LOS ANGELES (CBS) — KCAL9 and CBS2 obtained booking photos of the two men now named prime suspects in the Bryan Stow beating case.

As Suraya Fadel reported on the KCAL9 News at 10 p.m. Saturday, the photos are of the suspects — now identified as 29-year-old Louie Sanchez and 30-year-old Marvin Norwood — from earlier arrests.

The suspects, both from Rialto, will be officially charged next week.

Both suspects have criminal histories, including arrests for domestic violence.

Sources tell KCAL9 and CBS2 that the men are linked to the crime through physical evidence and cell phone records which both place the men at Dodgers Stadium on opening day.

Giovanni Ramirez, who had been the prime suspect in the beating, has now been exonerated, say officials.

Seventeen witnesses made up part of a line-up an reportedly several identified the suspects.

The LA Times is also reporting that there were two other alleged assaults at Dodgers Stadium and detectives pulled a list of possible suspects using ticket sales information from a section of the stands where several people reportedly complained about belligerent fan activity.

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  1. Sean says:

    who you mean Bianca? The LAPD?

    1. BoxingFan213 says:

      Poster’s like “The LAPD Is Awesome!” crack me up. You must “PRAISE” the day when message boards were created so that you can safely post your idiotic cowardly messages. You’re probably some pedophile who sits in his basement trolling on the internet, saying things that you can never say to people faces in public…lol, You’re a clown.

      1. Mike says:

        You’re not any better, I would like to see you call any police officer a PIG to his face. Here you are saying other people post their idiotic comments from the safety of forms, and your punk a$$ is doimg the same thing. You’re probably some ACLU hugging P.O.S.

    2. Kreep Nasty says:

      lol good one

    3. andr00e says:

      Why kiss ass to police? Are you afraid of them? You’d fit right in as a policeman with that racist attitude. Cops are hippocrits, so if you love them-that says a whole lot about yourself.

    4. scott says:

      Like you???dumb boxingfan prevert

    5. The LAPD Is Awesome! says:

      Glad I could give you a laugh in your pathetic life, BoxingFan213. Now go read the comment I left for Shiggity. I love it that just because someone goes against the grain with their opinions on here that they’re automatically a pedophile hiding behind their computer. Maybe that’s a self description, BoxingFan213? Usually those who point the finger are really the ones we should be worried about. And it’s a little hypocritical (see the way I spelled that word, andr00e?) to sit in judgment of someone for leaving comments on an INTERNET forum when that is the ONLY way to leave such comments, which you have also done. People like you crack ME up. Those who live in glass houses…, right? Anyway, have an awesome day!

  2. The LAPD Is Awesome! says:

    Wow, Giovanni Ramirez still resembles the sketch more closely than either of these two idiots.

    Praise to the LAPD for sticking to this case and for weeding through the trash to get to the truth. Praise to the LAPD for putting Ramirez back behind bars where he belongs, whether or not he’s involved in the beating. Praise to the LAPD for DOING THEIR JOBS! You men and women are some of this world’s bravest and selfless ones out there! You put your lives on the line each and every day for people who support you and for people who don’t, like Sean above me. WAY TO GO!

    1. The LAPD Is Awesome! says:

      Actuallly, Shiggity, I am a married mother of two in her 30’s who happens to think the LAPD, or any uniformed officer for that matter, gets a very bad rap for doing a job that obviously most of us would never do. I happen to think that there are very, very few bad apples amongst those men and women in blue, while most of the people on these CBS forums think otherwise. I’ve read plenty of your comments amid a plethora of news articles on here. I’m surprised you jumped to such a lousy conclusion.

    2. Karen says:

      You LAPD is Awesome – mother of 2.

      I’m agree that the LAPD gets a bad rap so we all need to say


    3. Shiggity says:

      Another perfect american. How is it living in your perfect world? American the land of – where everybody is right and nobody is wrong. Take care.

  3. Juan says:

    Since when does “running your mouth” make it ok to beat someone into a coma? If any of you have been do any Dodger/Giant game in the last 5 years then you’d know it doesn’t take much for some stupid Dodger fan to act like a Punk Not every Dodger fan is like that but it’s unfortunate that Gangster Cholos make up the majority of the fans that don’t sit in $90+ seats. I mean, in Opening Day of 2010 a fan was stabbed to death in the parking lot but I guess it takes a Paramedic getting hurt before the Media cares

    1. tellinglikeitis says:

      You are right. That man was stabbed in the parking lot after an argument, it was @ the opener in 2009, against the Giants. In 2003 a man was SHOT and killed in an argument at the stadium. In 2005 there was near riot in the parking lot following a brawl between security and hispanic vendors. Dodger Stadium is a dangerous place – for a baseball event.

      The fact is that neither Dodger Stadium or the LAPD has any control over violence in Los Angeles, – it is just so prevalent. Among hispanics in LA, many of which have gang ties through friends, family members, etc there exists a ‘silent’ ideal – that of nortenio vs surenio. It’s a sick and stupid way of thinking – and a GANG one. The southeners are gang members from So Cal and northerners are gang members from Norther Cal. And yes, all Southern cal gangs claim sureno status, and most North cal gangs claim norteno status. As so, it has become popular even amongst non gang members. In the past 10 years it has brewed into a passion of hate amongs young latino people. If you sport red, SF hat or jersey, you’re considered a norteno, wether you’re a gang member or not. It is ridiculous – but leave it to Mexicans to kill themselves over nothing, or something ridiculous. So, this hatred for anything Norteno in itself could’ve influenced the beating on Mr Stow. Not to mention that these gangsta wannabes will fight for anything they deem ‘disrespectful’.

      1. anen says:

        I thought the police guy said the suspects were two “hispanics” yet these two new suspects hardly look like their sketches and one isn’t even Hispanic! How u mess up your “races”? It’s amazing how no one is commenting on this…..

  4. scott says:

    you are NOT a dodger fan

  5. blondie54 says:

    The Police Chief requested that the media NOT show any pictures of the new suspects. Other networks are following his request. If we want the correct people punished, please remove the pictures. You are hindering the investigation. Not cool imo.

    1. Karen says:

      I heard the same thing and hope that Beck authorized the release of these photos.

  6. John Cendez says:

    I’m thinking its time to declare Marshall Law for about six months. Half of the POS out there will be in body bags. Maybe LA will be a nice place to live again with the human garbage taken out.

  7. a5150k9 says:

    you are 1 dumb sob

  8. igor doublebubblevich says:

    Mexicans look alike, a police line up is fruitless, their all first cousins.

    1. Medummie says:

      Then how did Norwood get into this picture????

  9. Alice Ramirez says:

    Hey BoxingFan213, So publicly expressing an opinion you don’t like is grounds for a near-lethal beathing? I’d hate to be your wife!

  10. James says:

    “Don’t mess with L.A. Dodger fans”? Seriously? These guys hit Bryan Stow from behind, then continued to assault him after he fell to the ground. That’s the lowest of the low, in terms of fighting.

  11. hangtime55 says:

    Come on folks , dozens of people are assulted in Los Angeles EVERY DAY . Why is this case so publicized ? Because the Media has made a big ha ha about nothing . and most of you people followed this story , like you would follow a daily soap oprea . . .

  12. BoxingFan213 says:

    @”LAPD is awesome!” One of my best childhood friends is an LAPD officer, I call him pig to his face all the time. I go to “cop” parties with him and call his buddies pigs too, they’re cool people but their is a lot of dirty secrets within the department he’s told me about. I have witnessed the drug use at a few parties and I’m not talking about just weed. Drugs and racism are a big problem within the department. So don’t come on here praising the LAPD when most officers are dirty.

    1. Karen says:

      Why do you keep posting this video? Easy E is dead. He was a gangsta rapper member of NWA.

  13. Alison Carter says:

    Children…..children. Chill out. Could we all just hope and Pray (if you choose) that Bryan will recover from this atrocity, and that the right people are brought to a swift and fitting punishment? You guys are acting like if one of you doesn’t shut it, there will be more violence. Don’t do that here. Remember what this is about Come on now.

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