ALHAMBRA (CBS) — Authorities said an Alhambra police officer died and another was seriously injured in a collision involving their patrol vehicles.

Officer Ryan Stringer, 26, died of injuries sustained in the crash.

The other officer was listed in stable condition. His name has not been released.

Governor Jerry Brown Jr.  issued the following statement regarding Stringer’s death:

“Anne and I extend our deep condolences to Officer Stringer’s family, friends and colleagues. In the prime of his life he made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of protecting his community.”

The accident on Garfield Avenue and Main Street occurred about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Alhambra police Lt. Dan Rodriguez said.

According to Alhambra police Lt. Edith Lopez, police were investigating a possible robbery when responding cruisers collided with one another.

Lopez said paramedics rushed both officers to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, where Officer Stringer died of his injuries.

Officer Stringer joined the Alhambra Police Department in January 2009, according to the governor’s press office. He is survived by his mother and father, Debbie and Sonny Stringer, of Whittier. He is also survived by his four sisters, Kristen Stringer-Bartel, Kym Stringer, Dana Stringer and Donna McCulloch.

In honor of Officer Stringer, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.

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Comments (56)
  1. John says:

    Something similar happened in La Habra not too long ago. Cop was racing up Euclid street at La Habra blvd and ran the light. Plowed into a car that had the green light. I think both occupants in the car that was hit, died. Don’t these cops slow to a crawl at red lights when rolling on an emergency call? It seems to me that they just cross their fingers and hope that nobody else enters the intersection as they blow the light going 70-mph. In the “old days”, when they were on an emergency call, they’d come to a stop at the red light and cross only when safe. Now, all caution is thrown to the wind.

    1. david sanders says:

      drink n drive = a pathetic no life who hides behind a no life name

    2. damir frljuckic says:

      ryan is a great kid,all u people need 2 stop with the negative coment’s and get a life,he was just doing his job!!!!!!!!!

      1. Heather says:

        AGREED! A job he loved.

  2. Mason says:

    was there alcohol involved?Check the officers blood for drugs?COCAINE?

    1. Brent L. Corvalan says:

      I agree! But since cops all work together they will find a way to conceal the fact that they had been doing something wrong.

      1. John says:

        How disrespectful…. I am fortunate to have had the privledge of meeting that dedicated young officer that lost his life protecting the citizens of Alhambra. I thank god that there are individuals like him in law enforcement.

        May he rest in eternal peace now…

  3. HollywoodSaint says:

    I appreciate the officers response times and effort, but to safeguard other mobile citzens obeying the law, shouldnt law enforcement obey the same traffic laws they enforce? I wouldnt want to come home to find my wife and kids killed in a police collision because the officer was trying to catch a theif who had stole some wooden nickels.

    1. dave says:

      i can not belive people like you who clearly dont know if we followed the traffic lights the guy that just raped your wife or kid would get away to do it again

      1. HollywoodSaint says:

        It woulda already happened and would be too late…at least we would get past it together and eventually he would be caught and she lives still……killing someone forever it a gap in your heart that can never be filled. if youve ever lost someone like I have youd understand that…..My message was to slow it down a little, not to put the patrol unit in park…you sound like a rookie gun slinger…have you heard the story of the oldbull and young bull on a hill looking down at a pasture of cows?

      2. upyours says:

        So, what was the name of the moron cop that came to your rescue when your wife and kids were raped, d!ckhead pu$$y dumba$$?

      3. dave says:

        hollywood saint im a 22 year vet of the dept and up yours im the dumb ass cop ive came to the aid od many people and accidents like this happen yes its sad yes sometimes a civy can and has got caught in the middle but this is how it goes if we slow it down as hollywood suggests more of the slime that rapes,robs and kills the gen public would get away to do it again BEFORE they eventually get caught for you hollywood to put suggest its better that we slow down so that your loved one does not get hurt but allow the criminal to get away and do what ever they did in the first place is quite selfish

      4. tony says:

        whatever dude…. pull your head out of your ass…you might see the light

      5. sal says:

        WOW, your reply sound unprofessiona. Telling anyone who has a mind of their own, especially someone who pays your salary should be taken seriously. Your not a kid, but the way you respond tells me otherwise. AGAIN, he is stating to take neccessary procautions at intersections so people don’t get accidentally plowed, not to drive 10 mile per hour to each call. Geez, your way does not seem to work as one of your own (rest in peace) was even the victim. ( I wondered why protect and serve was removed from each patrol car)? Enforcement work is bad enough as this is a stressfull career as it is, adding accidental death you cause does not make it any easier. Remember, your saving our lives, the next person your hit might be your own child, wife, cousin, mother, father, etc. Get the point, good.

    2. wobbles says:

      I bet you’d sing a different tune if it was YOU they were coming to help. If it was you needed them, yesterday wouldn’t be fast enough. Keep on monday morning quarterbacking while you are enjoying the sheltered life better men and women buy for you with their lives, sad little sheep.

      1. SAL says:

        I agree with Hollywood.
        “Wobbles”, So moron, you are saying it is ok for the police to break the laws they are suppose to enforce. They expect the public to obied when police think they are above the law? I don”t think so. They are suppose to conduct their selves professionally, not like some teenager who thinks they are in a race (nothing can happen to me, mindset). Emergency responce is needed with care of the public, SLOW or STOP IF NEED AT EACH INTERSECTION because you don’t know what might heppen. How would your family feel if you were the one who got hit and died?? They would probably be suing like crazy saying the same thing. Get a better life, yours needs replacing.

  4. Alhambra lifer says:

    how sad and disrespectful of all of you a police officer someone’s family member lost their life protecting us… our city is a safe place to live thanks to those who keep us safe my prayers and thoughts are with the families ❤

  5. mike says:

    Mason and Brent, you both need to be slapped… You’re both complete morons.

  6. mike says:

    Upyours, you’re so tough….

  7. John says:

    Gee, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I know a little bit more about the story than is printed. You’re use of expletives only demonstrates your complete lack of any consideration or respect. I am done communicating with you.

  8. Leavemalone says:

    For all of ya’ll with negative police comments, I encourage you to schedule a ride a long with your local agency. You will quickly learn that the job is full of split second, life endangering and life saving decisions made by police that ultimately have our (communities) best interest as priority. Furthermore, you will value your personal job and safety more knowing that officers are humans who chose a risky profession. Hey, you may even want the job. Fallen Alhambra Officer may you and other officers know that there are citizens who care…… Condolences to your family and co-Workers.

  9. mike says:

    Upyours, see you tomorrow if you have the guts to showup, which I doubt!

    1. upyours says:

      As if you had the balls to post something other than the b.s. your mouth keeps running, pu$$y a$$wipe.

    2. upyours says:

      Anyone who doesn’t think it’s the balls up Mike’s a$$ doing all the talking be sure to let him know, and let me know you’ll show up with him.

  10. upyours says:

    And, once again you answer when called an a$$brained moron with balls up his a$$. I should take it back, if you even had an a$$ for a brain you could graduate to “ret@rd.”

  11. mike says:

    Whatever, just be there. INTERNET TOUGH GUY!

    1. upyours says:

      Upland. Yeah right, INTERNET PU$$Y.

  12. cerr says:

    Dave that makes no sense. Killing yourself or others responding to a crime is tactically unsound.

    1. .cop lover says:

      where does dave say he would kill him self or others?? he said its would be wrong to slow down as the other person suggested because if the bad guy knows they will slow down then they the bad guy win when i see a cop fly by after some suspect i mearly get out the way there is simple law in effect when you hear the siran you pull over if you do that i see no possible way you can get hurt

  13. Jim Zimmer says:

    Very sad story. Nothing else to say.

  14. Singlemom1 says:

    To all people fighting over something that was a complete accident!!! Think about what you are really saying before publishing rude and unnecessary comments!!! This is not a time to fight with one another!!! An officer lost his life and another is recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty doing a job i am certain he loves!!!! Police are here to protect and serve just like or soldiers that fight for our freedom!!! Please stop the fighting it is not necessary!!! Thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of the fallen officer and the injured officer as well!!!

  15. Heather says:

    The people making rude comments about this should be ashamed. Ryan was loved by MANY! His family and friends are in pain at this loss, and all you can do is say rude things? I am a friend of Ryans and he was not only a dedicated officer but a wonderful life loving PERSON that loved every second he was alive. He gave up his life trying to protect you slumbags that obviously dont deserve it. While all of you sit here and complain about people, Ryan was out doing something about it. How dare you. Show a little respect.

  16. ih8pigs says:

    alright one less worthless dirty cop. my adage has always been “the only good cop is a dead cop”. hmm i guess we have a dead cop in a body bag. hahahaha. eat turd and choke on it you dirty pigs. no one told you to put a badge on and get sworn to be a peace officer. if you think your job is dangerous then quit and do something else.

    1. onpatrol says:

      ih8pigs, Anybody that talks that way about a piece officer must be a convicted felon or somebody working on becoming a felon. Your obviously a parolee or writing this from prison.

      1. peace says:


      2. Juan Carlos says:

        “PEACE” Officer, TY

  17. ih8pigstoo says:

    Yea why should we care about his pig .Think about how many innocent people he put behind bars .

  18. PeteyM says:

    As a retired cop from abroad, how about police departments adopt the simple procedure of patrol officers informing dispatch of their progress and route on their way to calls? All vehicles would be/might be aware of other police vehicles in the vicinity and maybe tragedies like this might be avoided.

  19. right-to-carry says:

    Make California a “right-to-carry” state too like the 40 other states in the US so you can make the jobs easier for the police. It’s obvious that California is underpowered in the ratio of criminals/cops and therefore more crimes are bound to happen because criminals have nothing to fear when they commit a crime. They build up confidence to engage in criminal activities because they are certain that they are the only ones with the weapon so they go rob, rape, assault, and kill freely.

  20. upyours says:

    So, where’s the story about the “possible robbery” that these incompetent dumba$$es were racing to?

  21. Cheif from hell says:

    so sad
    rest in peace servant

  22. 1STMAN says:

    Were they looking for illegals? Prboblaby. See, illegals are behind all bad crimes.

  23. DUI Bum says:

    I blame the two black guys that were robbing the store that the officers were racing to intervene.

    Oh, thats me justitfying the crazy actions odf those wild and crazy officers. dring so fast, carring those big guns, and looking so hot in thos tight uniforms. grrr

    with that last rush of testosterone flowing through their musculer veins makes me want to ………puke

    Slow down cowboys

  24. anonymous says:

    One down so many more to go.

  25. anonymous says:

    Alhambra PD is just as useful as the CHP. Their priorites are issuing traffic citations for department income. Unfortunately assisting citizens with other law enforcement duties is at the bottom.

  26. raul says:

    it looks like two young idiots trying to catch a thief and so eager to clime the ranks for promotions forgot about our safety as well as there own so as i see it they were to dam stupid to be cops anyway thank god they didnot hurt anybody else
    but them selfs thats one mistake that did not cost one of us our life since there always shooting peaple by accident because that person looked like he mite have been going or reaching for a weapon and gets shot not shot they empty there weapon on the poor guy only to find out he had no weapon and thats suppose to be ok the cops make mistakes way to often that ends up tragic well im glad it was one of there own that caused this on

  27. DUI Bum says:

    As long as it’s two officers crashing into each other, then its all good. If they want to play Keystone cops, then go right ahead.

  28. Osako Yamamoto says:

    I am asian living in alhambra we have the highest property taxes around …and we still paying for the massive alhambra police building and the library near by. I do not know how many time me, my cousin, friends or any of my immediately family got pulled over by alhambra polices for some thing as minor as forget using turn signal. yes folks they purposely target asian drivers ….!!!

    bottom line is ….few less albrambra finest / racist to deal with.

  29. ALEX says:

    WOW! Obviously when people comment on police officers that respond to “High Priority” calls like these have only negative commentary due to them being part of the problems in society. I bet anything that if you had been “jacked” or anything else, you would WISH that the cops hauled butt to help you or your family. SERIOUSLY WOW!

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