SAN PEDRO (CBS) — The first-ever Navy Week in Los Angeles is taking a controversial turn after sailors were warned to be aware of dangers in San Pedro.

Several residents and businesses are upset after the Naval Criminal Investigative Service handed out maps to crew members that say San Pedro is a dangerous place to visit.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports.

“It couldn’t be anything farther from the truth,” restaurant owner Mona Sutton said.

On the map, NCIS says the downtown shopping district has problems with drugs. It also urges sailors to head to Long Beach.

In 2009, cruise ship passengers were diverted to Long Beach for similar reasons.

The port of Los Angeles says there is no basis for the map that has been distributed. The San Pedro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is planning to hand out its own maps and guides to sailors whose ships have yet to dock.

Navy Week runs through Sunday and free tours of the four participating ships will be available until then. Parking is limited, however, to attendees are asked to come early.

Comments (14)
  1. Everyday Guy says:

    Thank your gang culture for this.

    1. Ben says:

      Downtown L.B. is no safer. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service sure has a lot of Idiots.

  2. Amy says:

    Let me guess “the mexicans, the illegals, the anchor babies, obama, liberals, the borders” all these excuses are getting old and comical.

    1. HollywoodSaint says:

      amy….winehouse?….cant you stay dead woman! you speaking from the afterlife shows how much your a drugged up anchor baby…your high enuff for to lifetimes

  3. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Naval Criminal Investigative Service handed out maps to crew members that say San Pedro is a dangerous place to visit and they were correct. I live in San Pedro and it has gotten worse over the last 30 years, at one time it was dont go below Pacific Ave , then dont go below Gaffey now it is dont go below Alma.
    and dont go to Ports of Call on Sunday for brunch which has turned into a haven for fights, robbery, car break in’s unless your a illegal or gang banger or willing to pay outrageous prices.

    1. Pedro Local says:

      Im From San Pedro to and with that kinda thinking im sprised you still live here its not that bad, your the kinda people that make others that dont live here not want to come and visit.

  4. Duh! says:

    All of this ranting and yet, I have not seen anyone say that the Navy was wrong to warn the sailors.

  5. Army man says:

    the navy is RIGHT to warn the sailors and anyone who hands out flyers in an attempt to LURE them into the san pedro area is seeting them selves up for serious trouble if something happens to a sailor down there

  6. zwebwolf says:

    Our sailors safety is a priority no matter what city they visit. All cities have bad areas and if they can be warned of the bad spots of one their about to visit let them be warned to stay away. Thats our militaries responsibility to protect the well being of our troops.

  7. joe deos says:

    shows how much P@##$@# they are!

  8. Jeffery says:

    Your welcome at Belmont Shores, Sailor….

  9. Joe Weinroth says:

    Navy week= TOTAL FAILURE!! After taking time to drive down to San Pedro to look at the ships—fighting traffic, using gasoline, we finally park only to find a sign stating “No open toe shoes and no backpacks”—naturally my wife is wearing open toe shoes and her purse is a backpack! Dozens of other folks are wearing open toe shoes and carrying backpacks—why were we not informed of this ahead of time? So thousands of gallons of gas burned—no entry. The line to get in was 3+ hours—really bad planning—total waste of time and gas—our tax dollars at work! Oh, yeah—the aircraft carrier was closed for tours as well. What a sad joke on us!

    1. Army man says:

      wow i agree it was a waste but do you really need to be informed ahead of time not to wear open shoes and carry a backpack? they are battle ships have you never noticed what the military wears as shoes is that not a clue that stuff we deal with might fall and smash toes?? as for the backpack its rather clear that you would not be able to carry one onto a battle ship after all you cant carry one into disneyland with out it being checked

  10. Jeff says:

    Thousand turned away, shut down by 1 on Saturday, huge waste of time for thousand who tried to attend… another LA failure

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