LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A bicyclist Tuesday was struck and killed downtown and police say it could be the result of road rage.

The accident, which happened just after 7 p.m., took place at Francisco and 8th Street.

According to authorities, two vehicles may have been involved in some type of road rage incident, when the bicyclist was struck.

The victim, identified only as an older Hispanic male, was pronounced dead while en route to the hospital.

Police were able to detain both drivers and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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  1. dude says:

    simple answer keep your bike off the streets at night even if it was road rage if the bike was not on the road at night he would not be dead

    1. LAs SicK Lee says:

      dude. it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalk. all bikes on road must ride on street with flow of traffic. the better idea would be, if there was NO road rage, if people could control themselves a little more, then he would not be dead. you’re a putz.

      1. dude says:

        where did i say anything about a sidewalk???? i said the bike should not have been out on the streets as in NOT BEING RODE AT ALL after dark since it is against the law to ride one at night

      2. LBprGuy says:

        Before any misinformation is spread, it is LEGAL to ride bikes on sidewalks in Los Angeles.

        Link: http://www.bicyclela.org/Law.htm

        “Sidewalk Riding (LAMC 56.15) Prohibits the riding of bicycles (or other human power devices) on sidewalks (bikeways or boardwalks) with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. Disallows the riding of bicycles on Ocean Front Walk in Venice.?

    2. mgragg says:

      He wasn’t on the road at night. I saw the accident while I was walking home, and the sun was still out. People should just pay more attention to their surroundings.

  2. Jeff says:

    I was just at a light in west LA, around 10pm earlier tonight.Santa Monica blvd and a bunch of roads were closed down.I was wondering why when all of a sudden a few hundred loudmouthed idiots rode by on their bikes.These people were yelling,screaming,bouncing their bikes around and acting like idiots.It’s some bicycle club that rides at night.Show some respect for the people who live in the neighborhood you idiots.

    1. No Traffic on S.M. Boulevard says:

      So that’s why S.M. Boulevard was closed and I had to take another route around it. Thanks for the info.

  3. Jeff Maass says:

    Just because you are on your bike at nite does not mean you shuold be run over and killed.

    1. Mary says:

      You are right; however, you are setting yourself up for a dangerous situation.

  4. Carlton Glub says:

    CBS, don’t call it an “accident” until you actually know that it was.

  5. Share the road with caution says:

    Dude – I totally agree with you. Bikere, including those who ride motorcycles, put their life in danger everyday they are on the road. Bikers are disrespectful and act as though they own the streets/highways. About a year ago, a motorcycle was on the 710 swerving in and out of traffic. The bike hit a mirror on an SUV, tearing it off the vehicle. The biker took off and because we were in traffic, the driver of the SUV could in no way get the license. Last week in the AV, my friends best friend was riding her bike and a driver hit her at 50 MPH. Lisa is in a coma. The accident is under investigation but I just don’t think bikes belong on the streets – I think the sidewalk, or bike path would be a better place. The man did NOT deseve to die and I am terribly sorry that this traggic accident occured – I hope justice is served for what the two pit bulls caused. (The out of control drivers) Riders, please ride during the day – night time is only setting yourself up for a very dangerous situation.

  6. Opus the Poet says:

    @dude Riding a bicycle at night is perfectly legal as long as the bike has the required lights and reflectors. Instead of making up your own bikw laws and accusing the cyclist of breaking imaginary laws, try looking up the CA codes.

    1. dude says:

      it is not legal unless you have a light front and back and this guy didnt i saw the accident and the bike so my statements stand

      1. Big Daddy says:

        Dude…you’re an idiot. First of all it was 7pm and still light out. If you actually saw the accident you’d know that. Second, it is legal to ride bikes day or night.

  7. a says:

    I’ve gotten yelled at by a cop in Long Beach for being on the sidewalk. I was told “bikes are considered moving vehicles and aren’t allowed on the sidewalk because it impedes pedestrians”

    But the sidewalk vs road ethics will always be in the grey, but the law (as said by the cop) is that I as a biker have to be on the road following the CVC codes that apply to cyclists.

    1. LBprGuy says:

      In Long Beach, bikes are NOT allowed to be ridden on sidewalks in business districts. So if you were riding on the sidewalks in Belmont Shore, for example, being yelled at by a police officer beats a ticket.

  8. "republican empire falls" says:

    people that drive cars ect. don’t care about there childrens future!!! the shlt-bag government has everyone creating pollution!!! bicyclist rule \m/

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