NORWALK (AP) — A man once listed among the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted fugitives has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting and injuring a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy.

Emigdio Preciado on Tuesday pleaded guilty to assault on a peace officer. The 41-year-old gang member had fled after the shooting in September 2000.

He was extradited last year from Mexico, where he had lived in a small town under an assumed name.

Preciado and two other men were charged in the shooting of Deputy Michael Schapp in Whittier during a traffic stop. The two others charged in the case were convicted and sentenced to prison.

Schapp was shot in the face, but his partner was not wounded.

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Comments (7)
  1. gov of alabama says:


    1. Bev Tanner says:

      And the funny thing is…he is a U.S. citizen hiding out in Mexico. Coward.

  2. gov of alabama says:

    once fbi 10 most wanted ???? an only got 25yrs ? that mexican is laughing his tacos off.

  3. HollywoodSaint says:

    I mean really, was it worth it? he will never get to touch a beautiful woman again, or to know what mcdonalds tastes like, or wade in the ocean and smell that clean air. if he woulda gave up instead of firing at the cops, he woulda been out already and all that mess behind him….you can run for a while, but you cant hide forever…they even got irish mob boss whitey bulger…and thats a REAL gangster!

  4. upyours says:

    Dumba$$ be@ner should have been a better shot.

  5. Bev Tanner says:

    WHAT???? The police officer he shot has a family and had to undergo much therapy to learn to walk and talk again. How could you be so insensitive? Don’t forget that the officer is a person unlike you!

    1. upyours says:

      Don’t forget who has to support the overpaid moron the rest of his life and, no, he never saved or protected mine, so pi$$ off and grow a pair.

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