By Jessica Derschowitz

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — “Two and a Half Men” stars Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones have promised that all will be revealed when the ninth season premieres, and now we know a bit more about who Kutcher will play when the show returns.

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler shared some details about Kutcher’s character on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer tour.

Tassler said that Kutcher’s character is named Walden Schmidt and he is an Internet billionaire with a broken heart.

She also added that the season premiere would be a two-part episode, airing over two weeks.

Tassler would not confirm or deny reports that Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, will be revealed as dead when the show returns. She also did not directly address whether Kutcher’s character would be related to Alan and Jake.

Tassler did say that the sitcom is “smart, funny, irreverent, and as risque as the show has always been. People who are fans of the show will be really happy, and we feel that show has an opportunity now to recruit a new audience.”

“The great news is the show will be as irreverent as it’s always been,” she added. “There is great value in hiring an actor like Ashton Kutcher. He is extraordinarily professional, talented, and a gifted actor who comes with a tremendous amount of commitment and enthusiasm.”

“Two and a Half Men” returns on Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. on CBS2.

Comments (17)
  1. Vero says:

    I like Ashton Kutcher but I can’t see the show without Charlie.

  2. frank says:

    Even Charlie can’t see the show without Charlie ! LOL

  3. Robby Logan says:

    Kelso in prime time again. Lorre has lost his touch, 2HM is dead and stinking. 6 weeks then cancelled.

    1. Ron says:

      Robby, I can’t wait to see you EAT your words.

  4. Ron says:

    OUTSTANDING !!! Good riddance to BAD rubbish. Ashton will be fantastic and the show will continue to be a SUCCESS.

  5. Regg says:

    I’m sorry… you were saying…

    1. Ron says:

      Charlie fans, go ahead and HOLD your BREATH till Charlie gets a new show. It will FLOP because the script will SUCK and all his STONER fans and Charlie, will FORGET what night it is on !!!!

  6. rich says:

    i admit sheen is a mess but he was that show he is what made 2hm what it was and i say WAS because there is no way it will do as well with ashton on it i like ashton but i cant see him doing as well as sheen did

  7. lala63 says:

    I can’t believe anyone ever watched this show in the first place. Yawn. What an unlikely show to be so popular. Whatever.

  8. Macro says:

    Its funny how many people think that Charlie Sheen made the show. He was good….but he was a drunk, womanizing, alcoholic. How difficult is that to replace? Plus he was starting to look old and was definitely no longer attractive.

    Whether the show survives or not……..good for CBS for making a move. EVERYTHING EVOLVES and i’m lookin forward to seeing Ashton, who is at least professional, even if its jus for a season.

    The bigger lesson here is bad behavior is not rewarded, nor tolerated. Thank you CBS for restoring my faith in Humanity……For a season at least.

    1. RICH says:

      marco this is the thing the role sheen played was everything you just pointed out that he was the role was a WOMANIZER A DRUNK AND A PAIN IN THE AZZ and that is what people tuned in to see they did not tune in to see the kid or jon cryer so now that the shows excs fired sheen for being EXACTLY what the role called for him to be which to me was stupid if im casting a part when i need someone to cry on cue i dont want someone who has to fake it i want someone who can find the tears someplace in them self and make it real charlie made the role on that show real for good or bad he was the part ashton is a good ACTOR i cant see him making any role REAL

      1. Marco says:

        Rich I hear what you are saying. I am also saying that the new season may not be for you. There is a huge demographic audience that LOVES Ashton Kutcher. Maybe the concept of stupidity, drunkeness and womanizing has played out. They say Ashton is a brokenhearted internet billionaire.

        This is right in tune with the demographic audience and what they see in our society today. Charlie has ran his course. It was a good run. Art imitates life. Let Charlie do a sitcom about recovery. There’s demographics in that. Maybe they can get Lindsey to co-star.

    2. Ron says:

      @Macro, you are absolutely correct. CBS is to be commended.

  9. cindy says:

    I can not think if one single show that ever made a drastic change in its story line that ever survived. I can think of some that did not such as WHO’S THE BOSS when angela and tony were simply flirting and stuff the show went great because people liked to see that electricity between them but once the show turn that into a full on romance it went down the drain also EIGHT SIMPLE RULES with john ritter granted that show had to change cuz john died but they DID NOT have to add the characters of the grand father and cousin the adding of those two killed the show in this case with two and a half men if they had to give charlie the ax then fine do so kill the character and end it there but adding this new character no matter how good ashton is or might be it wont be the show every one liked and thus it will fail

    1. Ron says:

      @cindy: This WILL BE the EXCEPTION !!!!

  10. Bushelfoote says:

    First of all do you guys remember how it was at contract renewal when Charlie took so long to get back to them guys??? Maybe he wasn’t just holding out to be the highest paid TV star……..maybe it really was a thing where Charlie REALLY didn’t WANT TO come back for another whatever…..What a ride we all had starting last winter….It was fun AND scary watching him supposedly self-destruct….he made THEM the bad guys for trying to run his life……personally I thought he would go too close to the edge… reality he only had to go far enough and NOW he’s free to do other things….After makin’ good coin for 8 years he’s probly gonna go make some kind of blockbuster Something and thereby redeem himself…or……remain unemployable till the coke kills him……WINNING ALL THE WAY( to the MORGUE!!!!!!!!) DUH?!?

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