COMPTON (CBS) — The Compton City Council has diverted a potential government shutdown by approving a budget Tuesday night that calls for massive layoffs.

The new budget would require the city to slash 30 percent of its workforce.

Compton officials have been struggling with how to deal with a $25 million deficit and avoid a government shutdown.

The Council has twice voted down a proposed budget that would lay off 90 workers, including some department heads.

The city treasurer made a point of saying this week that he wouldn’t issue paychecks until the Council approved a budget.

Unions representing city employees have threatened to sue if a budget plan calling for layoffs was passed.

Comments (105)
  1. dni says:

    Heres the problem UNIONS. i live in another state, and i marvel at your state government..

    1. Regulas says:

      Disband all public sector unions, make them illegal.
      Nothing but a money laundering system for the Marxist, I mean Democrat party.

      1. J Ruben Kincaid says:

        Exactly correct


      3. icecream says:

        The voice of absolute ignorance !!!

      4. icecream says:

        I think you are stupidly blind enough to think our economy was great under eight years of George Bush…The WORST persident of all time….What a short memory !

    2. Alistair, San Diego says:

      dni, couldn’t agree more. Guess who made ’em legal in CA in the 1970’s … yup, Jerry Brown … the same idiot CA just re-elected much to my amazement as I ran around saying ANYONE BUT JERRY, ANYONE. I myself voted for Meg Whitman, but our felonious media once again succeeded in a massive character assasination. I feel like my state has been taken over by zombies from a bad movie. We’ve had serial bad governence for 35 years, all similar states are in similar dire straights … VOTE CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE, QUIT ELECTING THESE DEMOCRAT PARASITES.

    3. jimmy says:

      It’s CA. What else would you expect. Ms. Pelosi should have steered more stimulus $$ there.

    4. Dawn says:

      Completely agree! Live in Wisconsin and loving it.

  2. Jayman says:

    Unions suing? That makes a lot of sense — like a law suit is going to create monies that are not there. Stupid.

    1. TroyG says:

      Yukiko unions really suck, they take a businesses ability to be nimble and creative, and place that power into the hands of unions that only care about the money……You are naive.

      1. Sandro says:

        Get your facts straight and protect YOUR rights before YOUR job goes to Mexico. Unions is what it is to UNITE! Quite being a RAT!

      2. icecream says:

        UNIONS are NECESSARY and VITAL to working people.
        The mentality of those who favor the abuses of big businesses is to abiolish labor unions and blame unions for the mismanagement of businesses and government agencies. If labor unions are run ethically and with the mindset of protecting the workers while getting the TOTAL mission accomplished, it is a great thing.

        Do you enjoy 2 off-days each week, paid sick leave, paid vacation leave, and the assurance of fair treatment in your workplace ?

        Thank YOUR UNIONS and stob buying into the political LIES that the Republican lovers of big, abusive corporations is stuffing down your throats.

    2. 312capri says:

      And expend more of the monies not available which will increase the numbers being laid off! It’s the union mentality

  3. SW says:

    Translation: Public sector unions are uninterested in the fiscal condition of a government, just their own fiscal condition. When a parasite kills its host, neither survive. This is the basic law of life and death, and the public sector employees’ unions have forgotten it.

    1. Harpo says:

      The mechanics in FL are still on strike over Eastern Airlines cutting their wages.

      1. Yukiko says:

        This is one picket line I will honor. I promise not to fly Eastern Airlines until the strike is settled or the company goes out of business.

      2. Steve says:

        Hey Yukiko, Eastern Airlines does not exist anymore! Wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. Frank says:

    Unions, the dim bulbs in the chandlier

    1. JackBauer1955 says:

      dim bulbs, don’t they need to be replaced? And not by a Union member.

  5. pathces12 says:

    Keep voting in Democrats…. as supporters of the public Unions. they prefer layoffs to even small demands on their salary or benefits

    Meanwhile Gov.Walker of Wisconsin saved thousands of public service jobs and Chicago is laying off teachers.

    Here is a great idea… as good Democrats.. just RAISE TAXES

  6. mike says:

    The correct verb is “avert”, not “divert”

    1. Otter says:

      That’s what I was thinking…ruined the rest of the article.

  7. Tommy says:

    Strange. I was not aware that being a member of a union was a garentee to a right to a job. Neither was I aware that California had a “Right to Work” law with a whole new meaning.

    I doubt that there is, in the contract with the union, a “non lay off” clause. I do not see a violation of law here. It’s just that all unions know how to do is suck up tax payer dollars. Public unions should be illegal.

  8. jb says:

    Good——NOW get rid of the other 70% & we can balance the budget..

    1. TexasGuy says:

      Come on now….you can’t cut taxes to zero and you do need SOME municipal workers. Trash doesn’t pick itself up, somebody has to fix the water pipes when the break, potholes have to be filled etc…it does take SOME manpower to run a city. Just not as many as the unions might have you believe.

      1. Greg says:

        why use city workers to fix things when there are tons of companies looking for work that do the same thing. Trash can be picked up by private firms like i have here in pa. They negotiate a price for the city and they charge each household. Second. fix a broken pipe. there are lots of companies that do that and you would only need them once in a blue moon. how many pipes break in a year? Clean the streets, same thinkg private contract. We don’t need bloated city budgets with union thugs just sitting around waiting for a broken pipe. let the supply and demand side work. No tax increases are needed.

      2. rufus levin says:

        everyone just bury their own trash. drive around the potholes, or walk. let water just run….if the farmers can’t water their crops either, why should anyone get water to their homes…drink bottled water and poop in a bag

      3. Iowaboy says:

        You can put all those out for bid and let a private company do it and save a bunch of $$$, Fire, police and our water treatment are really all we need from the actual local government. Refine-streamline and save!

  9. John says:

    The words “pension and benefit reductions” are conspicuously absent from this report.

    So as ever, the gravy train rolls on for the unions and the taxpayers get less service.

  10. Fatty Matty says:

    Well, duh…raise taxes!

    1. Nick Papagiorgio says:

      I imagine only about 5% of Compton pays taxes to begin with.

      1. TexasGuy says:

        No, this is a municipality. It is not funded by INCOME taxes but by property and sales taxes.

      2. Jack Kennedy says:


        oh, compton ……….. uhh ………. make the rich ganstas pay the bills

        yea, thats it, thats the ticket

  11. Otter says:

    That’s “averted” not “diverted.” If the crisis is “diverted” that means it’s still coming. A layoff would prevent that.

    1. Ross says:

      I think diverted probably works well even if the author meant “averted.” If not changes were made to the underlying structure that caused the problem to start with the this merely delays the problems.

      1. Scott Martin says:

        I agree – the word “diverted” is intentional if it means they kicked the can down the road. This diverted problem is not fixed, just patched or rerouted like a commerical flight…boomarang time pending.

  12. maryjokopechne says:

    Hey Californians – the odumba gravy train has no more gas. You WONT be getting my Arizona tax dollars to fund your bloated state government. Get used to seeing more trash on the streets, more illegals in fewer hospitals, decrepit roads because you cant pay your own way without the feds diverting my taxes to you. Look – I’m sooooo happy, I’m going to buy some Florida orange juice.

    1. gglazner says:

      ok THAT was funny, Maryjo

    2. pocketpal says:

      Maryjo is correct. Along with the majority of this country. Hope all that hope and change b.s. works out for you. When this country is at rock bottom, the demoncrats will fear for their lives, and with good reason.

    3. sj says:

      TY Maryjo kep drinking the nectar of gods from my “state tax free” state…:)

    4. Tina R. says:

      We have no say as to where our State tax dollars go after they’re sent to DC and you all know this or should. The rest of the nation is subsidizing California’s debt. If you ask a politician California is the 7th largest economy in the world and is reimbursed $0.78 per every dollar it sends to DC. Not true, DC pays California $1.67 per dollar it receives and this is going up to the tune of $12 billion per year. California currently has $500 billion in unfunded public pension liability that is not being addressed at all. Get this, the State is now negotiating as to which bank will work with the State to continue negotiating pension payments which now comes to the bank in the form of an IOU. Public pensioners have absolutely no clue as to this arrangement and CalPERS isn’t going to tell them because they have contaminated information themselves. Don’t get me started on CalPERS. We’ve tried to convey the true numbers to CalPERS backed by reams of evidentiary material all to no avail. California, its people hence its representatives just don’t get it and that in and of itself is dangerous. How do I know? I’m a forensic accountant for the State of California.

      Pensioners? Your union can do little going forward. The State continues to collect your cash on behalf of your specific Union then the Union along with the State takes the cash and pays your benefits via IOU. California Pensioners, request will-call physical checks if possible as opposed to auto deposit and California non-union residents? Open an account if not already with a top tier national bank, move your own retirement accounts and hold on. Let there be no doubt this State is broke. Once private sector banks no longer negotiate State public sector reimbursement programs all hell is going to break loose and there will be no front door of any home in California that will go unaffected by this regardless of affluence. You can bank on this.

  13. Eugene says:

    IDK about Compton, but I just wish Washington D.C. would get this revelation. Lookit! The Honey pot is dry.

  14. Civil War II says:

    Public unions and Obozo the Clown, in general, and Libturds politicians, , like Jerry Browniose, specifically, are leading the United States into a Second Civil War . The Libturd Politicians can always count on the vote of unions, blacks and illegals by promising them all the Freebies. There are fewer and fewer taxpayers paying more and more taxes so these fools, idiots and clowns can BUY The Votes of these parasites. But, but, bit, sputter the public unions. we pay taxes ,too!
    Yes, BUT, you weak-minded a-hole, Your Salary is Paid for 100%, by Private Sector Taxes. Your Taxes are just nothing but Recycled Taxdollars from the Private Sector. It’s no use, they’re too stupid to grasp that concepL: Hence, All -out Civil War within 5 years

    1. Bob says:

      The book on how the upcoming race/civil war unfolds. Worth a look imo:

  15. Hank Warren says:

    Useless public workers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  16. Tom says:

    Until CA cuts off and deports illegals, it will never again be a solvent or revelant state. Just as Obama and his thugs are finding out, unsustainable is unsustainable regardless how much he taxes the last of the wage earning publis, ie, the middle class.

  17. Trajan Long says:

    Check out the pension scams and see where the revenue goes> California is one of the worst offenders in that department.

  18. Bcwong0 says:

    The answer is so simle, raise the tax of compton’s millionaires and billionaires and cut the loop holes for corporate jets.

    If this does not work, just blame Bush.

    1. BG says:

      Or as the Libturds wojuld do – do both.

    2. Jack Kennedy says:

      dont forget to blame the repubs for cutting the budgets as grandma goes hungry

      and in compton, its the racist repubs that have caused the city and the good citizens to be broke

      1. maryjokopechne says:

        BwaaaaWWAAA – hey Jack, you (or your brother) kill me …
        there aint a Repub within 25 miles of Compton. Who you gonna blame now?

  19. bigbiz2 says:

    The Meskins are shooting the Blacks in South Central!!! Tryin to throw the Bro’s out..The NAACP doesn’t say a peep about the effect the Meskin invasion has had on “da hood” Oh and where is that worthless Brazilnut lipped Maxine Waters at?

  20. jadams76 says:

    Simple. Just keep raising taxes on those that produce and give to those that don’t and the government. From each according to their each according to their Needs. It’s the Democrat way and has worked everywhere it’s tried. Look how well the Soviets did. The Cubans to. And don’t get me started on the wealthy worker’s Paradise of North Korea. It’s all about. … ” fairness.”

    1. Scott Martin says:

      Amen – and the Chinese are only “winning” because they are our bank and bankers generally win.

  21. sstressed says:

    This is what I know for sure. People will step up and do whatever work the 90 fired ones did or the work wasn’t important enough to prioritize. Life will go on. Gubment worker’s unions should be banned.

  22. Henry Howard-Earl of Surrey says:

    WIth all her corruption and malfeasance inquiries going on, I suppose that the brilliant intellect Maxine Waters isn’t up to her usual theft of millions from the Federal Treasury to shower on her district. Unions, Democrats, all hogs at the public trough…..bloated and overfed, have eaten the seed corn. The well is dry. The Seven Years of Plenty that Joseph spoke of are over….and the Seven Years of Famine begin.

  23. Consultus says:

    @Harpo That made me laugh. Don’t for get PanAm. Thank God I left aviation a long time ago.

  24. Anthony Edward Borelli says:

    Get ready for European style riots as we are forced to adopt Europena style austerity measures. All the result of European style socialism…

    Anthony Borelli
    The Third Report

  25. Tom Walter says:

    Compton California = Mexican Infested S**T Hole. (All Of California For That Matter) Who Give A Ratzass.

  26. groundling says:

    Why don’t tyhey just increase taxes?

  27. Scott Martin says:

    GET THIS: They won’t call it a riot when it comes…it will be similar to the “Arab Spring” and we will call it “Urban Spring”. Only difference is that it won’t be rising up against the current government – it will be rising up against the Golden Goose. Not revolution, but more like the social justice and redistribution of wealth we saw in Zimbabwe.

    1. LockedandLoaded says:

      Locked and Loaded

  28. Blake S. Davis says:

    Gee…instead of paying off all those workers how about lowering everyone’s salary so everyone can work?

    This is 100% the fault of allowing unionization of public employees. Not only does it corrupt the system by allowing these unions to donate what is essentially taxpayer money to the people who employ these workers, it leads to unsustainable wages and benefits.

    So now, not only do these people get laid off, but the municipality can’t do what it is supposed to do. Why can’t everyone else see this – what possible argument exists for allowing public workers to unionize? It’s not a right, it is purely something statutory, and can easily be taken away.

    But that would take money from Democrats – the most corrupt organization in the country!

  29. lastgasp says:

    let the unions sue, yo can’t get blood out of a rock

  30. WOLVERINE45 says:


  31. EverydayGuy says:

    Unions and city employees should be kept around to harvest their organs and nothing more.

  32. James Tobin says:

    OH wow thats pretty messed up when you think about it. Wow.

  33. maryh says:

    What are they going to sue for… there is no money – CA is riddled with debt.

  34. The Brown Clown says:

    And 100% of residents who are not city workers didn’t even notice.

  35. TexasGuy says:

    Perhaps we start by going back to square one and remind ourselves what the basic functions of government are supposed to be. At the city, state and federal level we have moved far and away from that starting point.

  36. FEDTIT says:

    does anyone know in fact…on what basis the unions could sue?

  37. Bob A says:

    Unions trying to destroy another city. Fire the 30% and then hire only non-union people. That means no Democrats!

  38. vet66 says:

    I used to live in Compton when you could leave your screen door open and take the PE red cars to Union Station and walk across the street to Olvera St. It was a fine place to grow up in.

    Two riots later we left the city. Continuing welfare corruption, entitlement kings and queens, higher taxes, poor education, liberal bias and we moved out of the state. They reap what they sow. I encourage folks like us to move from the state of California at every opportunity.

    1. Mary says:

      I’m looking at options. I’m a native San Diegan and have lived here all my life. I’ve had enough of the illegals, high taxes, regulations on everything and crowds. The weather is fine but not worth the price we have to pay to enjoy it.

  39. Mary says:

    But we’re still supporting, educating and giving free healthcare to illegals and their anchor babies!!!!

  40. Chaz54 says:

    The state chases away businesses with its tax structure and onerous GREEN INITIATIVES, welcomes and pay for illegal aliens by the bus load and the democrats in charge scratch their collective heads when they cant make ends meet…..jjesusHchrist… what a flipping joke California is.

  41. HPS says:

    Do these GOVERNMENT UNIONS have a can not lay off clause????No money NO money.. and it’s JUST starting..

  42. unionbuster says:

    Every City is Bloated with do nothing workers. Even with 30% laid off there are still too many working. My wife worked for FIA in PA and her job was to open the mail. She was given one bin for the entire day. It took her 3 hours to finish the bin, the rest of the day she just sat in her chair and did nothing. A perfect example of over staffed under worked in the gov’t sector.

  43. JT says:

    They should keep all the workers and cut pay and benefits 30%

  44. jeffrey says:

    All the Dem controlled states are corrupt, debt-ridden sewers run by union thugs who are out to bankrupt the public coffers and leeches who want free handouts. Witness these examples: , Illinois, Ohio (before Kasich became Governor), Wisconsin (before Walker became Governor) and NJ (before Christie became Governor). Now look at the Republican controlled states that have balanced budgets, far less union thuggery and less official corruption: Wisconsin under Governor Walker, NJ under Governor Christie, Ohio under Governor Kasich and Indiana under Gov Daniels. Hell…..Daniels took IN from deficit to a $1.5B surplus and is giving state workers $500-$1000 in merit pay because they now have a surplus.

  45. Chaz54 says:

    Sure dont see alot of liberal sticking their hands up her saying “Its our fault” Matter of fact I dont see many of them weighing in at all….rather hiding under their desks.
    If you voted for obama in ’08 to prove that you were not a racist, you must surely vote against him in ’12 to prove that you are not stupid!

  46. novori says:

    Lay all the leeches off and privatize everything

  47. carlb says:

    its funny but fdr was correct. public workers should not have unions. democrats allowed it in the 60’s along with many other costly and unsatainable things like welfare. we have now seen the damge it has done after 50 years since it began. any goverment is a giant ponzi scheme. as the taxes flow in the pyramid grows bigger. as taxes stop coming in it collapses. the federal goverment unlike a city can just keep the pyramid growing by printing paper money. but as the debt goes up like we are now the pyramid will collapse. maybe that is a good thing because when it does america will have the oppurtunity to remake itself back into what it was pre 60’s.

  48. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    You’ve heard of LOL. Well now there’s LAL. Laughing at Liberals.

  49. Briggs Bratherwell says:

    “I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” ~ H. L. Mencken

  50. Detter says:

    Good, bloat begins in the cities first. I hope you cut back their sweet benefits that tax payers pay…make it at least reasonable.

    I got out of the union in the early 70’s…I watched them use my dues to build a really nice 4 story building with better digs than most of the workers making payments to the thugs.

    And I did not suffer by getting out…if you work hard, you’ll rise to the top. If you don’t work hard, you better get in a union. LOL

  51. phillysmart says:

    For those of you who don’t know Compton is one of those cities that have been destroyed by the leeches…like every big city the leeches suck the free bees dry until there is no more tax payers and move on to destroy another city under their democrat/socialist rule….let them all diintegrate…people who make the money should move out of all these socialist enclaves…resist the socialist they want you mind..your money and your kids

  52. phillysmart says:

    Public sector unions is legalized extortion of the tax payer by democrat/socialist drones…they benefit no one but uneducated, blacks and illegals…they are an extension of the democrat party to siphone tax money into their coffers …wake up people and elect people who will out law these thieves

  53. retired says:

    Of Course..

    The unions never thought about..

    taking a pay cut to keep most of the people employees..

    Like many private sector unions have done in the last 3 years..

  54. CNILE says:

    Why don’t you morons just put a sales tax on crack?

  55. Jason, NYC says:

    Obama promised change and you got change baby!

  56. MOT says:

    I was a teamster in San Diego years ago. My wake up call came when I visited a Union supplied doctor. He told me to turn and cough. When I didn’t cough he asked what the problem was. I told him “that’s my knee”. Unions blow.

  57. K. A. Hieb says:

    Lay-off 30% of the work force (Union Parasitic Work Force), but keep the money tap open for the illegals living there. Makes as much sense as a screen-door on a submarine…

  58. John C says:

    The union could sue the city, but on what grounds? Is it “illegal” to not pay union employees because the city is broke and has no money? Can the union cite the law they’re referring to?

  59. FuzzyWuzzy says:

    The almost one trillion dollar “stimulus” just went to states and municipalities to allow them to keep their public union employee’s working for a time. NO structural changes were forced to be made and all that trillion dollars did was kick the can down then road. The road is ending and the time is up. The states will have no choice but to lay off and cut WAY back. The Feds, on the other hand, can print money (devaluing ours), and can thus continue to buy votes with our tax money until it’s ALL gone. Way before then, there will be revolution and riots in the streets and the first ones out there will be the government union employee’s and people who are on government assistance of any kind. The Democrats will look out their windows and see mobs with pitchforks, but they won’t be Republicans, they’ll be Democrats who were promised the gravy train would never end. The only way to change this future is for the Republicans to win the Senate and the White House in 2012. It’s our ONLY chance for fiscal sanity, responsibility, and survival. If the Dems still control after 2012, start hoarding food and buy lots of ammo, you’ll need it.

  60. apaliCakissar says:

    Recently reviewed on, the best malware removal removes trojans, cleans refuse files, repairs vulnerabilities and optimizes the Windows operating organization with a view users

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