LOS ANGELES (AP) — A new rule means Californians can’t skip the Department of Motor Vehicle’s question about organ donation on driver’s license forms.

Transplant and donor networks hope the change will boost the percentage of state residents willing to donate organs.

In California, 28 percent of drivers chose to give up vital organs and tissues after death in 2010, well below the national average of 40 percent.

More than 100,000 Americans are on waiting lists for life-saving transplants.

Transplant donor groups in California pushed for the change through legislation, which was approved last year without opposition.

The change went into effect July 1.

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  1. S. B. says:

    Put an upper age limit on it. Past, say, mid 30’s, the donation won’t be accepted anyway. You think they want 75 year old heart values. etc? They are looking for younger parts, like ones from the young men who fly past me riding their “donor cycles” on the freeway.

    1. Sandra M says:

      What you are saying is incorrect, and it’s actually one of the myths that makes people question their ability to donate.

      People of any age can become donors; there have been donors in their 70s and 80s! If someone is medically unfit to be a donor, the doctors who are performing organ recovery would rule them out before surgery, so anyone who WANTS to be a donor should sign up.

      The only two automatic rule-outs are people who have active cancer and people infected with HIV/AIDS.

      1. cruz says:

        sandra you are wrong i am a 65 year old man who is in great shape have nothing wrong with me i have always put down to donate and recently moved from arizona to cali so when i went to get my licence here i marked to donate the lady in DMV crossed it out and said NO ONE OVER 5O IS ACCEPTED so get your facts right it may not be like this everywhere but it is in californa limited

  2. Arod says:

    I wouldn’t mind leaving my brain to the state…they can use all the help they can get

  3. bill says:

    Sorry , but I’m not for Organ Donations . You don’t know how this could be exploited in the name of saving lifes ,

  4. david says:

    i agree bill my wife had the little pink dot on her lic and got in a a wicked crash the docs kept suggesting i pull the plug by the way she was 24 at the time in FANTASTIC shape and was a avid workout freek i could not bear to let her go so i said no well long story short SHE CAME OUT OF IT we are now 44 ive had another 20 years so far and lookin forward to more they as in the docs saw a fantastic specimen from which they could have havested many good organs OH all that was hurt on her was a TBI or TRMATIC BRAIN INJURY shes fine as wine now very little effect from the crash

    1. ll says:

      Good for you.
      Though I’m a donor.I wonder about the exact thing happening to me.Sorry it happened to your wife.
      We shall all judge for ourself don’t just listen to the doctors.

      1. david says:

        ty my thought is this me and my lady will live to such an old age our stuff won’t be of much good to anyone lol

    2. Cynthia says:

      I am the wife mentioned in davids post for the record here my crash caused me a brain injury that in the long term left me with a slight limp and i have to concentrate a little more on common tasks but over all im fine at the time of my crash i was in FANTASTIC shape i worked out daily ( i think that was of help to my recovery) did not have any big injurys to my body other then my head hitting the door frame of the car as it rolled well i was on the table and not exactly awake but i could hear the staff around me talking the ER doc was workin hard on me when someone came down for a consult and i heard them say something about a teen up in the cardio ward needing a heart and how i might be a damn good match well all of a sudden the ER doc seemed to work a little less hard then i heard him tell my david that if i pulled through i would be something he called a GORK which i later learned ment VEGGIE and that he should get my minister and then pull the plug my david as you read did not let them and 2 weeks later I WALKED OUT ON MY OWN TWO FEET a little slower then i had walked before but i was on my feet 4 months later i was back to working out slowly and 1 year later i was back to full steam point is if you want to dontate that fine tell your family put it in your will or something but DO NOT put that sticker on your lic they see that thing and then your toast

  5. cindy says:

    better off left alone. leave the organ donors in california to a minimum. after all who would want someone from california eyes anyway, have you seen how they drive? 🙂 =))

  6. arod says:

    Knowing California as I do , I’m surprised they haven’t made being an organ donor a condition to obtain a licence. They’re always making decissions in our “best interest ” Maybe our new Governor with all his wisdom will look into that for us

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