LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A woman has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly grabbing a 4-month-old baby from his stroller and slamming him into a metal pole in front of his mother and aunt, according to police.

Natasha Hubbard, 36, was arrested July 21 after attacking the infant in the Toy District, near Skid Row. Police say Adriana Miranda was pushing her infant son, Alexander, who was belted into a stroller with her sister walking nearby.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports.

Without warning, Hubbard unbelted the boy from the stroller and grabbed him by the leg. Witnesses told police she swung the child over her head and slammed him into a metal rail of a nearby truck.

“The mother and aunt fought off the woman and mom grabbed the baby,” Los Angeles police Lt. Paul Vernon said. “Hubbard attacked [Miranda], scratching and clawing her as she clutched Alexander in her arms.”

Miranda and her sister ran into a store for protection as Hubbard ran away, police said, but the owner of the store pushed the two women back out onto the street. Arriving officers were able to find Hubbard with the help of witnesses.

Hubbard told detectives at the police station that she tried to break off the baby’s arm so she could eat it.

“We’re so lucky Alexander was not more injured than the bruises and swelling he received,” Vernon said.

Miranda also sustained minor injuries in the attack.

Hubbard is being held on $55,000 bail and will be arraigned on Aug. 4.

Police believe that Hubbard may have attacked others near Skid Row. Anyone with information about Hubbard can call Detective Erik Moya at (213) 972-1234 or Crimestoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

Comments (53)
  1. Efrain says:

    Hmm… Crack is suppose to kill your appetite.

  2. Margaret says:

    First of all, this is horrible that someone would do that to a child. Really? Breaking a living human child’s arm so you can eat it? Desperate isn’t enough for that.

    Also, wow the store owner is heartless. :/

  3. rich says:

    i would bring charges on the store also for pushing them back out the door

  4. Maluhia says:

    Aw this is so sad. The woman was just crazy, that’s all. You can’t condemn a crazy person for acting crazy. (Though you CERTAINLY can lock them up off the streets!) And the poor mother and aunt… to have to witness that, and then to be pushed out back into danger by the store owner! And to even be walking near skid row anyway…..

  5. Alan C Rhine says:

    CRAZY!!!!! CRAZY!!!! Is all I can think to say so glad the poor child only has bruises and some swelling and for the store owner YOUR LOWER THEN CARPET DIRT.

  6. DAX says:

    Pathetic on the store owners part that he/she didn’t want to get involved, hope they remember that if they ever get robbed and cry for help and no one does.

  7. Kymberli says:

    This is just horrible!! The store owner pushed them out of the door? Wth? Why couldn’t he/she allow them some sort of safety until the police arrived? People can be so unkind at times. SO happy to know that baby Alexander didn’t sustain any long term injuries. That is such a crazy, freaky event, I would def feel traumatized for a while if I were the parent. I wouldn’t feel safe for quite some time. Just sad that this lady attacked them, she truly has mental issues and needs help. Hopefully now that she is in custody, she can get the help she needs. And, one day realizes what she did and the harm she caused on this innocent child/mother. wow!

  8. Astonished says:

    I wonder if Hubbard is one of those so-called non-violent early releases that occurred a short time ago. . . . . . .

    1. jerky says:

      goooood question…

  9. Jack says:

    WHY THE F ARE YOU taking your baby to a place near SKID ROW…I don’t go there myself and I am a grown man who can readily defend himself, stupid parenting IMO. Glad to hear the baby will be ok, but the mother needs to get a clue, there are some places in this city you simply DO NOT need to be in…you need a toy, go to a Toys R Us, saving yourself a few bucks will not be worth the trouble you can find in the toy district.

    1. John says:

      Not everybody can afford Toys R Us you know.

    2. ila says:

      I agree with you. I wouldn’t shop anywhere near skid row. I don’t care how cheap it is, you will never see me there! Too dangerous and not worth it.

    3. Jackie says:

      Exactly. What the f are you doing ANYWHERE near skid row, not the place for a leisurely stroll with the family

  10. Duh! says:

    What store were they pushed out of?
    I would like to boycott that store.

  11. kpearsonb says:

    The store owner who pushed the victims back out on the street should be exposed. Not only a boycott in in order but perhaps they can be charged as part of the Good Samaritan Act for failing to help.

  12. luckys says:

    First of all why would you even walk your child on SKID ROW? it’s filled with crazy people on crack..i feel so bad for the kid

    1. Jazz says:

      Unfortunately Skid Row is near Downtown’s Toy and the Fashion District.

      Also, it could have happened anywhere downtown. I work near 7th and Fig and use to work near 3rd and Hope. There are homeless and crazy people everywhere which is why all business establishments must have security.

      The shelters and mental patients are released at 7:00 a.m. in the morning to wander around downtown.

    2. jerky says:

      yeah…i work in that area…all the district areas are so close together there isn’t really a way to avoid certain areas…..not to mention Skid Row seems to move during different parts of the years…like one minute it’s on 7th and then another time of the year police evacuate the area and they all go a hand full of blocks over????…

  13. Duh says:

    100 to 1 she lives there. Where else would she be, Beverly Hills?

  14. Jazz says:

    You are so pathetic. If you believe in evolution then everyone is a decendant from apes.

    In fact I think that your DNA is closer to an ape because it is obvious that your brain has not developed to human standards.

  15. Cece says:

    This is the most heart wrenching story i’ve read in awhile.. SMH. Clearly this lady was a sick individual and im so grateful to God that the baby is okay. I would definately be dramtized after something like this and YES the name of this business should be indicated because such an action should not be overlooked in any kinda way!! What that store owner did was heart less and I cant even begin to rationalize what the heck kinda thinking the owner was in when these panicked women came in with a child seeking refuge!!! Please give the name of this business CBS 2/KCAL 9….!!!!

  16. junior says:

    I’ve seen this woman on the new movie rise of the planet of the apes

  17. LL says:

    That’s not a woman, it’s Marlon Waynes..

    1. rjsmitty says:

      LOL !!

    2. PAYASA818 says:


      1. DUH! says:


  18. Astonished says:

    First: DO NOT TAKE THIS COMMENT AS SOME KIND OF EXCUSE FOR THE STORE OWNER. But think about it. This store is dead central in skid row. How many times do you think the manager has had to deal with “irrational” “mentally disturbed” people that come into that store. Also, many of them don’t speak but one language, which is they’re home language. Personally, there is no money on earth that would induce me to open any kind of business near skid row.

    Having said that, I agree that the store owner needs to be exposed. Especially since the attack must have been very vocal and visual, and the store manager could have at least called the police.

    ABC 7indicates that Hubbard has an extensive criminal history. My guess is she isn’t doing well on the “outside” and wants back in so she gets 3 meals and a secure place to sleep. Still she could have stolen a lousy toy and still been arrested.

    I’m very glad the child is okay.

  19. LOCK HER UP says:

    That is terrible. Frankly, I don’t care if that monster is crazy out-of-her-mind or not. She should be locked up and never let out.

    She has shown herself a danger to society . .whatever the cause.

    1. PAYASA818 says:


  20. the answer says:

    southern pride here is something you can SUCK ON and when your mouth get swollen…let JUNIOR GO TO WORK ON IT. SHE WAS DOING WHAT THE FEDERAL GOV SHOULD BE DOING.

  21. James says:

    Carazy Ape attacks three Chimps.

    Animal Planet LA.

    1. Southern Pride says:

      Im sure there are plenty more apes like that roaming the streets of LA. 150 years of penned up anger against the white man. Its in their genes.

  22. John says:

    Okay, there has to be some kind of statute against attempted cannibalism that will put this woman away for life. She’s obviously both insane AND an danger to the community at large. She attacked an innocent child in front of his mother and aunt. Not even animals will do that unless they are rabid. Worse yet, she said she wanted to eat the kid. She needs to be put away.

  23. Shiggity says:

    What’s the name of the store? Want to make I don’t go there

  24. Sue says:

    Why is this woman on skid row in the first place? Perhaps she is doing what many would like to do (eat) while the funds go to illegals.

    1. John says:

      I don’t think someone willing to attack a baby because she wanted to eat it is functional enough to live in polite society regardless of where funding is spent. I’m sorry, but there’s other unpleasant options to get food, up to and including eating leftovers from fast food restaurant garbage, that spring to mind before assault and attempted cannibalism. This lady belongs in an asylum at best. That has nothing to do with immigration.

    2. PAYASA818 says:


    3. rick says:

      Sue?? I hope your not suggesting this woman attacked this child because she does not get sate aide to buy food?? if so that is very silly yes i agree to much aide is going to illegals HOWEVER there is an esy fix ABOLISH GOVERNMENT AIDE ALL TOGETHER it is not the duty of the government to support ANYONE if aide as a whole did not exist that money could be used to pay for things we actually do need like TEACHERS FIRE AND THINGS OF THAT NATURE things that MAKE JOBS and does not reward people for not having enough gumtion to get off their tail and get work our gov in bankrupt across the board because we spend all kinds of money to pay people to sit on their ass rather then to get out there and improve socity in some manner

  25. Guest says:

    HOW can someone like her make this far in her life???

  26. Roger Stillman Jones says:

    OK wow this is indeed some really crazy stuff. WOw.

  27. Learn says:

    Before you sit their calling people stupid, maybe you should use correct grammar yourself. I think you meant:
    “Sue, are you stupid too?”

    1. PAYASA818 says:

      b4 u talk ur trash u all need to stop being racist here EVERTYME THEREZ A STORY U BLAME MEXIKANZ NOT ALWAYZ THE KAZE

      1. rich says:

        payasa818 if people like you who i am assuming is Mexican since your defending them would learn to spell things the right way such as MEXICAN not MEXIKAN or ALWAYS not ALWAYZ then maybe people would take you serious

      2. PAYASA818 says:


      3. rich says:

        i’m far from racist paysa818 weather your mexican white black asian or what ever your an uneducated person if that is how you spell things its stupid people like you who make socity as messed up as it is

      4. PAYASA818 says:


  28. Felix says:

    Radio Free Northwest has the information.


  29. MO says:

    you can thank Gov. Ronnie Reagan for saving the state money by letting all the nut jobs out. They have never been put back in and there is no where to keep them. THANKS, RONNIE!

  30. HooDatIS? says:

    i wanna whoop the storekeeper butt who pushed those women back onto the street so sad
    this freak wanted to eat this babies arm?
    what a idiot

  31. bobtsymbol says:


  32. timmah says:

    time to send these animals back to africa… plenty of nice countries to choose from where they can be with their OWN KIND away from civilized families

  33. Jessy blonde says:

    Please stop blaming the mexican. We are the good people, we are very honest, we pay tax for every penny we made, we buy full coverage insurance for our beat up Astro or pickup truck, we never make out with our own cousins, we never cultivate any weed, we do not gang bang nor rob people on the street, heck we even gay-kiss with our rival gang members!!! Oh, did I say that most importantly, we will NEVER molest little girls even though it is VERY common in Mexico. And listen to me, Rodriguez is not a mexican last name, no way Jose!!!! https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/category/news/local/

  34. gene says:

    I am puzzled by something here. It says the baby was strapped into the stroller. I have seven children and have never been able to just grab one out of the stroller if it was belted in. Usually have to stoop down to fight with the belt.
    So these two women just stood by and watched a stranger start undoing the belt?
    Number one if you touch my child or even my dog or my car without asking first;you are going to be asking or apologizing from a position of sitting on your butt or prone on your back.
    I feel sorry for all concerned even the crack head lady; but i think someone is lying. The kid either was not strapped in or mama was busy window shopping.

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