WILDOMAR (CBS) — Father’s Day ended badly for one Wildomar family, who found one of their family dogs had been attacked by hundreds of aggressive bees.

One of the Bammes’ family dogs, a chocolate Labrador mix named Reggie, was stung so many times, the veterinarian lost count.

“By 6 o’clock that night, we came home, our dog was in anaphylactic shock from hundreds of bee stings,” Kim Bammes said. “We had to put him down, 3:30 the next morning.”

Residents in the southwest Riverside County community of Wildomar say the bees can be heard buzzing at certain times of the day. People are now timing their comings and goings for when the bees are believed to be dormant.

The bees are everywhere — even inside the Bammes’ guest house, where bee carcasses were found on a mattress. The main hive is believed to be inside a hollow section of a neighbor’s tree.

The Bammes’ family contacted the owner of the property and asked them to get rid of the tree. The tree was cut down, but sections of the tree are still in the neighbor’s backyard, covered by a tarp.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Greg Mills knocked on the neighbor’s door, which was answered by a woman who said she didn’t speak English. When asked whether they would do anything with the tree, she said, “No. Private Property.”

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  1. Big Jue says:

    Its america so sue the neighbors for the dogs death!

  2. Beegone says:

    Get yourself a few cans of CV-80 Farm Spray. Kills anything that flies and is rated food safe for dairy’s, thus, non-toxic to humans and animals (read pets). Beesides, it’s cheaper than a professional exterminator – and actually works.

    It’s bad enough a family lost their pet, but there are citizens with allergies involved here too. Leave it to city government, they won’t lift a finger until someone dies…..then they’ll end up with a lawsuit for negilgence for something they could have prevented from the start.

  3. Al says:

    At what point exactly does the city’s responsibility to ensure public safety outweigh the private property rights of a citizen, when risks to public health exists due to said private citizen’s failure to address the root cause of the growing threat?

  4. Shiggity says:

    Very said story. Horrible way to go for a dog or a human.

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