SANTA ANA (AP) — Orange County sheriff’s deputies say a woman who was arrested for a drunken driving-related offense and hospitalized for high blood pressure on July 1 has died.

Officials told The Orange County Register on Thursday that 54-year-old Charlotte Engle of Huntington Beach died Wednesday after she was taken off of life support.

Authorities say Engle was being booked at the Orange County Jail when it was determined she had high blood pressure, so she was taken to Western Medical Center.

Deputies say the county coroner will conduct an autopsy. All in-custody deaths are investigated by the district attorney’s office.

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  1. mitzi says:

    the police murdered her, They will get away with it too!!!

    1. Livo Junior says:

      You are probably right. They can get away with anything they want. Donut eating garbage

    2. johnn says:

      Maury and Mitzi you are very correct the cops should not have stop her in hopes that she runs a red light and kill your love ones that where just driving to the store. what morons

  2. ts says:

    Maury and mitzi maybe you should get arrested and see what happens. Blame the drunks medical problem and alcohol. Enough cop bashing.

  3. CAB says:

    Maury and mitzi,

    Police are there to protect and to serve. They were doing just that; portecting and serving the public by taking a drunk individual off the road.

    It was her acohol abuse and high blood pressure that killed her.


    1. Livo Junior says:

      Are you forensic pathologist. I don’t think so. Protect and serve who would that be. Santa Ana PD you are wrong. All cops stick together. According to you a cop has never ever committed an assault. You are all the same . Trash is trash

  4. jj says:

    I do not believe they did anything wrong, whatsoever.

    1. Livo Junior says:

      How can you morons always defend cops. How does anyone on here even know how she died. If the cops say she was drunk . Then she was drunk, right? Sure the good old honest coppers won’t make up anything. They only protect and serve themselves. Dirty cops.

  5. Astonished says:

    Sure, it was all the fault of the cops. Shame on them for doing their jobs! HOW DARE THEY!! I’m sure her death had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that she was drunk or that alcohol as a seriously adverse reaction to high blood pressure medication. Of course, the story doesn’t say she got sick while in custody, only that she died. Maybe Western Medical needed the bed and did her in.

    1. Livo Junior says:

      How do you know the cops had nothing to do with her death. Keep your mouth shut until the real facts are available not the ones provided by the cops themselves. Another dumb defender of human trash

      1. 1stman says:

        And what are you? Are you a CAC? or are you just a little punk hiding behind your computer.?

  6. c says:

    Why do people overlook the fact that she was drunk driving. Taking her off the road probably saved lives. She should have considered her health problems before she started to drink. All this cop bashing makes it sound like its okay to break the law and endanger innocent lives. Get your head out of your ass. She was the one drunk…she was the one driving. For a change, she is the one that died instead of an innocent person. Too many times the drunk lives while others die. Her death is tragic, very tragic!!! Sorry!!! But it was her own doing!!! I wish the very best for her family.

    1. Astonished says:

      Thank you. My thoughts exactly!

    2. diosdado1001 says:

      I am totally with you. I bet if she had killed other people for DUI, those guys above this comment would be quiet. Police have stopped me for a reason, not because they feel they want to harm people. I don’t think her blood pressure went high because she was cought drunk driving.

  7. mike says:

    Maury, you’re a little whimp. I would love to meet you on the streets, I would love to whoop your azz.

    1. upyours says:

      You again. It’s the balls up your a$$ always doing the talking, a$$breath.

    2. James says:

      Mike, a man who is truly confident in his own manhood and fighting ability would never challenge or threaten another man on the internet. You didn’t even spell “wimp” correctly, and your second sentence is a run-on. It’s clear to me that you are mentally deficient and weak.

  8. Give me a break says:

    Agree with C,CAB, ts, Astonished and JJ. Drive drunk, get arrested. Have high blood pressure and drink- die. Read the medicine labels that say no alcohol while using this product. At least no one innocent was jurt/killed. RIP to her but she put herself in that position

  9. Livo Junior says:

    If it squeals like a pig it must be a dirty cop.

    1. Turi43 says:

      Hey Livo Jr.. Sounds to me like you’re an expert on what squeals. Are you maybe a closet pillow biter ?

  10. Mary Elizabeth Again says:

    You’re right – cops do stick together and the majority (Not all of them) ARE pricks. The good thing is – neither you nor I have to live with the mean ones. BUT in this particular case, I do not believe that the police (Usually the claims ARE true) killed this young woman. I too agree that her drinking and her high blood pressure took her life. Drinking will kill you. Though the cops are guilty of MOST of the beatings that take place, they are not guilty of every beating. I don’t blame the cops in this situation and believe that the woman died due to her drinking, the heat, and stress… at least in this case.

  11. c-gas says:

    To all the people that slam the police, try and do their job and deal with the people they have to deal with on a daily basis.Next time you think you need the police, think again and don’t call them. Solve your problems by yourself.

    1. upyours says:

      Hey, a$$brain, which rock do you stay under? Everyday, everyone deals with the same people the whiny a$$wipe incompetent overpaid moron cops do and most do so without a gun.

  12. dk says:

    She had a massive stroke, never made it to the hospital conscious, no alchol or drugs in her system. Her family kept her alive so her organs could be donated as she had wished.

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