BAKERSFIELD (AP) — The son and daughter of a former NFL player who was killed in a confrontation with California deputies now face criminal charges of their own.

The charges stem from an incident at the hospital where David Turner was taken after he was shot outside a Bakersfield convenience store Sunday.

According to hospital security, family members yelled at and threatened employees.

The Bakersfield Californian reports that 25-year-old Ahmod Turner and 24-year-old Whittney Turner pleaded not guilty Tuesday to threat and gang charges.

The shooting of Turner, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1978 to 1980, remains under investigation.

Kern County sheriff’s deputies were questioning Turner about reports of teens asking adults to buy them alcohol when a scuffle broke out. Turner allegedly struck a deputy with a bag carrying two beers, prompting another deputy to shoot.

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  1. Tik Moo Ralles says:

    Wow what a bunch of animals.

    1. WizeL says:

      Just answer the question man
      You needn’t had Got yourself killed
      over a few beers

      1. Licensed To Kill says:

        Yo unWiseLooser…

        He wasn’t killed over a “few beers”. He was MURDERED over a COUPLE of beers! ! !

        Too bad nObama wasn’t there to show the two Deputy Dawgs how to diffuse their OVER-REACTION to a Big Black Man…

    2. Thetruthduh says:

      Guess it must be in your blood too because history shows a long list of savages and criminals of all colors no one race is perfect

    3. David Duke says:

      obvious truth my friend. I am not a racist either but a realist. Wait until Nigbama is thrown out in 2012. They will riot in the streets. I have 550 shotgun shells 2000 AR-15 riounds and 2000 rounds of .45 . I am ready for these animals.

    4. Boetica says:

      There were plenty of thriving African nations until the Arabs perfected the African slave trade, hundreds of years before the Europeans ever arrived.

      There are certainly other factors besides race that are associated with the behavior which you describe.

  2. Hollywood Reporter says:

    How come these people never have the same last names.

    1. GiGi says:

      I see three Turners, idiot. David Turner, Ahmod Turner and Whittney Turner.

      1. Licensed To Kill says:

        Thank You GiGi…

        Another Bearer of Truth***

        Another Astute American ! ! !

    2. Huck Pituey says:

      (1) Read the story.
      (2) Comment appropriately, if at all (hint: you probably shouldn’t).
      GiGi is right. You’re starting to give racists a bad name.

      1. Licensed To Kill says:

        Thank You Huck…

        Another Bearer of Truth***

        Another True American ! ! !

      2. Licensed To Kill says:

        Thank You GiGi…

        Another Bearer of Truth***

        Another True American ! ! !

    3. flashman1854 says:

      The last names of all of them is Turner. Did you not read the article? Or, can you not read?

      1. Licensed To Kill says:

        Thank You GiGi…

        Another Bearer of Truth***

        Another Clear American ! ! !

      2. Licensed To Kill says:

        Thank You Flash…

        Another Bearer of Truth***

        Another True American ! ! !

      3. Thetruthduh says:

        They don’t know how to read just make ignorant comments as if their so perfect

    4. thetruthduh says:

      Just like your ancestors

    5. TheTruthDuh says:

      Wow, your parents must be proud of your IQ of -65 and with the history your ancestors have left behind I wouldnt want to be talking s hit and another thing stick to the topic morons

  3. GiGi says:

    I just can’t figure how Obama got elected in racist America.

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      The idiots voted for the white half. As a whole, he’s still a failure.

      1. Licensed To Kill says:


        True dat ! ! !

      2. David Huffman says:

        I’m LMFAO at all of you when you bring out Obama and getting all racist on both sides Black and White !!! You idiots will believe anything the TV tells you huh ??? Anyone with just a smidgen of sense would know that Black people don’t name their children Barrack Hussien Obama,it’s a Middle Eastern Muslim name that’s passed down through the Father’s Side of the family.Wow the media has just used this man’s true birthplace and appearance to dupe ALL THE STUPID AND GULLIBLE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY!!! It’s scary really to know that the majority of this country is so easily led and decieved,what’s even scarier is that all of you who voted for him voted in an ENEMY IMPOSTER !!! Think i’m wrong?? His performance in office screams the truth LOUD AND CLEAR,he does’nt care about America or it’s citizens.Has he sealed the borders,gotten rid of the illegals that are invading our country at an alarming rate,has he made life in this country better for Black people,has he gotten our country out of the poor house after he’s put us there???? Come on people WAKE UP!!!!!!

      3. Boetica says:

        LOL So true!

    2. John says:

      White guilt.and insecurity of the people who don’t measure up to the upper 3%.Which is pretty much everyone.

      1. joe says:

        Obama: “You ’re voting against me because I’m black!”

        America: “No, actually, some of us were stupid enough to vote you simply BECAUSE you were black.

        Now we’re all going to vote against you because

    3. gunseller says:

      Rave on. You make my case better with your comments.

    4. HollywoodSaint says:

      like your not an illegal?…you make bada$$ artwork but your still an illegal ….everyone knows who SABER is

    5. ThetruthDuh says:

      Than I guess you must be talking about your kinsfolks loser

  4. gunseller says:

    I could be wrong but I bet if they had kept thier dumb-ass mouths shut they might not have had a problem.

    1. gunseller, MD says:

      To begin with I did. To me you sound like a person that just wanted to see your rant in print. If you had pain any attention you woule have seen that my comment was in fact about the two family members at the hospital and not the person wrongly assinated at the 7-11. If you can afford it, please pay attention.

  5. theJackal says:

    Typical behavior from the Obama entitlement community. Instead of just being friendly they are always, “What ‘cho lookin’ at….” He ‘acted stupidly’ out side a convience store and his family ‘acted stupidly’ in the hospital. As B’ Hussien Obama would say.

    1. TheTruthDuh says:

      Jackal that the al and add azz because you are a true azz enough said

  6. mac says:


  7. TheWindrunner says:

    This activity is normal in the “community”. It’s what they do, and what they are all about…violence.

    1. ThetruthDuh says:

      Yep runs in your family and genes so stick to the topic or re read your history book full of criminals and those with money who buy their way out of being prosecuted you should know right entitlement

      1. Boetica says:

        Like OJ Simpson………..

  8. Creed says:

    Licensed To Kill

    Sad that all you have to do is troll the comments section for people to ridicule. Insecurity?

  9. beafrank says:

    Their lives deserve to ‘fade to black’.

  10. citizen says:

    I see a whole buck of idiots right here like the, thejackle,GIGi.

  11. Johny Chingas says:

    I am against the way Kelly Thomas got killed by the Fullerton PD.
    But reading this story, and how everything started, including the idiot who hit the Deputy… Well we all have to agree….
    About the other members who are still trying to be smart..
    WELL DESERVED. as well.

    People, educated your kids….Many parents don’t care about the kids.. until they got in a mess like this..
    We see kids undert 16 yrs Old all the times at Walmart and other stores, and on the streets walking by themselves

  12. Richard Holley says:

    Any officer who shoots a person who does not have a gun should automatically be fired and Felony charges perused.

    1. Rich Culligan says:

      Wrong! Thats a dumb thing to say Richard. If a guy swings an object at someones head that is very hard and at a fast rate of speed, that is a deadly weapon.
      Did this guy deserve to get shot and killed in this instance? I don’t know, I wasn’t there but I do know what you said is something you didn’t put much thought into.

  13. Burton says:

    Considering charges against the murdered father’s children for being upset?!! No matter how the police try to spin this, throwing (their words) a couple of beers in a bag DOES NOT JUSTIFY DEADLY FORCE.

    The cops came in and assume this person was doing it… what makes it worse is the person happened to be black so the cop when from assumption to judge, jury and ultimately executioner. As a white man, it makes me sick that we as a country and people still judge people by the color of their skin…

    I am appalled that the police are trying to use intimidation of the two children who understandable were upset that they witnessed their father’s murder and now are being threatened… shame on the police and the DA. Your respectives offices have done enough needless damage to this family.

    1. Boetica says:

      You sound like an ACLU lawyer. Ridiculous.

  14. Steve A says:

    Oh how I wish that America had just picked it own cotton !

  15. Joe says:

    Another murder by police complete with cover up….they’ll investigate themselves and find they didn’t do anything wrong…

    where’s the news?

  16. brunoT says:

    What law says you first have to take a beating from a huge football player to detain or speak to him? By the time you figure out he’s bested you you might be unconscious and being shot with your own gun.

    This same sort of disrespect for anyone who even remotely resembles an authority figure might explain the arrests at the hospital. “you have to take my threats and violence, I’m oppressed!”

    Well, sometimes no, they don’t have to take your immature BS.

  17. D.h. Strontium says:

    the 2 charged were unable to control their emotions. the way to get your relative the best medical care is to curse and threaten and bring up gang affiliation?

    1. Boetica says:

      Stop it with the facts, would you?

  18. sscarzz says:

    What a waste of beer…

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