BURBANK (AP) — Authorities have arrested a woman at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank after a loaded handgun was found in her carry-on bag.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez says an officer saw the gun as it went through the X-ray machine Tuesday morning. He said the woman was on her way to board a Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of possessing a concealed weapon and taken to jail. A call to a Burbank police spokesman seeking information on her identity was not immediately returned.

Melendez said passengers can travel with firearms, but they must be unloaded, packed in checked baggage and declared to the airline.

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Comments (14)
  1. Mike_88 says:

    A perfect example of an idiot with a gun.

  2. Troller says:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  3. Jessenia Martinez says:

    Wow… Idiot! And people still complain about the pat downs and all other security measures!

  4. david says:

    they got lucky lol i am a police officer and i often travel to tex to see my family and i always fly i have gotten past the entire security process WITH MY WEAPON under my shirt or coat on more then 20 diffrent trips

    1. Bryan Conover says:


      1. judy says:

        brian, chris i know as fact david is not tellin a lie i have worked at LAX for many years and see that happen alot and many times its various law enforcement agencys testing the security measures and trust me LAX FAILS ALOT

    2. jack says:

      So I guess you’re proud of yourself now?

      1. david says:

        it has nothing to do with proud or not proud on each trip when i got past security i told them about it in hopes of improving the sys. i personally dont think the system is needed because if someone really wants to blow a plane out of the sky or high jack it they are going to find a way and the simple security at the gates will not stop it but if we must have a system like this it may as well work right and catch what it is ment to

  5. tucker says:

    Another plant to scare people

  6. swhitS says:

    So what she had a loaded gun in her bag. What is the big deal it is our right to carry guns and you guys, they don;t do any good being unloaded. You guys are as paranoid as our gov who btw were responsible for 9/11 in the first place. 911truth.org

    1. jack says:

      white supremacist, scared of everything that moves.

  7. sojojo says:

    Since the article states nothing about her religion, the reader is left to assume she is a Christian.

  8. miked says:

    people who break the law break the law because of the law and are not supposed too

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