PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (CBS) — Casey Anthony was rumored to be in Palm Springs Tuesday, but local officials were unable to confirm reports she was in the area.

Anthony has been in hiding since a Florida jury acquitted her of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

“I have no information about Casey Anthony being in Palm Springs,” said Palm Springs Police Sgt. Mike Kovaleff.

Anthony reportedly left Orlando, Fla., with one her former attorneys, Todd Macaluso, on his private plane, which may have landed at John Wayne Airport.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Courtney Donowho said her department was not notified that Anthony would be in the area.

“I’ve seen people saying on the Internet she’s at the beach, she’s in Palm Springs… we have no information about that,” she said.

Comments (59)
  1. Lola says:

    She should hook up with Robert Blake.

  2. In THE Southern CA says:

    “was rumored to be in the Palm Springs Tuesday”

    Great job proofreading!

  3. doris baldwin says:

    You can’t hide from the controlling conscious…

    1. Va Girl says:

      Yes doris, but sociopaths do not have a conscious. That’s the problem with Casey. Very stoic, very cold girl.

  4. Efrain says:

    Send her back to Mexico. Oh wait.. she’s white.

    1. Frain says:

      She’s not white and she’s still too good for Mexico.

  5. Angel7 says:

    I so agree with you. Just who om the hell would kill that baby and the mom go out and have a roaring good time while she hid from her parents. Her parents think she is at Zanny’s and the boyfriend thinks she’s at her parents. Please spare me. She is responsible. Or maybe it was Zutler the butler who did it !

  6. M Anderson says:

    I thought news was to report facts, not gossip.

  7. S EVANS says:

    lets just hope she doesnt get rich from her babies blood. wr the public can stop that. do not let her win.

  8. Randy Shoemaker says:

    I heard OJ is going to help her find the “real” killer like he did for Nicole…..

  9. Milly says:

    Geez people, a child was murdered and her killed is free…who cares what race this monster happens to be? Hispanic, white, black, Asian, purple or green, there is garbage in every single race. Get over yourselves and look at the bigger picture.

    1. Milly says:

      Well this one is white…what do you say to that? Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson? Ted Bundy? It’s wrong to judge based on the bad apples of the group. There are plenty of black and white criminals. One of the most dangerous gangs is Asian. We have our share of lowlives so we are no one to judge. It’s like if we were called serial killing cannibals because of a select group of sickos who happen to be white

    2. Joanne says:

      You sounded too Hispanic to talk to.I’m sorry.

  10. Joey says:

    I saw her riding around in a brown van with Elvis.

  11. mE says:

    I sure hope she is NOT in California. !!!!!!CASEY GO HOME!!!!!!

  12. hec mtz says:

    Just leave her alone, there is a god out there. Lets worry about other important things.

  13. Astonished says:

    Does anyone else besides me think that this whole situation with the “Defense lawyer” taking her on his private plane and sequesturing her in some hidy-hole more than a little bit strange?????? Isn’t this a lot above and beyond what an attorny is supposed to do for their client. I mean, Johnny Cochran didn’t hide OJ when he got him acquited!!!!

    I wonder what “benefits” he’s getting out of this. . . . . . .

    1. Jill Kimerer says:

      yep, they have had something going from the start, she’s just continueing where she left off, low payed prostituting

  14. Astonished says:

    I don’t know how many of you on this site remember Ted Bundy, but I noticed that one of the court photographers happened to be shooting when the verdict (or lack thereof) came out. Did anyone see the really evil smile she gave when she peeked out from under the arms of her attorney when they were hugging? A smile just like Ted Bundy (mass murderer).

    I’m betting that, just like him she is a sociopath. Sociopaths make no emotional connection with people in their lives and feel no remorse for their actions. I sure hope they take her out of this country. We have enough problems. Maybe Cuba would like her. . . . . .

  15. menina says:

    She surely is moving on to greener pastures. No doubt she’s looking for a way to make $$$ of killing her little angel. only way to give little casey some measure of justice is to boycott anything case.
    Another thing what difference does it make whether she looked up chloroforme 1 or 64 times. Thr point is that SHE DID LOOK IT UP All that is needed to collect the information is ONCE, she could have written down the information

  16. Stryker 21 says:

    He’s an Indian, feathers not dot. Three Bulls needs to get over it. Sit on the res. drink and feel sorry for yourself and live on the casino money.

  17. Patience says:

    This came from a guy name Tayor who going to be interviewing Casey for a miillion dallars and I don’t think he for real, I think he just trying to stir up the media. If he did make a deal why would he release her location. I seen the check, but that is all it is.Maybe he trying to see if we are sticking to our gun. Well, I am for the sake of Caylee

  18. LOU says:

    Casey is SEXY!!hot! young all,natural, REAL men love casey, a welcome change after lindsay and the spook loving Kartrashians.

    1. Jason says:

      Dude, she is so ugly!

    2. icecream says:

      The “spooky” thing is why didn’t your mother use stronger contraceptions BEFORE you were born.

  19. Macy says:

    Who cares? She isn’t important enough to watch. The trial was interesting. Caylee was a darling child, but Casey isnt worth watching and hope no one watches movies, boycotts books, etc. It would all be lies anyway.

  20. AmeriKKKa says:

    Mine is broken. Can you give me your address so I can go steal yours?

  21. Loren Walker says:

    After three years of Casey Anthony I am moving on…that is the best way to honor Caylee. All of the shows want to keep it going for ratings- Where is Casey Anthony? Will she have plastic surgery? Who will get the first picture or interview? Will she reunite with her parents and brother? Enough Already!!!! Her lawyer and her are perfect for each other… not caring who they use, hurt and destroy.I’m not buying into anything they have to sell and doing so would disgrace Caylee’s memory.

  22. es says:

    She is getting use to the burning heat in Palm Springs, which is paving the way to the burning fires of Hell!

  23. jerry says:

    She obviously went to CA-to the “elevator” guy with the million $$ offer-even thought Baez said she wont accept it. He wants his $$ one way or another

  24. Delkuu says:

    Having read many comments on numerous blogs, I could see that many people assumed that Casey was guilty. I too, thought of the same. My assumptions were totally wrong because I got my emotions get in the way. However, I wonder if you or I were part of the jury, would we have voted the same – not guilty? I do hope that in time the truth is validated and prove that justice was really blind.

    1. Lisa says:

      I wouldn’t have voted not guilty, not because of emotions, but because the DA was able to connect all the dots and I would be able use common sense to see that. Plus, I wouldn’t have let anyone railroad me into a decision that made me sick to my stomach.

  25. Leslie White says:

    Jose Baez is sure getting the best of Nacy Grace!

  26. Lazarus says:

    Lazarus 50

    Casey,only GOD knows your secrets,repent and ask for forgiveness,as for the jury, we accept your verdict.Casey God loves you don’t hinde,come out and speak up.If you are so scared come to Africa we shall shelter you!

  27. Luis says:

    That was not Casey in the video at the airport. It’s a trick when people begin to find someone that is under ground hiding. What they do is try to make people think that the person who everyone is looking for is moved to another place. Casey is still not in Orlando. There is some information coming out soon about a person giving Casey lawyers permission to use their home.

  28. Jill Kimerer says:

    exactly! and it kinda scares me who she will be near and what if she chloroforms another baby again?

  29. Jill Kimerer says:

    exactly, and 200 pounds to her frame and she would of still been sitting in jail

    1. Jill Kimerer says:

      add 200 i met

  30. Suzy says:

    It may be kind of fun for awhile for these attorneys to play cops & robbers, trying to hide Casey & outwit the press…but at some point it is going to get tiresome, not to mention very expensive & then they may be sorry they got themselves into this situation.

  31. Jill Kimerer says:

    how sickening, she could be wondering around anywhere and we dont know it. i knew she’s go to california,more dirty money to be made there than in florida. i think she’ll get a itch to be noticed and will be soooooo sorry when she breaks off from the lawyers who are using her to become famous,too. it will all go down real ugly when she turns on them

    1. nanci says:

      I hope she die soon for what she did to the little girl and the public will never know how the child died because the killer dont want to tell the truth, and why is her lawyer telling people to respect the jurors decision but they flaunting casey around just to get a million dollar interview or a book to the highest bidder, they too should show respect for the dead child.

  32. Shay says: We all need to stop Casey from making any money off of the death of her daughter.

  33. nanci says:

    she should stay at her lawyers houses cause all of them are a pack of lying dogs, all they doing is looking at money but a baby is goine and no one cares about how the child suffer, and casey did it and she out there laughing in peoples face, what a killer she is, she is going to face the devil cause she got no conscience.

  34. scott says:

    Much more blacks than whites, dummy!!!!

  35. Annoymous says:


  36. janelwhite says:

    Where ever Casey Anthony is at, she and all the guys around her are having a blast. Justice for Caylee has been achieved!!! -Jane

  37. janelwhite says:

    Good for her, she deserves to be treated well now. Locked up for three years just for lying? -Jane

    1. ANGELADEE1 says:

      you sound like one of her pit crew running damage control. It wont work…people will not read your post and walk away with a warm fuzzy feeling about her. Will you feel this way if her next child ‘mysteriously’ has an accident and she makes it look like murder for some reason? And how has justice for Caylee been achieved? is she here to celebrate? no…the person who brutally murdered her is still out there…what justice is that? would you feel the same if it were YOUR child? you wouldnt…you would be on a witch hunt…crying and begging for VENGEANCE…so please actually READ what you post so you sound like less of a moron next time.

  38. ANGELADEE1 says:

    Do you think it will sink into her thick skull how much people hate her? I mean she smiles like the people are there to praise her. Does she comprehend that shes not the most hated girl in the room…shes the most hated girl in the NATION. And now they are surprised that they are getting death threats? I think the phone call to the lawyers house is a publicity stunt, and if its not, I cant say i feel sorry for any of them. I hope they look over their shoulders forever.

  39. janelwhite says:

    Nancy Grace and HLN made Casey Anthony not guilty and a millionaire. Is that Justice for Caylee? -Jane

  40. janelwhite says:

    Whereever she is at, you know she’s banging with no mercy and will be pregnant soon. 🙂

  41. janelwhite says:

    Breaking News for those that came here late: Casey Anthony did not kill anyone, at least according to the trial results. Now, those that disagree, time to take your meds now. -Jane

  42. janelwhite says:

    Word is that Casey will be cranking out babies left and right and will be selling them through adoption to the highest bidder. That’s a nice memorial thing for Caylee, especially if she really does name each one Caylee2, Caylee3, Caylee4, and so on as stated in the article. -Jane

  43. janelwhite says:

    Casey is very likely busy banging, imo, she is trying to make more Caylees so she can sell them to adoption agencies, which she can legally do. Last number I heard was another 5 Caylees, but I think she’ll try for more than that, maybe keep a couple too and better train them to swim sooner than the last one did. -Jane

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