LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The dreaded 405 Freeway closure last weekend may have finished earlier than expected, but one daring quartet took less than 90 seconds to capture one of the more memorable photos in recent memory.

Early Sunday morning, Matt and Amanda Corrigan of Sherman Oaks, and their pals Barry Neely and Jesse Glucksman set up a mock dinner table on the empty stretch of freeway running through the Sepulveda Pass and snapped away.

The stunt, which Amanda estimates took no more than ten minutes from start to finish, included a folding table, chairs, a table cloth and dinnerware — including wine glasses and candlesticks to set the mood.

Gluckman, an amateur photographer, said the plan was pulled off without a hitch.

“Once we got out on the highway, I just kept shooting, shooting, shooting,” said Gluckman.

But before the group could enjoy their meal, the makeshift dinner party was ultimately broken up when a construction crew approached the scene.

Still, their brazen stunt will always be captured on film for posterity.

“It was the adventure that we wanted,” said Neely.

Comments (9)
  1. ihateidiots says:

    geez, what ever turns you people on. how pathetic, its just a freeway.

  2. AmeriKKKa says:

    White thugs should be arrested and tried on trespassing charges but they won’t.

  3. James says:

    When an Anglo does it it is cute and innovative. If a so called minority does it then it becomes ignorant and they are made a criminal example by the media and authorities. The CHP or LAPD should ticket them.

  4. colleen says:

    Yes, they should be arrested. These are grown people that were not drunk or on drugs, stupidity has no color

  5. aussiereader says:

    It’s a bit of fun, or don’t/can’t you have fun there in the god ol’ US of A. I’m over 50, more mature, but a stunt like that appeals to me and I probably would have done the same! Unless it is breaking the law or putting people in danger, it’s just a prank.

  6. karlin says:

    It’s funny. Where is your sense of humor, America? What the hell has happened to you?

  7. Mike Davis says:

    AmeriKKKa, James and colleen: Don’t you have anything better to do than turn this into a racial issue? Maybe go help out at a rec center or a boys and girls club if you feel so civil rights oriented, whatever would shut up your transparent effort to comment on racism in America instead of trying to make a positive social impact on the message board of some silly article.

    AmeriKKKa: Very cleverly name, that speaks volumes about your intelligence. Go thug life! (all sarcastic)

    James: It would be just as “cute and innovative.” if they weren’t “Anglo”. Not everyone is as socially jaded as you.

    colleen: Stupidity does have no color. But thinking they should be arrested because they weren’t drunk or on drugs puts you into the stupidity category, no matter what “color” you are.

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