GLENDALE (CBS) — Two teens have been arrested after one of them allegedly fired a BB gun at a TV crew doing a live weather report, according to authorities.

Channel 7 reporter Leanne Suter was reportedly shot in the hand but not seriously injured.

The incident occurred in Fontana.

KABC officials were rather mum about the incident (first word on their website more than three hours after the shooting and initially not even wanting to name the reporter involved) but KABC president and general manager Arnold Kleiner issued a statement. “While covering a weather story in the area our crew was fired upon as they were doing a live report. We are grateful no one was seriously hurt and we are fully cooperating with police in their investigation.”

Kleiner said the Glendale station crews and reporters were conscious of good safety practices and they “could not have anticipated that someone would decide to target them in this way.”

The teens arrested are 16 and 17, according to the LA Times.

Suter, a former KCAL9 reporter, has worked at KABC since 2003. 

The station’s first tweet about the incident came at 10:18 p.m. Saturday. “ABC7 reporter Leanne Suter was hit by a pellet fired from a BB gun while covering a story in Fontana. She is OK”

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  1. Wally Wharton says:

    I keep picking up all the little white BBs my next door neighbor’s idiot son, “Mitchell” keeps shooting over my fence– (MY fence– they were too cheap to pay for half) I told the fool that his creepy issue has already broken lots of my pottery and if “Mr. Man-Boobs” ever hits me or my dog he’ll have a big fat lawsuit on his hands.

    1. Den says:

      Those teens are just plain stupid.

    2. CB says:


      Sounds like you already have a case. Show the police your broken pottery and BB’s found in your yard. Don’t wait for you or yor pet to suffer an inury.

  2. Doug says:

    We’re raising a society of animals.

    1. Really says:

      Simple statement, yet true.

    2. Den says:

      Animals are smarter than that.

  3. Dim Witted says:

    Proof! Only the stupid breed.

    1. Red Neck says:

      You need a license to drive a car, a license to breed dogs, a license to run a business……

  4. colleen says:

    They have too much time on their hands, they should have been reading a book

  5. Bushelfoote says:

    Yeah,when I was a kid my neigbors all had BB guns. I got to watch when their dad got mad at them because one of ’em shot’ out my great aunt’s window and he took every one of their guns and WRAPPED THEM AROUND A TREE…..I thought it was funny because my dad wouldn’t let me have one because he’d always swear I’d shoot my eye out with the thing…LOL

  6. Timothy McGarry says:

    Movin’ to Fontana soon- gonna be a mental toss flycoon…

  7. Matt says:

    Ouch. KCAL has it in for KABC…

  8. Eduardo says:

    This is the kind of people we have living in SoCal! Imagine our future because there is no end to this kind of violence.

    Glad Leanne and her crew were alright!

  9. Mike says:

    Why is the story labeled “Former KCAL9 reporter” and not KABC7 Reporter? Suter has worked at KABC since 2003, it has been almost a decade since she worked at KCAL9.

  10. Riot powlice says:

    Shoot ’em boys back with rubber bullets!

  11. John Cendez says:

    Okay why does the image in the link that brought me hear show a handgun. Also the heading of the story mentions being shot. Kind of misleading. The sensationalism is really irritating.

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