LAGUNA WOODS (CBS) — A Laguna Woods woman was attacked Tuesday by two coyotes, who carried her little Yorkie away with them.

The woman fell down at Via Alhambra at Alta Via about 10 a.m., as one of the two coyotes ran off with her dog, Laguna police Lt. Jason Kravetz said. Laguna police handle most animal-related duties in the retirement enclave.

“They’re pretty brazen, running around the neighborhood,” Kravetz said.

The woman was treated by Orange County Fire Authority paramedics for minor injuries.

Laguna Beach police have set traps in the area over the past few months in response to residents reporting cats and dogs being taken by the wild canines, Kravetz said.

A coyote bit a woman in the spring, he said.

The coyotes may be coming into residential areas to forage for food, Kravetz said. The normally nocturnal hunters have been increasingly spotted during daylight hours and show little fear of humans, he said.

People were urged to walk with a partner, especially around dawn and dusk, and keep pets on leashes. Smaller pets should be kept inside overnight, he said.

Trash can lids should be secured, and food and water sources removed from outside the home, Kravetz said.

“Never leave food out for wild animals,” Kravetz said.

If confronted, people should stand tall, shout and wave something over their heads if possible.

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  1. Diana Mora says:

    This is just horrible, for this lady to see her beloved little dog carried away! So very sorry for her

    1. ChristophD says:

      The article failed to mention she was wearing a RoadRunner costume.

      1. jonzbeach says: are sooo bad. I was totally feeling so horrible for these poor little ladies and then you go and make me LOL with your post. So I will add my own…too bad she did not have an Anvil made by ACME to drop on its head.

    2. LauraB68 says:

      Ok this doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out. If you have coyotes in your area which show no fear towards humans, DON’T TAKE YOUR LITTLE YORKIE INTO THE WOODS!!! This applies to anything small enough for them to carry away i.e. small children as well.
      These animals need small prey. While a full grown adult is too much for them, a small dog, cat, child is the perfect size.
      Keep your animals in at night. Don’t let your children play by themselves outside without your supervision.
      This is just common sense.
      While I am sorry she lost her dog and I cringe at that poor dog’s fate, that poor dog would still be alive if she had used her brain and just had him do his business around the block and then brought him indoors again.

  2. SNMFX says:

    Coyotes don’t STEAL you ignorant morons.

    1. Barbi Winters says:

      YOU are the ignorant moron.

      1. Duh! says:

        Uh, DUH!!!!
        We are living in their areas.
        You should take precautions when out an about.

        Coyotes are doing what comes naturally.

        If you don’t like it, move away from the area. Quit blaming the coyote.

      2. Poor Yorkie! says:

        Coyotes don’t know they are killing a family pet, they just want lunch. It’s the circle of life.

      3. LagunaDave says:

        People Steal you ignorant Mattel Toy wanna-be. Coyotes hunt and kill for their food. Saying they STEAL in this article shows how IGNORANT the author is. If you don’t want your little RAT look-a-like dog eaten by coyotes, then get a bigger dog that can fight and kill the coyotes. My Doberman loves to chase the coyotes and they are scared to death of him. Get rid of that little RAT and buy a REAL DOG. Problem Solved…as the coyotes will leave the area if a BIG alpha male dog is around.

      4. romo says:

        Duh is right on. coyotes are not stealing. They are hunting for prey and these so called purse dogs or yappers or what ever you call them are open season for wild animals who are hungry and they will get mauled and eaten. either get a bigger dog who will protect you and your property or you will constantly need to watch it as coyotes, large owls, hawks, large dogs, ferro cats or tough tom cats will either maul and eat it or attack it thinking it is a noisy chew toy. The coyote has just as much right to live on his turf and survive and they need to eat too.

    2. LauraB68 says:

      Coyotes don’t steal. They are wild animals and are doing what wild animals do. As much as it seems unfair, it’s the circle of life.
      Our pets may not be what we consider as prey animals, to coyotes, they are food. Plain and simple.
      As we encroach on their territory, they have no choice but to do the same to ours.
      If you don’t want any animal or smill child to be on their menu, take precautions. Keep your animals inside and yes that means your cats too (whether the cat is happy about it or not) and do not leave your children unsupervised outstide not even for a minute to answer the phone. If you have to go to the bathroom, bring the kids inside with you. It only takes a minute a coyote to run off or inflict serious injury to and with your toddler.

    3. romo says:

      hey, coyotes gotta eat,too. laws of the food chain. you shouldn’t even take those dogs out like that as they are open season for prey driven animals who are either hungry or mistake them for a squeaky stuffed chew toy.

  3. SteveO says:

    The Coyotes enviroment has been disappearing for years

  4. Barbi Winters says:

    I’m so sorry for her. OMG. We have a Yorkie. And live in the hills. We see coyotes at noon, just walking down the street! It’s crazy. And 2 years ago, one of our dogs went out the doggie door in the night, and I heard her scream. I ran out and luckily she fought back, and it dropped her when I ran out. It jumped our 7 foot block wall! It stood there and just stared at me, and she had puncture wounds all over her neck. She recovered. That think scaled back over the wall without even a running start. Now all 4 are in the house unless it’s daylight AND we are out with them. So, they are in about 23 out of 24 hours. We even built an area outside the doggie door so they can go out to do businessm but it’s completely enclosed, even the roof,. Sorry…..I feel for that woman and that poor little baby dog.

    1. Duh! says:

      Get a bigger dog (70+ pounds).
      One tangle with a big dog and the coyotes won’t be back.

      1. Puppy Love says:

        Dear Duh!,

        I’m sorry, but you are being realistic and making sense …so please leave our out of touch pet owners discussion where we commiserate about how crazy it that wild animals are interfering with our lives.

      2. romo says:

        Duh is right. get a bigger dog who will whip the coyote’s butt and protect you and your property as these tiny so called purse dogs are open season for coyotes, hawks, and large dogs who mistake them for chew toys or food. That is the circle of life and they are trying to survive like anything else. If you refuse to do so, then you better watch the tiny dog like a hawk as that is happening more and more and it is not the coyote’s fault.

  5. DAX says:

    Sorry for her loss but we keep taking all the land so their hunting territory gets smaller and they are running out of food so they get desperate.

    1. Brenda says:

      Clearly. Yet logic has nothing for some people. (I keep my pets inside.) Look, if you don’t want a wild animal to eat your pet–or yourself–then stay out of its habitat. (Yes, that means you.) Equally, if you don’t want to be chomped by a shark then stay out of the water.

      If you’re choosing to engage the wild animals in their habitat then man up/woman up and accept the consequences. And a little prevention might help. (Carry bear spray when hiking, don’t walk coyote munchies among the hills, that sort of thing.)

  6. jules says:

    You pay for my bullets, ill fix your problem

    1. Astonished says:

      No you wont. For every coyote you kill more will come into the territory. This has been proven time and again. These animals are starving, otherwise they would never venture out during the day. Most of the prey they lived off of disappeared due to habitate distruction, fires and people moving into their area.

      Take heed people. If you insist on living out by the hills or what was once desert, you better take extra precautions to safe guard your pets and children. Wild animals don’t get the “keep your mitts off, that belongs to people” concept. They only know they must eat and feed their young.

  7. Dog Lover says:

    We should eradicate all wild animals so that people can take their little dogs where ever they want. My poodle got scared by a snake five years ago and she and I are forever traumatized.. Since the snake encounter, I’ve killed every snake in sight, spent thousands on dog psychologists, and eventually had to quit my job so that I could stay home and keep her calm. Let’s get together and turn the entire state of California into one big dog park.

    1. PAYASA says:

      ru stupid lol

    2. Coyote says:

      I think you should have spent the thousands for dog psychologists on your own psychiatrist and lots of sedatives. Stay indoors in the future. Leave the wildlife, wild…..

    3. Brenda says:

      That’s an awesome post! I laughed…then laughed upon reading the comments from folks who didn’t get you.

    4. Thomassss says:

      I do not think that this post is serious, I think that you are trying to make a point on how stupid people expect all the wild animals to disappear so that idiots can go and walk their pocket-dogs in the wild without thinking and actually being responsible and respectfull of nature. Good point and lets just hope that;s what you meant.

  8. Dogs are Not Human says:

    The coyote’s version is that you are walking their food and they being animals need to feed on animals…Dogs are animals and are not slaves to humans…I would rather have a coyote eat a dog rather than a human. Dogs are not Humans there mere fact that People have fetishes and enslave them, attempt to humanize them for their needs, needs to be addressed in society…In my opinion there is sickness in someone to pretend a dog is part of the family…makes me wonder with all the Dog Fetishes….

    1. Marvin88 says:

      You are an idiot, that is all I can say!

  9. Mike_88 says:

    You would be surprised how coyotes live in communities. I’ve seen them in suburbs at midnight many a time far from any wilderness. If you live by any area with bushes such as golf courses and nurseries, and see monthly lost pet signs, you have a coyote route in your neighborhood.

    1. Astonished says:

      There is a thriving community that lives out by the Hollywood Bowl.

    2. Astonished says:

      So very true. There is a thriving pack that lives within ear shot of the Hollywood Bowl. I’ve seen them myself.

  10. Strictly an observer says:

    California has wildlife. It is our duty as pet owners never to set en eye away from our dogs. I encountered once a Coyotte pretty low at Griffith Park. The only thing that made me angry is that a young guy saw the Coyotte before me and let me go further with my small dog instead of warning me. What a boor. The Coyotte looked like a big dog. I gently walked a way, so did he. I’m not scared and nobody would touch my dog without seriously messing with me. As for the primitive people who don’t understand you love and protect your dog like a familly member, let them have a lot of disapointments with humans before they discover that nothing is so loving a devoted to you than your dog. Maybe it will them them several incarnations to find that out because once an idiot, always an idiot.

  11. B.A. says:

    Hey dog lover…we should eradicate all wild animals? Okay, lets start with whales and dolphins and the like…kill all them wild animals!!!!

    1. LagunaDave says:

      It was a joke MORON

    2. daveb says:

      It was a joke MORON

  12. Izabela Karmen says:


  13. buddie77 says:

    @Astonished There is not some pool of wild coyotes coming in to suburban/urban areas these coyotes are living here, and living well, in fact there is so much food their population is exploding, they eat our garbage and our pets, and all of the other prey animals that live off of all the artificially irrigated land. They need to be exterminated like any other pest.

    1. Astonished says:

      I’m not arguing the point of whether or not they are dying off. Obviously they are not! What I’m trying to get across is that we have changed their habitat so much that they have adapted to living quite well in ours. I never infferred that they were dying off. I said they were starving! There is a big difference!

      They are invading because we have left them no choice. Just like rats, you can’t exterminate them because they adapt even bettter than wolves or mountain lions. Just ask the Bureau of Land management. They don’t even send out trappers any more because when you kill off one or more, that opens up the territory to new, savyor coyoties who are harder to kill and therefore raise smarter pups. They are not pests. They are what we have made them; smart adaptable preditors who are very good at what they do, including living off what we give them, intended or not, and interbreeding with domestic dogs. Besides, they do have a function in the wild in keeping down other pests like rodents, when they’re territory is left alone.

      1. buddie77 says:

        The only reason they are here is because of the environment we are artificially providing by creating green spaces with lots of rabbits and mice, and water to drink, and garbage and pets to subsidized. If there were no people here there would be very few coyotes. Southern California is a desert. We are not invading their habitat, they are exploiting one provided by us. It is a simple problem with a simple solution reduce their artificially inflated population.

    2. Seriously? says:

      Why do you think these animals are coming closer to these areas genious?? Well, let me tell you…To build those perfect suburban houses they had to cut a sh### load of trees leaving animals without a home. So, where are all these animals supposed to go? If you see animals around your house is because they are trying to survive on what was left of the forests. Yeah, these animals are “living well” alright! Lets keep cutting trees, build more houses and then kill everything that comes too close to our house, after all who needs nature and animals right?!

  14. Bubbish says:

    I have seen an increase in Coyote sightings in my neighborhood within the last several weeks; we are not even close to the foothills, a golf course, nursery or any other area that Coyotes would populate, which shows how far they are willing to travel for food. They are getting more bold and brazen, as I usually see them in the early morning hours, (three of them walked up to my back door and were sniffing around) but neighbors are now seeing them right after dusk. I posted a warning sign in the neighborhood asking residents to watch their kids and small pets, etc., etc. 2 of my outside cats who never left my yard vanished, and until I saw the coyotes, I never knew what happened. I have a German Shepherd I take out for breaks occasionally during the night, and I am always looking around, very watchful. I do not want to take any chances; though my dog is bigger, who knows what these coyotes will do? Other coyotes have “trailed” us while riding horseback, following at a distance but making no aggresive moves. Per Fish and Game, if they or Animal Control has to respond and are able to catch any coyotes, they will not relocate them to another area-they will be destroyed

  15. me! says:

    Oh, I feel so bad for the woman and her little dog! Coyotes are opportunists looking for an easy meal and they can be quite brazen! People need to make sure their trash is covered securely and their pets and small children are kept inside or close by, and walk with a large stick or can of pepper spray. How frightening!

  16. Cari Gutierrez Gerber says:

    Poor doggies, what a horrifying situation…..Sad for the owners but I do understand nature too!

  17. Roger1977 says:

    You know, if you decide to go and live in the countryyou should complaining that wild animals get too close to your property or go back to the city! I do to live in the country too and there are plenty of coyotes and wolfes in the area and some even come close to the house sometimes ! I have 3 dogs and a cat. 2 of my dogs are small and one is extra large but I never leave them alone outside or let them roam around off the leash! I fenced my property but I still do not leave them outside overnight and the cat is an inside cat. What is the point of moving in the country if not to be in peace and to see the occasional WILD animal! There is nothing worste than idiots who decide to go and live in the country and then freak out when even a squirrel gets too close to them! Yeah, instead of being responsible and respect nature and all creatures lets just put traps and kill everything that moves! Idiots!

  18. MensaGuy says:

    Pitbulls are made for this kind of task, the one thing that they do well.

  19. flanag4 says:

    Sad for the woman and her little dog. But, as many others have said, the coyotes are just trying to make a living in an increasingly small habitat. The source of the problem—-Humans. If everyone made sure their trash was secure, these coyotes probably wouldn’t be hanging out in the neighborhood. Just saw an article recently about a coyote with a big jar stuck on it’s head. Very sad for the animal who may starve or die of dehydration. Why? Because somebody’s trash or recycling was available. People are ignorant.

    We have coyotes in our area too. I walk my dog very early in the morning and I carry a pepper spray. That way I protect my dog and the coyote gets away with a little sting. Learn to live with the wildlife!

  20. igor doublebubblevich says:

    old people, you can buy a pellet gun at wal mart or big 5, perfectly legal, that will help you old folks from coyotes.

  21. darlena goetz says:

    My mom lives in Laguna Woods/Leisure World. This problem was a big issue a year ago. I complained to the police and the Leisure World Corporation and they insisted there was no problem. If they would have handled this then, this would not have happened now. It’s ridiculous that they can’t capture these coyotes and move them to the hills. These are not the “Woods” these are not hills, this is suburbia and these seniors can’t go outside and walk their dogs around the block without great danger. We should take care of our seniors! The Leisure World Corporation should be sued for letting this get out of hand.
    These seniors pay a very high monthly fee to be in a secure community. This corporation is negligent and greedy. My heart goes out to these women who lost their baby. I worry about my mom every day there. This is unacceptable.

  22. igor doublebubblevich says:

    would rather see coyotes over dogs, dogs leave a mess,coyotes donot, there are too many dogs on the planet, totally useless.

  23. lou says:

    Walk a Pit bull and you won’t have that problem

  24. Catman says:

    Don’t forget all the chickens, cows, fish,
    and turkeys you gotta kill to feed little
    Mr. cute Doggie…also don’t forget how
    Mr. cute Doggie, if he starts hanging out
    with other dogs and formed a pack would
    probably go around cornering and killing
    other small animals (even big ones)…
    so face up…it’s the way the wild ones
    eat….your little cute doggies(I like dogs,
    by the way) has his own guilt goin’….I am
    sorry for your loss however….hope you can
    find a suitable replacement….

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