LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police have arrested two new suspects in connection with the Bryan Stow beating and may reportedly exonerate Giovanni Ramirez, who has long been considered the prime suspect even though he hasn’t been formally charged.

Sources told the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press that  two men were arrested Wednesday. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, said that if charges are filed against the two men, Ramirez would be exonerated. 

Bryan Stow was brutally beaten in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on opening day for apparently wearing a Giants jersey. He suffered extensive brain damage and remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Ramirez’s attorney, Anthony Brooklier, gave his first TV interview, following Thursday’s developments, to KCAL 9.

“I anticipated this day,” said Brooklier, adding, “It’s been a rollercoaster.”

The attorney said he tried to get in touch with Ramirez but that contacting in jail proved difficult.

When asked if Brooklier always believed in his client’s innocence he said he had some initial doubts.

“I wasn’t completely sold,” Brooklier said about his first reaction to Ramirez’s alibi.

However, the attorney stressed that he was won over by Ramirez’s sincerity and that his client offered to take a polygraph test and appear in a line-up.

“We were upfront and felt very confident that if we kept giving [the LAPD] information it would lead to his exoneration.”

Ramirez has not been charged in connection with the Bryan Stow beating, but has been jailed on a parole violation for possessing a firearm.

“I do think, in all candor, that all the attention that was paid to him about the Bryan Stow case had some effect on the hearing officer, who I think was under a lot of pressure to keep him in. I vehemently disagree with his decision. There was absolutely nothing to connect him to the firearm to which they determined he had access to.”

Legal analyst said Ramirez was kept as a prime suspect for this long because of eyewitness identification.

“It’s frequently an unreliable source of evidence,” said Meister, adding, “Yet, it’s turned to so frequently by law enforcement. Thank goodness, for Giovanni Ramirez, it was not relied on solely by the D.A.’s office.”

When asked whether exonerating Ramirez would discredit the eyewitnesses Meister said it’s a possibility.

“It doesn’t mean that eyewitnesses are necessarily lying. It’s just that it’s so easy to make a mistake,” Meister said.

Two of the key eyewitnesses in the Bryan Stow beating spoke exclusively to CBS2’s Stacey Butler, revealing that they were called back to the police station Thursday night to view a new line-up of suspects.

They said they weren’t able to identify any new suspects in the line-up.

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  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    Watch this guy sue for, like, definition of character.

    1. Wow Ur Dub says:

      LOL @ “definition of character.” Maybe you meant “defamation” … ?

    2. The Corrector says:

      *defamation of character. I don’t think you can sue someone for giving the definition of anything…Webster would be S.O.L if that were the case.

    3. Villaraigosaisarat says:

      I was told by an LAPD officer that they were ordered to place the gun in the laundry room in order to be able to detain Ramirez. Go figure! Beck and Villaraigosa for President and V.P. 2012. HA ha ha

  2. Mark says:

    The guilt lies with the media and police for trying to sell the public the story of a poor little defenseless man from San Francisco, minding his own business and assulted out of the blue. Well, we now know he was talking trash and nothing more than an agitator and thats why he got a good whipping!

    1. jj says:

      “we now know he was talking trash” ?? Really? How do we know this? Or better yet, how do YOU know that?

      1. G says:

        I have heard from multiple people that he was talking major trash and thats why he got beat down. And that includes an LAPD officer saying this. so i agree with Mark……… I also would like to remind you all of a couple of years ago when an angel fan got killed at angel stadium. That barely mad the news when it happened. Probably because he was latino. But when a white man gets beat down for writing checks his butt couldnt cash by a mexican, then thats a tragedy. To me i have no sympathy for that guy. his daddy should have told him to keep his mouth shut when there is 40,000 fans of the other team who dont play that. He could ride around in a wheel chair for the rest of his life for all i care.

    2. scott says:

      Mark, a poor little loser

    3. Karen says:

      You are part of the problem. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO BEAT PEOPLE – NO MATTER WHAT.

      Please leave Los Angeles now. We don’t need people like you here.

  3. shoker says:

    great job Chief Beck, I thought you were 100% sure you had the right man. IDIOT! Here comes the lawsuit

  4. James says:

    Ramirez Time!…Time to find a Lawyer and SUE the LAPD, Dodgers and The City…Also SUE the guy who posted the Billboard. The Anglo community has demonstrated that when They have been Accused and Exonerated they SUE so by all Means Find a Great Lawyer and SUE them for 10 Million Dollars on behalf of Your Pain and Suffering not only of You but Your 10 year old Child who was also Vilified by the Scoundrels that Posted by defaming her and calling her a Liar.

    1. Yawnnn says:

      Yawnnnnnnn another law professor….

    2. john chen says:

      james. he was arrested for violating his parole… nothing to sue for

      1. Clad says:

        He wasn’t arrested for violating his parole, he was arrested because he matched the susupect description. The parole violation was later discoverd after his arrest. BTW, how many people with parole violations are arrested by a massive amout of SWAT cops?

      2. Shiggity says:

        Actually John he was detained not arrested. Big difference. At the time he was being detained he was in possession of a firearm at his house which is totally illegal. Also not sure if you know this to not. Usually when you are on probation, they can come to your house at any time. LAPD is clear all the way around the board on this one. They knew exactly what they were doing by getting this guy.

      3. JM says:

        Actually you are mistaken James.

      4. PAYASA818 says:


    3. Karen says:

      Stop defending a criminal. He can not sue. He violated parole.

  5. Bubba Redding says:

    Ramirez is a fine looking upstanding citizen. I just hope he does not marry into my family anytime soon.

    1. LA DODGER FAN says:


      1. John Cendez says:

        Yeah the guy is such a wonderful example of a human being. Let’s just give the POS 10 million. Let’s just BK the city.

    2. scott says:

      Mine too

  6. Stahl's Ashamed Father says:

    Idiots are also all the same…

  7. Shiggity says:

    Lawsuits for what? He was never charged with the beating. The dirt bag was a felon in possession of an illegal firearm. Glad they got this guy also.

    1. Mark says:

      “Lawsuits for what?” How about false imprisionment, malicious prosecution, denial of due process. You don’t read much, do you?

      1. Shiggity says:

        YAWNNNN he is in prison because he violated his probation. What were you saying about reading?

      2. LOL says:

        Mark must of rode the short bus.

      3. Karen says:

        How many times do we have to say he was in jail on a parole violation?



    2. Mark says:

      LOL. He wasn’t arrested for violating his probation, thats what they used to keep him in jail. He was arrested for matching the description. BTW, how many people are arrested with police helicopters and swat teams for probabation violations. While you’re yawning, don’t forgot to take that big shoe out of your mouth. LOL!

      1. Shiggity says:

        Actually Mark he was detained not arrested. Big difference. At the time he was being detained he was in possession of a firearm at his house which is totally illegal. Also not sure if you know this to not. Usually when you’re on probation, they can come to your house at any time. LAPD is clear all the way around the board on this one. They knew exactly what they were doing by getting this guy. NEXT

      2. rick says:

        mark get a clue he was NEVER arrested for the beating the law states they can DETAIN ANYONE they think may have commited a crime for up to 72 hours when they detained him he was in poss of a gun a clear violation of his parole during the 72 hour detention they decided yo pop him for the probation so he has absolutely nothing to sue over cuz he was never arrested or charged for the beating

    3. Mark says:

      He Shiggity,

      he was arrested and NOT detained! Like i said, you don’t read much. Also, I know LAPD can come to your house at any hour. Nice attempt at avioding the orginal point. He wasn’t arrested for a probation violation, LAPD got a false info telling them Ramirez was the suspect, hence the SWAT team, helipcotors and so on. Give it up man, you outed yourself as a racist and now you got owned.

      1. Shiggity says:

        You really are slow. Idiot. No need to go tit for tat with you. Practice what you preach READ.

      2. Karen says:

        Mark you need to stop before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

        Ramirez is in jail because he is a criminal who violated parole.

        You need to understand this.

    4. Mark says:

      Shiggity, Shiggity,

      looks like reality and the ability to read is too much for you, huh? Keep smoking pole.

  8. Brian says:

    I hope he sues the hell of Beck the city of Los angeles and the mayor and the media on slander and difamation of cheacter sue baby sue and yes he has a case sue the hell out of LOS ANGELES and yes am a white man

    1. Shiggity says:

      On what grounds? He was arrested and questioned for the beating and never charged. So he’s going to sue for what again?

    2. Rick says:

      Is this Enslish or Spanish? Maybe Cave Talk?

  9. 1stman says:


  10. 1stman says:

    White people are angry right now. When it should be the other way around.

  11. Eddie says:

    As much as I regret what happened to Brian stow and hope for his recovery, Giant fans can be real annoying.

  12. courtney says:

    Actually he can not sue the L.A.P.D for anything because he was just questioned reguarding the beating . He is serving time for a parole violation.

    Get your facts straight people

    1. Eddie says:

      Relax. People get money for tripping on the sidewalk in LA.

    2. Eddie says:


  13. Hank Hill says:

    This is all bad… a big black eye on the city of angels.. Chief Beck, please resign!

  14. Boxing Fan 213 says:

    F-Charlie Beck and the incompetent lapd pigs. Regardless of this dudes passed, i hope he sues idiot Beck who claimed that him and the lapd were “100% positive that they had the right man”…IDIOT PIGS!

    1. Lisa says:

      You need to go back to school, learn how to spell and correctly form sentences.

      Then come back to us and talk about idiots.

      1. elaine says:

        Yeah!….your so right on Lisa……….where do these chowder heads get their education from anyway?…….could it be that the apple never falls far from the tree????….Hmmmmm?

  15. Mark says:

    Hey Shiggity,

    I blame the mayor and LAPD. Glad to see you finally outed yourself as the racist you are. Sooner or later, you guys bust out of the closet. Now do everyone a favor and go back in and never come out, LOL.

  16. Eddie says:

    Don’t you think maybe Beck said that so the real cowards would think that it was safe to come back to the US via the Rio Grande and try to get away with it? Whose the idiot?

    1. ttf says:

      Actually that might have happened.Wether it was done on purpose or not.
      They felt safe and let their guard down

  17. Swamper says:

    Nice comment you racist punk.

  18. uFools says:

    I owe Ramirez an apology.

  19. LA DODGER FAN says:


  20. uFools says:

    RAMIREZ WAS CLEARED! Hate thrives in SoCal. Move forward people and learn.

  21. Dodger Lover says:

    As bad as a person Giovanni Ramirez appears to be, I never believed he was the ‘attacker,’ let alone a fan of baseball. Charlie Beck should take blame for this. He seemed so sure they had their man, and now he’s trying to excuse his big pointy finger by saying the accounts of the witnesses were bad/wrong. And right from the get go Beck wanted to make this case into a gang banger style attack when there was more signs and evidence it was a fight between two drunk parties of morons. As bad as I feel for Stow’s condition, I feel more sorry that his group of friends didn’t come to his aid, protect him, let alone apprehend one of the suspects. I still don’t know how two thugs described as small could attack/assualt ‘4’! grown men (Stow’s group) and get away. The LAPD and the LA Times did NOT want the public to know that Stow was in a group of 4 men. They kept giving the impression he was alone, then later saying he was with a ‘friend’, but all along it was a party of 4. I guess it’s not believable to be an ‘attack’ when the ‘victims’ outnumber the ‘attackers’ 2 to 1. After seeing video footage of Stow’s behavior in the stands during the game, plus now knowing his past convictions with drugs, alcohol, and assault on a woman, I find it hard to believe he didn’t provoke or anger any bad people during his time at Dodger Stadium. He didn’t deserve to be beaten, but he probably behaved badly around the wrong kind of guys. I hope the two suspects are the actual culprits so we can hear more to this story cos the LA Times and LAPD certainly didn’t give us anything. They never interviewed Stow’s so called buddies to ask why they left him behind. A Dodger fan is the ‘one’ person that came to Stow’s aid from other reports and chat I have heard/read, though Chief Beck says otherwise. Hmmm. This beating incident has left a stigma on the organization, which is totally unfair. I blame MLB for this more than anyone, they were stupid to make the first time defending champs, SF Giants, open their season on the road, against a long time rival, plus make it an Opening day NIGHT game. I also think alcohol consumption, and poor discretion by out of towners was a factor too.

    1. Al-Qaida says:

      Good post.

    2. johnfriendly says:

      Good logical fair comment.
      Good job!

    3. ame says:

      @ dodger lover.
      Great post. Completely agree.

    4. Karen says:

      I think you are so wrong Dodger Lover. No wonder attendance is low. Your speculation is inflammatory and totally off base. How dare you?

      1. michaele says:

        As I was reading all the comments I had given up hope on reading an intelligent well thought out comment until I read Dodger Lovers. Finally a comment that was not racist based trash talk or even more annoying in my opinion not understanding that if you in jail for a parole violation that would mean you were on parole not probation, they are two totally different things. Thank you for sharing your comment.

      2. Karen says:

        I just checked the definitions of probation v. parole on Merriam -Webster.com


        Bottom line – the police acted in accordance with the law. RAMIREZ DID NOT.

        That is why Ramirez is in JAIL.

        You think that if Ramirez was wrongfully in jail, his lawyer could not get him out?

        Ramirez’s lawyer tried and the POS is still in jail.

        I think Dodger Lover is off base and wrong in almost everything posted.

      3. michaele says:

        Okay Karen here is the difference, if you are on probation you have a probation officer and generally this means you served less than 1 year and you were in a county jail if you are on parole then you have a parole officer and generally this means you served more than 1 year and you were in state prision, there is quite a difference between the types of crimes that get probation and the types of crimes that get parole. My reason for pointing out that people were commenting that he was in for a praole violation and his probation officer were being used in the same sentence shows me how little people were paying attention the the details and usually the details are what I find to be important.

      4. michaele says:

        Also Karen I never stated that he should not be in jail if he violated his parole then yes he should be in jail however since I have never met the man I will not call him a POS. I am simply stating that details are important and if you gloss over the details you could miss some very important facts

  22. Alan Hart says:

    Now you all have seen a perfect example of the police twisting facts to make them fit. Blame the wrong guy then publicly pat themselves on the back and tell everyone what a great job they did. Only problem is everyone knew the accused was the wrong man. Now, imagine what would happen if you didn’t have a good lawyer that was willing to go the extra mile? Maybe Charlie Beck should spend a few days in his downtown grey-bar hotel.

  23. thee inspector says:

    its okay to beat up on a mexican just because he look illegal by 3 white boys in some states and get away with it, but when a white boy gets beat up by 2 mexicans its a big deal. maybe the white boy had it coming, oh and its okay to kill your baby and get away with it if your white. my opinion is, lets play the rules the same for everybody. C’mon.

  24. mikeefinance says:

    Thank GOD that LAPD did not stop their work because “WE” could have RUINED an innocent man.

    1. Nicole says:


      He IS a CRIMINAL.

      That is why he is on parole.

  25. mikeefinance says:

    Villaraigyosa for President? Just look at Mexico!

  26. Viva La Raza says:

    Yo Shaggytitty…

    Get your chit together holmes. He is your 1ST CHICANO MAYOR that was voted in by you and every other L.A. lovin’ blue & white FOOL ! ! !

    That said, Giovanni Ramirez wouldn’t have been pinche’d by LAPD iif he’d learned his lesson from being BUSTED before, and powdered his neck a little bit — instead of continuing to look like the IDIOT HE IS (…no love for thugs here) {{X?[P )

  27. citizen says:

    HEY CHARLIE WANT SOME HAM TO GO ALONG WITH THAT EGG ON YOUR FACE?? You got the wrong guy. stupid cops.

  28. geeM says:

    A lot of misinformed opinions and hatred. Where is Rodney King’s quote when we need it.

  29. HAL9000 says:

    Pay attention people, everyone reading this who thinks the Police can not and will not take you into custody if you do not have money is just lying to themselves. If you are not rich and famous in California you are expendable to our law enforcement community, period

  30. PAYASA818 says:


  31. david oc says:

    its a lesson for giants fans stay the hell out of los angeles dodgers turf dont get caught up in the mix or any body that want to bring drama to our town dodger blue rules here

  32. Terence Robinson says:

    Villaragosa, and Beck are a couple of A…..holes,they would have hung the guy if they could. How many other innocent guys have gone down because of A……holes like these two morons.. Ramires should sue if only to bring attention to these two creeps.

  33. lest says:

    Goes to show you we still ive in a U.S. where are Latinos look alike (case in point all latinos are called Mexicans), all blacks look alike and everyone who is not caucasian.
    I do hop Ramirez sues and wins.
    Stop the racism America!!!!

  34. Max Escalante says:

    Those 2 stupid prejudice thugs who beat that Giants fan should be executed. There’s alot of stupid prejudice dangerous people out there who love to fight and assault innocent people for no reason.

  35. One Radical says:

    Switch roles and this would be a hate crime. For more on race-realism and to fulfill your anti-liberal, anti-PC needs, visit me below!


  36. guadolavelle says:

    must check tote coach for gift for more detail

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