BAKERSFIELD (AP) — Authorities say a Bakersfield sheriff’s deputy did not violate department policy when he fatally shot a former NFL player after a scuffle at a convenience store.

The Bakersfield Californian reports that the Kern County Sheriff’s Incident Review Board issued its finding Monday, a day after NAACP members questioned whether the shooting of David Lee “Deacon” Turner was justified.

The 56-year-old one-time Cincinnati Bengals running back died July 10. He was shot twice after authorities say he hit a deputy with a bag containing two cans of beer.

Turner’s adult son and daughter were arrested when they lashed out at law enforcement officials upon learning of the death.

Turner played with the Bengals from 1978 to 1980. He had a long arrest history after his playing career was finished.

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Comments (12)
  1. Lou says:

    Typical uneducated nonmarketable football player, no skills, always in trouble with the police.

  2. dan says:

    He has a CLEAN record NOW.

  3. Robby Logan says:


  4. tom s. says:

    The guy brought two cans of beer to a gunfight, not real bright.
    Strike an officer with anything your asking for it and I hope they prosecute his children.
    Welcome to a responsible society morons!

    1. TanZ says:

      Please look at the video and tell me where you see Turner striking the officer. This was just released from the Sheriffs who just finished up their internal investigation. They were the only people in possession of this tape. Oh what? The crucial 6 seconds of evidence is missing? According to Sheriff Youngblood, the video turned itself off at that point.

  5. Sean says:

    The sad part is that in your mind this is true. But if we check the rolls of discrimination lawsuits and wrongful terminations pending; they are from whites! Think macro fellow American.

  6. G Money says:

    So I see this comment section has degenerated to little more than a forum for Fox News types who like to spew racist comments. The officers involved were the idiots! Shoot a man “armed” with two cans of beer? For that matter a six pack… Ever hear of a taser gun?!?

  7. TanZ says:

    Heres the video just released from the Kern County Sheriffs after their thorough internal investigation.

  8. Mr. Lashing It Out says:

    Another scared officer with no ability to handle an unarmed suspect in the way officers are trained to do, and what I mean by ‘unarmed’ is that he had no gun or knife. Race had everything to do with the officer’s decision to shoot and kill, rather than take on the suspect that only had two cans of beer in his hands, because white males in uniforms typically find black men in street attire deadly, and they seem to have this paranoia/fear of them that they feel they must use a gun. They have this attitude that it’s right and justifiable to kill any man of color they find ‘threatening’ to them, and the courts believe this too. Most officers today seem more paranoid than brave, and scared guys with guns often equals unarmed people of color suspected of a crime being shot and killed. Male white suspects are taken into custody differently than minorities, and a white supsect with two cans of beers in his hands for a weapon would typically not be fatally wounded because of it. Bakersfield’s police department must be filled with officers not from the area, let alone the state of California. Officers need to be accountable for the shootings of unarmed suspects. Racism, negligence, and ignorance seems to be the actual reasons for the shootings of black men suspected of a crime by white officers.

  9. Seriously says:

    Heaven forbid any of you need law enforcements help some day!!! Better yet, I hope you do and they’re slow to respond!

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