LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A group of San Fernando Valley residents on Tuesday called for police  to find whoever is responsible for deliberately trying to poison several neighborhood dogs.

Antoinette Franks said her Rottweiler named Frankie was poisoned last week with rat poison in a piece of meat in saran wrap that was tossed over a fence at her Encino home.

“I took him to the vet immediately,” Franks said. “They tested his blood and basically told me our dog was poisoned.”

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports Frankie was just the first pet on the block to fall violently ill.

Felice Catena said her Yorkie was also poisoned several months ago.

“I think there’s someone in this neighborhood who has real psychological problems,” said Catena.

Both dogs eventually recovered, but both Franks and Catena said they were initially turned away by a member of the LAPD when they went to report the incidents.

“He basically said, ‘If a child wasn’t poisoned, get outta here’,” said Franks.

Police said they are investigating claims that the report was not properly processed, and they have reportedly forwarded the animal poisoning complaints to their animal cruelty task force.

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  1. kokoloko says:

    Simple way to solve this, wait by the window with a shotgun, when the guy drops off the poison, blow his head off.

    1. CITY INPUT NEEDED says:

      Both LA AND ventura counties are having rat infestation issues right now. Rats have also been found to be carrying hantavirus. Our neighbors dog was poisoned, but it wasn’t a laced steak. It was a dying poisoned rat that he ate. People don’t know that you are not supposed to use rat poison, you are supposed to catch with traps and dispose.
      That is probably what is happening in this neighborhood, and the city should be putting out an advisory on how to correctly get rid of your rat problem.

  2. SNMFX says:

    That is the reason we call the Police – PIGS!!!!
    Do your effing job you gun toting lazy mud wallowers.

  3. Proud Cat Mom says:

    A pet is a family member to alot of us so yes when something like this is going on the cops need to get involved. This is animal cruelty which last I heard is a crime. This idiot of a cop needs to get fired…….
    I hope they catch the sicko who is doing this, would be nice to give that person some of the poison food so they know how it feels.

  4. Mike says:

    I went to the North Hollywwod station at 4:30 in the morning one day when someine attempted to get into my apartment via my security screen door. Chased him and got make of car and license plate number. When I went to the station, which is only a half mile away, the desk officers refused to hear my complaint or take the car and license info. I was told by one of the desk officers the following: “Go home. Call dispatch. You will have to wait for a unit. Might not be for three hours. Give them your report.” That’s the LAPD for you!

  5. JM says:

    Pets are people too!

  6. ray says:

    Basically theyre blowing these guy off again and forwarding their complaint to another department. LAPD is worthless especialy with cars broken in and hit and run accidents. You call and they take a report over the phone. Pray you get murdered or something next time, they MIGHT send a unit.

    1. AMP says:


  7. kzr mcknz says:

    but if someone poisons their cop dogs it would be attempted murder on a police officer.

  8. guessing game says:

    just dont blame it on michael vick

  9. Tony Willis says:


    1. Astonished says:

      Just seeing this in print will help. Also write to your council person and the Mayor. Paper them enough and action will happen, just to shut everyone up.

      As for someone this vile. If they’ll do it to animals children could be next. I hope that they catch this person soon. I know that if I caught someone attempting to poison my dogs, they’re outlook wouldn’t be to bright.

  10. lala63 says:

    Why don’t some of you jackholes try doing a cop job for ONE DAY.
    SORRY, they can’t put your ANIMAL higher on the priority list than a human…and BELIEVE ME – there are HUMANS getting butt raped and shot in the eye, and all kinds of horrific things that you CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE. They see it EVERYDAY. Their thankless and dangerous job is to babysit worthless humans who can’t take care of themselves. They just don’t have time or man power to handle every issue concerning animals that come up. Deal with it.

  11. Josh says:

    Believe me LAPD don’t fill out complaints, it make them look like they are not doing their job. Its political, no complaints, no crime their stats look like they are doing their job.

    At the Canoga Park station I was blown off about my car being broken into. I called and when to the station. Believe me they had so many excuses as to why a crime was not committed that I gave up. And the LAPD know that you will because their is no check and balance to see to it that they do their job.

  12. It is a RAT problem. says:

    So, just in case you were all unaware, LA has a bit of a rat problem right now. It is VERY possible that people are putting rat poisons out to get the rats. The rats then run off and die in a nother yard . . to be eaten by a dog or cat who is now poisoned, too.

    We just need to educated fokks on how to safely get rid of rats by using traps.

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