet these cops had know idea he was schizo and had a hard time subduing him. Parents should of warned the police about their sons sickness or had him admitted for his saftey?

  8. citizen says:

    The police beat him to death and in your mind that’s ok. What sick person your are.

    1. Matt Woods says:

      Right on, you can see the cops replying and trying to justify it.

    2. Adam Henry says:

      I, unlike you, will wait for all the facts to come to light for a judgement on the suspect and on the police. However, if the father had taken care of his child and not let him become homeless and unmedicated this entire incident would not have happened.

    3. Steven says:

      Actually, I’d hate to admit it, but Adam Henry is kind of right. Where were the parents when Kelly was down and out?

  9. Matt Woods says:

    You’re obviously a cop trying to justify the murder. I read another where another moron commented that it was the citizen’s fault who called them in the first place. What a bunch of self serving morons these cops and their few supporters are. If they can’t do the job we pay them to do them they need to find another job (fries with that?) That job specifically is to arrest those who are perpetrating crime (with out killing or unnecessary harm) and to keep the peace. A bunch of 200 to 250 pound cops beating on a 145 pound sick homeless man to death sickens me and these are the kind on individuals who give those that are worthy of the badge a bad name. Hang them and make examples of them.

    1. sad dad says:

      Matt here is a fact my son is 24 has the same disorder as this dead man my son weighs about 140 soakin wet i weigh 220 YES IM FAT but thats not the point my son CHOOSE not to take his meds and became EXTREEMLY angry at me one day for simply bringing him his mail he thought i was trying to INVADE HIS SPACE as he put it my son PICKED MY ASS UP OVER HIS HEAD AND THREW ME OUT A WINDOW AND 10 FEET INTO THE YARD my wife called the police who came and it took 5 of them some as big as me to hold him down and cuff him he kept tossing them like rag dolls so the theory that BIG COPS should be able to handle a small person just does not hold water a person like my son when they get angry or scared can be many times stronger then they would be in normal times

  10. luna says:

    Reading all your comments..MAKES MY DAY!!!

  11. Mary Elizabeth says:

    The community should be outraged out this outrageous beating. I understand this man did something wrong; breaking into cars is a crime. However, the beating that this man endured which eventually led to his death was absolutely unnecessary. Police are getting absolutely out of control and with all the technology that is out there, and if I were a police officer, I would be afraid to beat someone to this degree – I could not afford to lose my job. Beating someone to this extremity is ridiculous and a police officer will never get away with it. Why take the chance in losing a good job over a “Power” trip. This could happen to any of us; white, black, Hispanic, Vietnamese…………… And with all the technology that is given to the police officers, they could have easily used a stun gun to take the victim down. There was no reason to beat him to death. I don’t blame the father for taking action against the police department. I am a white female and usually these beatings happen to the African American community, unfairly. I hope that the dad fights and wins a huge lawsuit to stop these types of beatings of any race. No human, expect for child rapist/molesters, deserve this type of beating. This stuff has gone on way too long. I am only sad that it takes a “White” guy to get beat to finally open some eyes. African American’s have endured this type of abuse for years and I hope that these type of beatings stop for everyone, of every race.

    1. sad dad says:

      mary if you read my post before my son is like this man and my wife and i make darn sure now after he kicked my fat butt that he takes his beds i wont retype my whole past post but in short my 24 tr old sone beat my ass when he was off meds and when the 5 police came to arrest him they did use a taser on him TO ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT my tiny son (140 pounds) pulled the barbs out of his chest 3 times and kept comming what finally stoped him was when one of the police officers littrally broke his knees out with a baton he fell to the ground and they held him down and cuffed him he spent 3 weeks in the hospital and 4 of the 5 officers spent from 1 week to 6 weeks my son broke one of their colar bones his ankle when he kicked the cop and fractured his skull so in all rights the officers could have legally shot my son so i totally support the officers in this case who likely didnt know the man was ill all they knew was he was one angry dude and hard to stop

      1. GiGi says:

        That’s all well and good but you can’t tell me that all those officers couldn’t have gotten him on the ground and put an officer on each arm and an officer on each leg, hog-tied him and subdued him.

      2. sad dad says:

        actually GIGI i CAN TELL YOU THAT THEY COULD NOT DO THAT when my son went off there was 5 officers in my lawn fighting him and my son is not a big boy at all and they COULD NOT hold him down when someone is going off like my son did that day they tighten up their limbs or move them so much that it is EXTREEMLY hard to hold them still my son has been like this since he was very young well at least when it was diagnosed i think he was like this at birth he was always hard to handle before we got a diagnosis my son was 10 the first time he went crazy on us and got physical im a VERY BIG BOY i have always been rather thick (NICE TERM FOR FAT LOL) he went crazy at 10 and I COULD NOT HOLD ONTO HIM AT ALL he must have been under 100 pounds he was only about 4 foot 10 or so hes only 5’5 now so ya i can say that 6 cops would have a tough time holding onto someone who is really going off like my son did with us at 10 and again at 20 and a few less intense times in between

      3. Jenni says:

        Sad dad.
        .you just proved us all right sir..the taser didnt work so they used a baton and they broke his knees..got him to the ground and cuffed him..end if scuffle….now THAT is how it SHOULD have happened for Kelly Thomas. Kudos to the cops that didnt beat your son to death or use excessive force..
        .I find it hard to believe that a man (whom everyone knew in the area to be a loner and non aggressive) that had a criminal record would be unknow to the police..it does not and WILL NOT excuse the fact that more than 50 witness’ say he was not resisting…I am related to a high ranking police officer in homeland security who also does not agree with how this man was dealt with..

    2. ffaulkner says:

      They used a stun gun 5 times on him. The fact is, he was subdued, hogtied to be exact, when they were beating him. I understand the use of force to control him, but once he was subdued, they should have stopped with any force. They did not and therefore, they are in the wrong. Police are not judge and jury, and these 6 men convicted this man to a death sentence and they need to pay for what they have done. Murder is murder, whether you are a cop or not.

  12. Stubby says:

    Gee, are you a judge? Only “child rapist/molesters deserve this type of beating”? Why them and not some unmedicated, violent criminal? Did you forget about the constitution? Did this guy die from the beating or simply die, after the slight use of necessary force, due to his own medical history? He created his own problem and wouldn’t obey the police. Tres simple!

    1. JM says:

      Hey idiot. No medical history constitues a beating like he received. If you had any common sense at all, it might cross your mind, that the FPD and the city offered the family $900k hush up money prior to the news breaking. Now what does that tell you? But never mind you have no clue. Remember one thing, there are bad apples in all walks of life, including cops. Now, you may use one excuse or another to say this beating was justified. And who knows you may even believe your excuses. But using or believing any of these excuses doesn’t take away from the fact that you have your head way up your a** for so long you forgot what sh** smells like.

    2. Astonished says:

      Ah, your moniker says it all. . .enough said.

    3. upyours says:

      Yeah ASTONISHED, no need to say it to you as your head is already there, dumbf**k

    4. Erico999 says:

      sniff sniff… Tea Party? Tres simple if you ignore the facts of the situation. “…slight use of necessary force…”??? 6 officers v. a hungry homeless man? Danm, maybe the military could use more homeless schizophrenics…. draft them and deny them medications… Lean Mean Fighting Machines!!!

  13. cloudnine says:

    Stubby why so angry towards the homeless? Your words are so sad. Do you have children? You never know what the future holds for you so be careful with your words. This man was someone’s baby once. Did you not see the video where you can hear him yelling for his dad. This poor man was heard screaming DAD! DAD! DAD! If you have children imagine them screaming out for you…You never know

  14. Matt Woods says:

    There are so many brave and honest cops who do the badge honor. How ever these sick F**ks who killed this small homeless man because they were mad that he tried to fight back disgrace the badge. They should be tried and then hung with slightly more justice than they gave the victim.

    1. ffaulkner says:

      Beautifully said Matt Woods!

  15. CB says:

    Thank you all for some entertainment during my lunch hour!

  16. cloudnine says:

    I bet this STUBBY character was made up by KCAL to get people talking. There is no way a normal intelligent human being can be that heartless. Look he was the first post. Good one KCAL

  17. citizen says:

    Killer Cops.

  18. Jeff says:

    Judge, Jury, Executioner all in one. Good thing these cops know how to multi-task.
    The internal investigation will find that they did nothing wrong, however the city will pay out millions because of this. Enjoy your time off officer death. Remember shooting an unarmed person in the back is not very dramatic it.s much more fun to beat the person in the head until they are dead.

  19. Robert S. says:

    They get so involved in trying to arrest the person, that they get that “gangland” type of a power trip, and before you know it 6 with guns and ‘STUN-GUNS, HAVE Won the fight! 6 against one, is not fair,but just a numbers game one can’t win! To the victor go the spoils! Lets beat plowshears into weapons, just for all those unfortunate people of the streets This stuff should never happen, and how “unproffessional” can yu get! Fire the officers, and the Chief, this is outrageouse!

    1. Astonished says:

      Agreed. And if you can tell me how to get a society like ours to live peacefully; obey the law; create a medical and psychological system that adequately cares for the sick, mental and indigent. Get family members to stop asking cops to be mental health experts, domestic violence experts, and every other type of expert so they don’t have to exert themselves I’ll bet we could. Bet we wouldn’t need the cops either!

      However, this isn’t Fairy Tale Land, its reality. And in reality, people Don’t obey the law, look out only for themselves; get sick; lose their sanity, and we have those who allow incapacitated family members to wander at will.

      Until reality changes to surrealism, I guess the cops will have to stay.

      1. upyours says:

        ASTONISHED, the reality is those pu$$y a$$wipe cops didn’t see anything except a guy walking around the area and no one pointed at or identified him, dumbf**k

  20. Robert S. says:

    I am ashamed of you “Stubby”! Go to your room, and no strawberry “stubbycake” for you, and don’t come out of your room, untill you “wake up”, cause you have “crossed the line” with me! “Fruitcake”!

  21. USC Trojan says:

    Let’s stop beating around the bush. If 6 fully armed police officers can’t handle an UNARMED 140 lbs schizophrenic man without killing him their shields should be taken away. My uncle patrols Van Nuys with LAPD and all the officers in his beat say the same thing…”the officers involved in this beating are Fullerton PD’s bad apples and time will tell that there will be terminations, suspensions and millions paid out to the family”. Fullerton Police Department employees are extremely mad at the fact that they really tried very hard to cover this story up from the media (all police agencies are experts at covering up most excessive police brutality incidents) but with this one…THEY FAILED 🙂

  22. The truth says:

    It’s interesting how blacks and Latinos are beaten by the cops everyday. Wring or right, they never get this much attention. Rodney kings beating was caught on tape and folks still did not believe the cops were wrong. The gentleman who was shot by the lapd in downtown the list goes on and on. I feel sorry for the guy, but now the world can see what it is like to be black or Latino in America. This mans father is going around doing all this talking, but my question is if he knew his son had problems why would ge let him become homeless and not try to Findd him
    Some help? Where were u dad???

    1. upyours says:

      Too many morons need to read more than a blurb on a website. He wasn’t “homeless,” that is a media term, he was an adult who chose not to live at home, but he was always welcome.

    2. GiGi says:

      You’re right about the minority angle and maybe now it will be harder for law enforcement to continue to justify and get away with doing this to minorities every day. But as far as the family dropping the ball with this guy, you can’t speak on the subject unless you understand the disease and the laws that protect those with the disease.

      This man could be my brother: A harmless, homeless schizophrenic. My father pleads with my brother all the time (and has done so for years) for my brother to go live with him. He says no. He has tried to put him in homes where he would be cared for. He leaves. He has rented hotels by the week for my brother and my brother won’t stay in the room. When I see my brother, I plead with him to come bathe, to see a doctor when he’s physically injured (often after run-ins with police), etc. He says no.

      We can’t force him to do anything any more than someone could force you. It doesn’t make sense to you because living indoors with family is something you WANT. You don’t understand what it feels like not to want it. But imagine something you DON’T want. Imagine someone trying to convince you to live outdoors on the street. Imagine someone trying to get you to eat dog poop. It ain’t gonna happen. And schizophrenics are just as strong-minded as any of us can be. The only difference is in the things they believe and want. Heck, my brother will have NO SHOES yet still reject the ones I try to give him if he doesn’t like the way they look!

      The problem is in your inability to think outside of what you consider reasonable. That stops you from understanding what it is like for family members. Do you know someone who is overweight but just won’t eat right and exercise? Do you know someone who is combative at work and just won’t cooperate, so they keep losing jobs? Do you know someone who just won’t go to school and further their education when it’s clear that’s the only way they’ll get ahead? Do you know someone who just won’t stop smoking? Do you know someone who just won’t have protected sex? What is it that YOU’RE doing that seems unreasonable? See, we all fall somewhere on the continuum.

      Just be grateful since you clearly have no one close to you suffering from this or anything similar. Not all of us can say the same and we can’t do anything but bite our nails and stress each day hoping that our loved ones aren’t the next victims fo this kind of brutality.

  23. Shiggity says:

    How is it living in your perfect world?

  24. gdog07 says:

    The guy was breaking into vehicle. Why don’t we wait for the investigation to be completed.

    1. upyours says:

      F**king moron

  25. upyours says:

    Stubby, slap your mommie for dropping you out her a$$ with no balls, no brains and your self-proclaimed short issue, dumbf**k.

  26. YourDaddie says:

    Name the time and place and we will see who is looking for there momime MF!

  27. YourDaddie says:

    Talking to Stubby here, Name it MF!

  28. ffaulkner says:

    The thing is that once the “officers,” as you call them, had Mr. Thomas in handcuffs, they had no right to continue hitting him, as he was subdued and in custody (he was hogtied), therefore, these men used their badge to hide behind in order to break the law.

    And, in response to your relief that one of “them” is no longer around to infect society, the majority of people that read your comment would probably feel the same if you were removed. And I, for one, would tend to agree with them. What you said about this man that you do not personally know is cold and callous. Which is why citizen believes you are a waste of human flesh, which, by the way, does not constitute name calling.

    No one is keeping you glued to this planet and forcing you to live with these “vermin.” You have every right to take yourself out of this world. If you can’t deal with taking yourself out, why don’t you try making the world a better place by fighting for better treatment for those who are mentally ill? Or are you too good to stand up for anyone other than yourself?

    By the way, I come from a family of law enforcement officers who would disagree with you strongly about these men being deserving of being called police officers. Not to mention, there were officers from the same department as these 6 who stood up for Mr. Thomas at City Hall. Even they believe these individuals broke the law and tried to hide behind their badges.

    You are not judge and jury and in the end, I hope that these 6 criminals are found guilty for the crime they committed.

  29. Rollins says:

    Its obvious the police went way too far in subduing this person. They should face murder charges!

  30. Tiffany says:

    He was not a “child”. He was 37, and without legal intervention, there’s not much his parents could have done about their adult son’s decisions. Watching your adult children make mistakes is difficult enough, compounded when they are mentally ill (and you may not have the resources to help them), and no doubt devastating when they are killed possibly because of their illness.

    1. sad dad says:

      ive typed this a few times on the various pages about this case parents DO HAVE the ability to do something about their adult kids in cases like this i have along with my wife a court order allowing us to monitor out 24 yr old son who has the same illness as this man did he went off his meds ONCE and it was almost as tragic as this case so my wife and i got the order to see to it that it does not happen again our son lives on his own has a decent job and a lady friend but he MUST come to our house daily and take his meds where we can see or if hes not able to come to us one of us goes to him there is NO REASON why this man had to die but not all the blame lies with the police some has to lay with the parents who clearly did not do enough for their son

      1. sad dads happy son says:

        I was not so sure i wanted to reply to this board but i’ve been reading to much stuff that is plain wrong i am SAD DADS SON im the one who tossed my dad out a window and into our lawn here are the facts of my life i cant speak about the dead mans perticulars but this is mine
        i am a PARANOID Schizophrenic which means just what it says I GET PARANOID easy you can approach me very calm and very nicely and i will think your out to harm me (if im off my meds) when this happens there is nearly no way to convince me your not trying to harm me.
        when i went off my meds that one time my dad mearly brought me my mail and i went off on him as the police tried to subdue me ALL 5 OF THEM i kept tossing them off like rags i weigh 142 right now was a little smaller then some of the police were as big as dad over 200 lbs i broke ones arm hit another in the head with one of the garden bricks on my moms flower beds kicked another in the groin and riped the shirt off the only female officer on scene
        as they were trying to subdue me i was also pounding my own head into the grass which brings me to my point here. i’ve read that the police are thought to have pounded this mans head into the ground?? i have not seen video of this so i wont say they did not do it BUT knowing how i react to my fears when off my meds i think it is totally possible the man was pounding his own head and any contact the police have with his head at that point MIGHT be them trying to stop him from this
        in my case when i did this i clearly didnt do much damage the grass was not so hard BUT i did have a decent concussion and i DID have damage to my neck from the force of the officer pulling my hair to stop me and me forcing my head back down
        also with me i still suffer times when i think someone is after me but it is managed with my meds so if i suffer this ON meds how much more so would this man OFF MEDS
        so in short those who say a parent cant interveine with an adult child YOUR WRONG yes some might resent the parent BUT SO WHAT they would still be alive to resent you.
        and to those who say this man was so small and so helpless YOUR SO SO WRONG when i am in my normal mind i play heck lifting more then 150 pounds working out with my dad
        but on the day i hurt my dad i lifted 230 pounds over my head and tossed it 3 feet across my room out the window and 10 feet into the lawn so please do not ever think a person like me who is small in size is helpless or weak when we have a episode like this we can and often do beat the tar out of people twice our size OH and as for feeling pain WE DONT think of it like this when you get in a fight your emotions go up your adriniline (not sure i spelled that well) goes up which gives you more energy and strength then you might have normally well with me my adriniline is always higher then yours would be so when i wig out and it goes higher still WELL im not feelin no pain at all yes we still get damaged but its pain that makes a person stop so with people like me if there is less or NO PAIN then the cops are in deep crud till they find a way to as in my case TAKE MY LEGS OUT which is what they did they broke both my legs with a baton which of couse now would not hold me up so i fell and thats when they dog piled me and cuffed me
        as i said i dont know that my case is also the case with this man BUT IT IS POSSIBLE so let those checking into this do their jobs with out all the anger from us to hinder their work

      2. Erico999 says:

        Sad Dad Happy Son. I have to disagree with you here. I am 300 pounds paranoid schizophrenic, and have NEVER been physically violent. Yes, I have been enraged, and out of control (off meds). I have run away to Canada to escape the delusions. But in a FLIGHT or FLIGHT situation, I always FLIGHT. Just the way I have learned to handle my schizophrenia. I strongly disagree that schizophrenics always, or even often, turn violent.

        I would suggest you move out and get some help, if you can find it.

      3. sad dads happy son says:

        yes erico999 im on my own but let me make it clear i did not say all of us get violent however I DO GET VIOLENT yes some run away but that can be equally as tragic if i was to run away in that state of mind i really dont know what would happen i would challange anyone i ran into and frankly in this day and age someone would put a bullet in my dumb butt when i got violent daddy did not fight me cuz he knew at his size he could really crush me figuritively and litrally the 5 police officers COULD HAVE shot me but didnt because my dad and mom were yellin at me to stop that no one wanted to hurt me so the police quickly got the point that i was not some dirt bag but that i was ill. i love my mom and dad for what they did getting the court order they HAVE NEVER had to enforce it yet because that day 4 years ago scared the crud out of me but the fact that my dad and mom love me so much that they took the time and effort to seek this court order makes me happy. as for why im on my own?? did mom and dad put me out?? did i wear out my welcome? NO ON BOTH COUNTS mom and dad cried the day i went and rented my place one hand cuz they worried about me other hand im there baby boy lol but i needed to be out to show my self and others to i guess that i can make a normal life and not jack it up. PLUS i have a Girl friend and its rather hard to be romantic with mom and dad in the next room lol does my lady know my issues YES SHE DOES and her support makes all the diffrence when i do have a rough day example i work at a market in the produce area i got off work and was driving home and noticed someone following me in my mind thats terror i was freekin i felt my self losing it i called cindy (girl friend) and she kept me calm while she called dad who called the police who caught up with me and helped me come down cindy and dad told me the police were comming so that made that go smooth at the end of it the guy following me was new to our area and was lookin for an address and JUST HAPPEN to be behind me for a long time my point in this all is FAMILY MATTERS it seems for what ever sad reason this man didnt have the family network i do and that some others have and thats sad people like me would give their left leg and right testical lol not to be like this but this is what we have and in my case my mom and dad and sister and my cindy make it less of a pain good luck and God be with you ERICO999 and anyone else who suffers with this

  31. Steven says:

    No Excessive force was used !? He must have beaten his own head against the cement and clubbed himself. The public there is being protected by animals.

  32. BWidow88 says:

    @ ASTONISHED I agree 100% with everything you have been saying! Everyone is so quick to blame police officers. When they DONT even know what happened. Its unfortunate that this man had to die, really unfortunate but then again who knows what he was doing or how he was acting. Yes, most people who suffer mental disorders are more VIOLENT than most people. Who knows what was going thru his mind when he saw the officers? Maybe he felt threatened so he reacted in a violent manner I dont know.But what upsets me the most is, his ” family ” acting like they care. If that man was related to me he would NOT be homeless! Thats sad, really sad. He should have been takeing his meds and should have been home with his family or somehwhere if he wasnt violent then that way this would have never happened to him!

    1. BP Geek says:

      Have you seen the pictures? Have you heard the details of the unreleased tape from a very reliable and informed sounding informant who had clearly viewed the tape himself? I agree that people are quite often too quick to blame the police and make improper assumptions, but the truth is out. There is an attempted cover up taking place over the death of a man who was wrongfully beat to death. Even after he was unconscious (at least not moving at all anymore), they continued to beat him in the head while telling him to stop resisting! I’m a firm believer in waiting for the facts and not trying cases in the court of public opinion, but nobody, no matter how out of control they are, should look like that after being arrested. If he was that out of control (which he wasn’t), he should have been shot in order to keep the officers and the surrounding citizens from being harmed by such a powerful and out of control man. The truth is, he wasn’t. He may have been at first, but I can’t repeat enough…look at the pictures and listen to the anonymous caller to the John and Ken Show on KFI 640, and if you still think this man deserved what he got….you need to go take your meds, and ask your family to babysit you for the rest of your life, because you’ve obviously lost it!
      As far as his family “not caring” goes, you can only do so much to help an adult child. Mr. Thomas knew he always had a place to go, but chose not to. To the person who’s 24 year-old son takes his meds at your house daily, I say “good going, and congratulations” (no sarcasm intended in any way at all). Mental illness is not an easy disease to deal with, some handle it better than others, but what works with your son won’t work for everybody out there. I don’t know his family, and maybe they didn’t care about him, but everything I have seen appears to be coming from a family that truly did care and did try to help the best they could. However, to go to the drastic measures that worked in your case, they risk permanently alienating their son, and little chance of success. Who knows what their family situation was, but none of us know anything for sure regarding Mr. Thomas and his family, and that case really shouldn’t be tried in the court of public opinion. The beating, however, is a different story….I’ll say it one more time….look at the pictures and listen to the anonymous caller….THIS MAN WAS MURDERED, whether force was justified or not to begin with is unclear, but it’s quite clear that it went beyond excess, and anybody that could hit a still (possibly unconscious) man who’s face and head had just been beaten in like Mr. Thomas’ was is a murderer. If you attacked me and I had to hit you in self-defense, most people would say you got what you deserved. If you hit me and my six friends, and you got what he got, there wouldn’t be a jurist out there that would even consider letting me and my buddies off the hook.
      I understand what cops go through, and I don’t think a lot of people really do, but this was wrong, no doubt about it, THIS WAS WRONG!

  33. BP Geek says:

    Ok, I said I can admit when I’m wrong, and now’s my chance to prove it. Stubby, I apologize. I have been reading so much about this case, and have come across some very offensive idiots saying some unconscionable things. I have read through all of these comments, and can’t identify the comments that drew my earlier statements addressed to you. Similar to anonymous, I respectfully disagree with several things you said, but the comments I made earlier were not aimed at you. I got people mixed up along the way, and sincerely apolotgize

  34. BP Geek says:

    emt driver: an example of the 100’s of logical, fair items that led me to my decision.
    “HE WAS MURDERED. I made the mistake of looking at the (unreleased) videos last night and could not sleep a wink. They handcuffed him and bashed his head into the curbstone of the sidewalk over and over while he was SCREAMING for mercy. I have never heard anything like it in my 60 years. And they TAZED HIM 6 TIMES in a row. I mean long tazes. WHY? Because one cop didd not like him. Well, they offered the family 900K to shut up when they discovered that his father was a retired ORNAGE COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF. GOOGLE THIS KIDS PICS AFTER THEY BEAT HIM. It looks like his head was run over by a truck. No Excuse.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=141984&start=80&tstart=0#ixzz1UFWyF2Qb

    I live in Buena Park about 100 feet from the border of Fullerton. I don’t know how local you are or how much local reaction you’ve heard, but these aren’t your typical anti-government ranters fighting this fight. These are retired police officers, current FPD officers, well respected businessmen, city council members, 70 year old great grandparents, and their 20 year old grandchildren. I have to admit that I haven’t seen the unreleased videos yet, but many people in the community have and what they describe is brutal!
    Let’s just assume for a minute that they’re all exaggerating or lying; at minimum, this city’s council and police department have not been at all forthcoming, honest, sincere or at all proper in the way this situation has been handled. I understand pubic outcry can sometimes cause major issues for no valid reason, thus causing people to attempt to hide things, but this case goes beyond that.
    These officers should have been immediately placed on administrative leave (with pay) pending a thorough investigation even if that investigation revealed no wrong doing. If I was an officer involved in a justified homicide, I would have no qualms with waiting a while for the truth to be revealed. The Chief of Police went on vacation right after this, etc. etc. It goes on and on to show that this whole dang thing was just handled wrong from beginning to end.
    Now, let’s give a little bit less benefit of the doubt and look at things a little more realistically….not unrealistically leaning against the cops, but just somewhere down the middle looking at the facts that are known.
    There was a camera that viewed the beating very well. It was operated by the dispatcher of the FPD, and the camera was zoomed in on the beating.
    Several law-abiding, seemingly fair-minded and mature people in the community have viewed this tape ( I’m not sure how, but they seem to be telling the truth)
    They are all either lying through their teeth, or exaggerating to a point well beyond the norm……or the story they all seem to tell, almost word for word is true, and if it’s true…..WOW!
    The Buena Park City Council and FPD have had this tape at their disposal since it was made, and still didn’t even place these guys on administrative leave pending the investigation until weeks later when the story hit the news
    Fullerton is a very nice, rather wealthy, predominantly Republican and “pro-police” type city. These are not your normal “I hate the cops, and always think they’re wrong even when they’re right” types of mentality fighting this fight.
    In response to the peaceful protests and calls for answers, the mayor compared the reaction to that of a “lynch mob”

    I could go on and on, but it’s all out there, some things more credible than others, but many very credible pieces of evidence are what led me to where i’m at and where I’m going to be in a few hours. I repeat, I did not come to this decision lightly, but in my opinion this was beyond wrong, and something needs to be done about it!

    Note, according to the witnesses of that tape, most (if not all, I believe) of the tasers came after these officers “bashed his head into the curbstone of the sidewalk over and over while he was SCREAMING for mercy.” According to one anonymous caller to a radio show (who sounded as though he was realistically closely affiliated with the FPD, if not an officer himself) spoke of how they continued beating his head even after he was visibly no longer moving and most likely unconscious, while still looking around at the witnesses and telling the man to “stop resisting” while the man was clearly not moving and hogtied!
    Beyond that, on the less substantiated, and possibly leaning towards the unrealistic conspiracy side (but possible in this case), there are rumors that over the last few months the FPD has been systematically trying to rid the community of these drifters, by beating them up, and telling them to leave and to tell their friends about what happened to them so they would leave to.
    No report has been released, nor is the FPD even claiming one was filed, in regards to the call about car burglaries. No 9-1-1 tape has been released nor has the FPD claimed there is one they are withholding in regards to the call. The FPD admits the police report about the beating was edited “multiple” times.
    If this beating did get as out of hand as it appears it may have….why? Were they possibly trying to prove a point with this guy by beating him up at one of the most popular drifter “hang-outs” in Fullerton, so as to scare the others off, knowing this story would never be paid much attention since it was just some homeless dude that wasn’t cooperating? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the truth is being withheld beyond the reasonable amount necessary to assure a fair trial. Clear and blatant lies have been told and already caught, but not properly corrected in the media. For instance, none of the officers received any significant injuries whatsoever, though the FPD spokesperson originally spoke of more than one officer that received broken bones. They have since admitted this was not the truth, but never requested any of the major media to post a correction, in fact several major media outlets are still reporting that officers received broken bones. The FPD made a $900,000 hush offer to the family, then denied they made the offer, though the family has since released the offer itself.
    Again, it goes on and on. I started off with an attitude similar to yours but as I read on….well, I still find myself unable to sleep much, and keep reading on more and more with a very skeptical mind, weeding through the rubish and exaggerations, and I’ll tell ya….I’m just a regular dude, not some whacko here, but I’m appalled and shocked! What scares me is that I don’t think this is just some local freak occurrence. I’ve always known things weren’t perfect and that there was corruption, but I’m beginning to believe that all those “lies” I’ve heard over the years about people being beat by cops for no reason and then arrested for something they didn’t even do…stories I always thought were mostly bull, well they might not all be true, but more of them might be than I ever even imagined! I’m a white guy living in a nice area. My interactions with the police are usually at my request and overall very positive. However, if this stuff might be going on in Fullerton, who knows what’s really going on in Atlanta or LA or other cities. Maybe all these anti-cop punks aren’t completely unmerited in their hatred towards the cops. I’ve always known there were a few bad seeds here and there, and I hope that’s all it is, but this really might be a bigger issue than those of us who are on this side of things realize!
    Just a thought……In fact, i’ve done too much thinking now, I’m starting to sound like one of “those guys”. Going to grab a few hours of sleep before this rally!

  35. ffaulkner says:

    Has anyone listened to the interview from KFI AM 640? The city camera was zoomed in on the beating by FPD dispatch. According to this person, one of the officers involved beat Mr. Thomas with the butt of his taser while Mr. Thomas was unconscious and NOT FIGHTING until blood spattered up both of the officers hands and arms. He also stated that another officer drop his knee full force into Mr. Thomas’ face (which is what broke his nose) and throat area, and that the caller believes that was when Mr. Thomas’ throat was crushed. Again, this occurred after Mr. Thomas was subdued and unconscious.

  36. Shirley says:

    Homelessness under California law is not a crime. Auto burglary, Auto tampering, and Auto dismantling… is a crime. Did the Fullerton police officers beat this man to death for being a sinister “homeless” terrorist off his meds? How could he be homeless if he belonged to his parents by an order from the Orange County Superior Court? (the parents apparently are not homeless)

  37. B says:


    1. GiGi says:

      Very sad, indeed. Racism is a strong force. Seems almost impenetrable.

  38. Karen says:

    Why people are calling for the chief of police to resign IS BEYOND ME. Why should he? He had nothing to do with the situation. I am so tired of everyone flying off the handle in a rush to judgment for immediate gratification to punish wrongdoing. Settle down. Let the police investigate. They know what they are doing more than we do. They will tell us the results. Then we can have comments.

  39. Erico999 says:

    I also am a paranoid schizophrenic (51 yo). I have been homeless and off meds. It was my inability to get proper medication that led to my homelessness. Not all medication are equal… Abilify works for me. (Abilify costs $600 for a 30 day supply.) Older “typical” antipsychotics are usually what you get at MH clinics, which are crowded and underfunded. Believe me, a homeless person undergoes a lot more stress than a simple pill can ameliorate The homeless mentally ill problem cannot be fixed with a bandaid. It requires supportive living projects. Sadly in todays economy that is not likely to happen. (Maybe the Tea Party or Rick Perry will say a prayer for us… hehe. please dont bother.)

  40. Erico999 says:

    And Sad Dad, I feel for you and your son. I burned through my parents love and good will so many times I cannot count. There are places, called Supportive Living facilities, (I am thinking of Atlanta, now), where mentally ill homeless get medication monitoring, life skill education, therapy, and generally a new outlook on life. According to the requirements, the person must be homeless, (temporarily living with friends and family is considered homeless.) and suffer a mental illness. Naturally there are waiting lists, but for me it was a blessing.

  41. Erico999 says:

    Sad Dads Happy Son,
    I am sorry. I did not realize you lived on your own. Very good. But my point remains that MOST people with schizophrenia are NOT violent, and such misinformation can lead people to over-react out of fear.

  42. Victor says:

    the guy should have been in an insane asylum and not on the streets

    1. GiGi says:

      How ignorant and twisted you are. Looking at this situation you have the gall to say that the murder victim is the one who should have been in an asylum? WOW!

      1. sad dads happy son says:

        gigi i am SAD DADS SON the only person this man was a victim of was his parents they did not do enough for him they let him be on the streets THIS IS THEIR FAULT my dad and mom SEE TO IT that im well you claim you cant force an adult to do things YOUR WRONG give them love and concern and let them see that it is REAL LOVE and they will be glad to do what you ask i know BECAUSE THIS MAN IS JUST LIKE ME AND I DO EXACTLY WHAT MY PARENTS SAY SO I DONT GET HURT

  43. jen says:

    Maybe this poor man is in a better place considering the american justice system he would have been put in prison instead of being treated for his illness… what an awfull place to live

  44. "chemtrail monster" says:


  45. Chris Loveless says:

    The important facts are clear – the city offered nearly a million dollars in pay-off money to the father of a man that the police tazed, handcuffed, and then beat to death as he screamed and begged for mercy and his father on videotape.

    The unimportant facts are less clear – I’ve yet to see proof that he was or was not breaking into cars. I say this is unimportant because, last time I checked, breaking into cars is not punishable by summary execution – which is what this was.

    The city offered this money before the investigation was even complete – if that doesn’t tell you that the city knows the police are guilty, then nothing will convince you.

    It is also important to note that more and more innocent people, or people who might be guilty of petty crimes, are being victimized by violent the violent tactics of a militarized police. This is a sad day for America, and a sad day for police – you are no longer recognized as protectors of the people, but as protectors of the state.

  46. Guy Lagarde says:

    Assuming the case goes to the D.A. and to court, 6 cops involved, not everyone landed the blows that killed the poor guy. So proving who the killer or killers were can be difficult. I am in favor of firing all of them without pay, pension, healthcare benefits, nothing. The ones who hit him for murder, the ones who watched or did not pasrticipate for not helping a person in need of medical help. Period. Isn’t the cops motto : To help and to Serve? Or doesn’t this apply to Fullerton PD?

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