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LOS ANGELES – Sometimes all a guy needs is some extra rest and a little experimental knee therapy. Or at least that’s all Kobe Bryant apparently needed.

Over the past few years, Kobe, who isn’t getting any younger, has been battling knee issues. Coming into last year he confessed it was almost bone on bone. Then he had surgery. Then he had it drained an untold number of times. He’s still just 32, but with some 1200 games on the odometer, he’s starting to wear down a bit. Which is one reason he is trying PRP, an experimental knee treatment.

(PRP therapy injects a patient’s blood into the area of concern to try to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. It doesn’t require an extended time away from physical activity and is quick and easy to undergo.)

Evidently, it’s working. Kobe has shown off some youthful hops in a few exhibitions and basketball camps, but he said recently that he’s feeling just about as good as ever. Via the OC Register:

Derek Fisher said Friday about teammate and pal Kobe Bryant: “He’s telling me — and I saw for myself — that his knee is the best it’s been in a long time…”

Fisher said he didn’t really believe Bryant’s boasting initially, but seeing Bryant in action was convincing.

“I saw it a little bit in Manila,” Fisher said, smiling, “so I believe it now.”

A healthy Kobe means a very dangerous Laker team. I’m sure he was somewhat banged up in the postseason but he never used that as an excuse. The championship Lakers have been able to overcome issues and injuries, but last season’s group obviously wasn’t.

What would be a shame though is for Kobe to get all healthy and feeling good and then lose a year having to just sit and wait to show off his newly found knees. But clearly the therapy is working some Magic on Kobe and he’s thrilled about the progress. I mean, hard to imagine how not having to run around 82 nights a year with your bones grinding on each other can make a difference. I guess that would make you feel pretty good.

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  1. Rodrigo Alvergue Breucop says:

    lol good comment drink n drive, kobe is the cry baby ballhog bryant…….

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