STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Most major Hollywood studios employ the services of neuromarketing firms and experts to learn how an audience perceives their films.

The studios then integrate this information into the filmmaking process in an effort to make their product, the motion picture, as appealing to the public as possible.

At the 7th Annual Topanga Film Festival, filmgoers will experience first hand the tools available to help filmmakers tell their stories.

Neuroscientist Dr. Robert Bilder and LG Taylor, Director of Communications for the 2011 Topanga Film Festival, stopped by KCAL9 Monday to talk about how your brain activity can keep your eyes glued to the movie screen.

“This year we’re establishing panels connecting neuroscience and art (film),” said Taylor. “The neuroscience community is passionately embracing our endeavor and the filmmaking community is contagiously excited to understand the science behind their art.”

“Something we’ve learned from brain science is that when we ask people about their reasons for things, we’re only getting a small part of the brain processes that underlie their decision making.” Said Dr. Steven R. Quartz. “Neuromarketing is the application of this huge amount of information that’s available in the literature in terms of how people make decisions.” He continued.

The 7th Annual Topanga Film Festival premieres MyndPlay, the world’s first mind controlled video and movie platform breakthrough technology that allows the viewer to control movies using nothing but their emotions and will.

“This new media platform is revolutionizing interactive film, education, mental sports training and video content by truly immersing the viewer into the plot, story line and the characters by allowing them to direct or influence the outcome just by mentally relaxing and focusing,” said Tre Azam, Founder and CEO of MyndPlay.
“The viewer will choose who lives and dies, whether the bad guy or the good guy wins, or whether or not the golfer makes that all important putt,” he added.
MyndPlayis an intricately designed multi-platform media player that is compatible with brain-computer interfaces. This cutting-edge software works together with the NeuroSky technology inside the MindWave and BrainBand Headsets to allow the viewer to control the outcome of a movie with the power of their mind.The technology further gives the user the ability to influence, interact with and direct the plot and outcome of a video or movie using only their minds (more specifically using brainwaves relative to relaxation and attention states). MyndPlay scans the mental states of the audience and adjusts the scene and outcome to fit the audience mood.

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