COMPTON (CBS) — The Compton City Council has diverted a potential government shutdown by approving a budget Tuesday night that calls for massive layoffs.

The new budget would require the city to slash 30 percent of its workforce.

Compton officials have been struggling with how to deal with a $25 million deficit and avoid a government shutdown.

The Council has twice voted down a proposed budget that would lay off 90 workers, including some department heads.

The city treasurer made a point of saying this week that he wouldn’t issue paychecks until the Council approved a budget.

Unions representing city employees have threatened to sue if a budget plan calling for layoffs was passed.

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  1. carlb says:

    its funny but fdr was correct. public workers should not have unions. democrats allowed it in the 60’s along with many other costly and unsatainable things like welfare. we have now seen the damge it has done after 50 years since it began. any goverment is a giant ponzi scheme. as the taxes flow in the pyramid grows bigger. as taxes stop coming in it collapses. the federal goverment unlike a city can just keep the pyramid growing by printing paper money. but as the debt goes up like we are now the pyramid will collapse. maybe that is a good thing because when it does america will have the oppurtunity to remake itself back into what it was pre 60’s.

  2. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    You’ve heard of LOL. Well now there’s LAL. Laughing at Liberals.

  3. Briggs Bratherwell says:

    “I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” ~ H. L. Mencken

  4. Detter says:

    Good, bloat begins in the cities first. I hope you cut back their sweet benefits that tax payers pay…make it at least reasonable.

    I got out of the union in the early 70’s…I watched them use my dues to build a really nice 4 story building with better digs than most of the workers making payments to the thugs.

    And I did not suffer by getting out…if you work hard, you’ll rise to the top. If you don’t work hard, you better get in a union. LOL

  5. phillysmart says:

    For those of you who don’t know Compton is one of those cities that have been destroyed by the leeches…like every big city the leeches suck the free bees dry until there is no more tax payers and move on to destroy another city under their democrat/socialist rule….let them all diintegrate…people who make the money should move out of all these socialist enclaves…resist the socialist they want you mind..your money and your kids

  6. phillysmart says:

    Public sector unions is legalized extortion of the tax payer by democrat/socialist drones…they benefit no one but uneducated, blacks and illegals…they are an extension of the democrat party to siphone tax money into their coffers …wake up people and elect people who will out law these thieves

  7. retired says:

    Of Course..

    The unions never thought about..

    taking a pay cut to keep most of the people employees..

    Like many private sector unions have done in the last 3 years..

  8. CNILE says:

    Why don’t you morons just put a sales tax on crack?

  9. Jason, NYC says:

    Obama promised change and you got change baby!

  10. MOT says:

    I was a teamster in San Diego years ago. My wake up call came when I visited a Union supplied doctor. He told me to turn and cough. When I didn’t cough he asked what the problem was. I told him “that’s my knee”. Unions blow.

  11. K. A. Hieb says:

    Lay-off 30% of the work force (Union Parasitic Work Force), but keep the money tap open for the illegals living there. Makes as much sense as a screen-door on a submarine…

  12. John C says:

    The union could sue the city, but on what grounds? Is it “illegal” to not pay union employees because the city is broke and has no money? Can the union cite the law they’re referring to?

  13. FuzzyWuzzy says:

    The almost one trillion dollar “stimulus” just went to states and municipalities to allow them to keep their public union employee’s working for a time. NO structural changes were forced to be made and all that trillion dollars did was kick the can down then road. The road is ending and the time is up. The states will have no choice but to lay off and cut WAY back. The Feds, on the other hand, can print money (devaluing ours), and can thus continue to buy votes with our tax money until it’s ALL gone. Way before then, there will be revolution and riots in the streets and the first ones out there will be the government union employee’s and people who are on government assistance of any kind. The Democrats will look out their windows and see mobs with pitchforks, but they won’t be Republicans, they’ll be Democrats who were promised the gravy train would never end. The only way to change this future is for the Republicans to win the Senate and the White House in 2012. It’s our ONLY chance for fiscal sanity, responsibility, and survival. If the Dems still control after 2012, start hoarding food and buy lots of ammo, you’ll need it.

  14. apaliCakissar says:

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