DIAMOND BAR (CBS) — Alhambra Police gave a final salute to a fallen colleague at a memorial service held in Diamond Bar Friday.

Police cars passed under a towering makeshift flag post created by the ladders of two fire trucks, signaling the death of a law enforcement officer.

Officer Ryan Stringer, the fourth officer in the history of Alhambra police department to die in the line of duty, was laid to rest.

(credit: CBS)

Stringer was killed early Sunday morning while responding to an armed robbery. Another officer responding to the call slammed into Stringer’s cruiser at 2:30 a.m.

Stringer, 26, died a short time later from his injuries.

Inside the Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, Friday’s memorial service began with a prayer.

“Ryan lost his life serving and protecting the community and we ask God that you would now comfort and protect all those who are experiencing the loss of his precious life,” Chaplin Mary Glenn prayed.

“We have lost one of our modern-day heroes and guardians of society in police Officer Ryan Stringer,” said Alhambra Police Chief Mark Yokoyama. “All Ryan ever wanted to do is to protect and to serve and we can find some solace in the fact, as his father Sonny reminded us, he died doing what he loved.”

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  1. Desmund says:

    He got ran over by officer Juan Carlos Mejia, 27 . Funny how cops are getting run over by mexicans now .

  2. JAS says:

    How bout you go do your trash talking elsewhere and show some respect! You only wish you could be a quarter of the man these two officers are/ where… Let our brother rest in peace… God Bless Ryan and Juan..

    1. Amanda says:

      That latino that killed him walk away.as usual.Now the whole Stringer family got to go through this for years.

    2. upyours says:

      Yeah, too bad the news won’t give this non-story a rest.

  3. Rick H says:

    These two knuckleheads crashed into each other at an intersection, sorry if I’m buying the whole “fallen hero” shtick. They could have just as easily killed a tax payer or a child. Obviously there is something very wrong with their training or discipline if these guys are killing each other. Most of these guys pull down 6 figure paychecks for what is in reality, a pretty easy government gig. Anybody that thinks police work is hard, has never done hard work. For what we’re paying these self described “heroes”, we are entitled to police officers who can actually make it to a crime scene without killing their coworkers…

    1. WeDon'tNeedNoStinkin'Badges says:

      Yo Rick Hellraiser…

      Probably nothing more dangerous than two guys in their twenties with guns, shiney pieces of tin, and cars decked out with Disco lites ? ! ?

      Info from another news source – [http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Alhambra-Officer-26-Killed-in-Crash-With-Colleague-125344013.html ] – had Mejia driving a Dodge Charger, and being thrown from it in the collision. His colleague, who wasn’t so lucky, was a speed junkie too – and a year ago actually ran into the back of a big-rig ON A PATROL MOTORCYCLE. Unfortunately, it looks like the patrol car wasn’t that much more safer for him, especially if he had an insatiable need for speed.

      So, as sad as it is to view your perspective – your insight into this crash may indeed point to a problem that exists in many a police department.

  4. Rick H says:

    EDIT: sorry if I’m *not* buying the whole…

  5. Desmond says:

    He got ran over by officer Juan Carlos Mejia, 27 . Funny how cops are getting run over by mexicans now .

    1. WeDon'tNeedNoStinkin'Badges says:

      Yo Dirwood…

      Alhambra is located in the Los Angeles basin. Do you know how many Spanish speaking communities from different countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua etc. exist there???

      So, don’t jump to conclusions – and always blame the MEXICAN…
      Better yet, get yourself a Spanish speaking girlfriend to help you tell the difference…}}8?[IP )

  6. upyours says:

    Exp;lain how two dumba$$ incompetent cops going to the same crime scene get T-b0ned. At least I won’t be supporting one for the rest of my life.

  7. blah blah blah says:

    Funny how everyone is talking trash about cops, but let’s see what happens when you guys are the ones that need help and let’s see how you guys would live your life knowing that there are people out there that want to kill you. I bet none of you ever experienced the feeling of someone you don’t even know is facing life and death and for some odd reason you feel like it is YOUR responsibility to be the FIRST to be there to save them…OF COURSE cops don’t get a good rep, when the hell do you ever call for their help regarding something positive? It’s never when mom and dad are having a great dinner, it’s mom and dad are beating each other…come stop them…

    Even though their cops, their still human…humans make mistakes…In the end, they both were responding for a call for service where someone was in desperate need of help, not speeding around for the hell of it.

    1. WeDon'tNeedNoStinkin'Badges says:

      Yo baba…

      You point out the obvious – which is that there will ALWAYS be a need, even in the safest spot in our great Country, for Men In Black, or blue, or tan, or whatever they’re issued to wear.

      But, what is generally being pointed out here is that sometimes those that are bestowed such Power over our Laws AND our Lives, may not always do the right thing or react the right way with it. That’s why those that accept these jobs must be given continuous training, and be constantly reminded that just one poor decision by them may have disastrous results and cost the lives of others…

      If you haven’t witnessed or experienced this in your young life yet, just give it some time AND YOU WILL { :>o)

    2. upyours says:

      I bet if someone decided to walk up to you, put a gun in your face and pull the trigger you would be dead, dumba$$. Of course your loser family could call some overpaid moron cops, but hey you’re still dead. You alarmist pu$$ies that talk about others being raped , killed, etc., need to grow a pair and STFU.

  8. matt says:

    I hope when you or a loved one is getting robbed at gun point or getting their as$ kicked by some thugs you call the police. And that these police officers drive according to all speed laws not risking their own lives in any way. And by the time they get there…. oops its too late… you’ve already been beaten to death. Good Riddance!

    1. upyours says:

      Really? How many times have you had to call the overpaid moron cops to pull your sad a$$ to safety, dumbsh!t? Apparently it was a waste of time and money, grow a pair, pu$$y.

  9. Joe says:

    May this officer rest in peace. For the people making bad comments on here, I am speechless. You should be ashamed.

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