LANCASTER (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that officials in a Los Angeles County city can open city meetings with a prayer.

U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer ruled Monday in favor of Lancaster officials who approved a policy allowing the prayers in August 2009.

The city also put the question to voters, who passed the policy to allow prayers of any denomination or faith at city meetings.

Mayor R. Rex Parris said Tuesday that the city takes pride in defending the rights of citizens to pray.

The suit was brought by Shelley Rubin, the widow of late Jewish Defense League head Irv Rubin, and Maureen Feller, a Christian resident who claimed the invocations violated the constitutional separation of church and state.

Their attorney Roger Jon Diamond said he’ll file an appeal.

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  1. The Big Logic says:


  2. TT says:

    I think thats the way it should be 🙂 Thank God ! 🙂

  3. try reading a book says:

    i invite all Satanists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Pastafarians and more to flood the meetings with prayer until this anti-american city council gets voted out. no endorsement of religion from any government. Pray before the meeting and not to or for the public. What’s sad is that these council members are 100% anti-american values and have zero concept of what freedom means and what our constitution is for.

  4. NOT OKAY says:

    Oh my!

    So, let me get this straight,MY tax dollars are paying for prayer-time. Isn’t that what church is for?

    By the way, NO ONE has forbidden any of you from lowering your heads and silently saying a prayer before all of your waking activities. WHY do it aloud?


    (If it wasn’t for show, you would have been okay doing it silently and not involving the whole room).

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