SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Police Thursday sought the public’s help to locate a suspect, reportedly clad in a black one-piece wetsuit, who sexually assaulted a female near Santa Monica College.

The attack occurred around 10 p.m. Wednesday when the female was walking in the 1300 block of Pearl Street, said Sgt. Richard Lewis of the Santa Monica Police Department.

“An unknown suspect ran up from behind and pushed her,” Lewis said.

“When the victim attempted to turn around, the suspect struck her and forced her to the ground.”

The suspect sexually assaulted the female, then fled, Lewis said. He was last seen running eastbound on Pearl Street.

The suspect is white, 25 to 30 years old, about 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall weighing 140 to 150 pounds. He has short, curly blond hair, blue or green eyes and was wearing a black wet suit that covered his neck to his ankles.

Authorities urged anyone with information regarding this sexual assault to contact police at (310) 458-8960 or (310) 458-8495.

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Comments (35)
  1. adamson says:

    Yeah, lambasting a woman’s claim about her sexual assault… really ethical and responsible.

  2. surfsup says:

    guy in a wetsuit…the prey has become predator.

  3. Ron says:

    Not to make light of this, because it is very serious, but if the attacker had on a wetsuit neck to ankles, then how did he commit a sexual assault?

    1. Jeezus says:

      just cause his naughty parts were covered doesn’t mean he didn’t access her naughty parts, which would still be a sexual assault. whether he used his hands or feet or face to assault her, it could still be sexual depending on the placement of those parts on to her body. so get over yourself….. trying to make a clever comment. anyway, before i read these lame comments all i was gonna really say about this article was: that’s weird.

  4. Timothy McGarry says:

    something fishy here…

  5. bobbyz says:

    sounds like a wet dream

  6. Marcus says:

    The media is sure diligent in telling us when a suspect is white lately (especially those with blonde hair and blue eyes committing sexual assaults). If it’s not a white man, then there’s no mention of race, and frequently no description whatsoever.

    1. 1stman says:

      Hahaha…you’re just angry that he wasn’t an “illegal” like you hoped when you clicked on the link. Now go hide under the rock that you came from.

      1. Levert says:

        Well all know you are the resenting indian who still holds a grudge from the white man raping your ancestors and taking your land. Get over it! It happened and nothing you do or say will change history. Now go ride a buffalo or something your people are good at!

      2. Toms says:

        You are worst than black people and slavery. Dude, you cannot change anything and you living with resentment is killing you inside. Have you tried counseling? I guess even indians have racist amongst them. Move forward cause living in the past keeps you mad and life is too short for that as you cannot change it man.

      3. 1stman says:

        hahaha..look at these people angry that the guy has white skin. Angry that they can’t blame and “illegal” for this crime as well.

    2. Diana of Wales says:

      1st man:

      Him being white does NOT means he is legal.

      He could be from anywhere in the world. Plus. Shall I remind you America is made with all immigrants? some legal some not.

      I think you are the one who’s obsessed with illegal immigrants. Possibly because you are one. So if I was you, I’ll better watch out for IP tracking.

  7. Cracker says:

    A majority of these kind of crimes are done by white people…Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, William Gacy….you get the point I could go on and lets not forget the baby killers also whose daddy and brother likes to molest. Just a poor sick weak race that will thankfully be the minority by 2020….

    1. DAX says:

      those are few and far between, but I see crime by Latino;s especially Gangs everyday and the neighborhoods they live in in are trash and unsafe Mexico has been a country longer than the USA and what have they done?? still using push carts. shall I go On ??

    2. Jeezus says:

      just cause mexicans dont consider rape/molestation as bad doesn’t mean it isn’t and that they dont do it on a daily basis. if the keyboard had an emoticon or something that could whistle at the little ladies like a mexican does, this is certainly where i’d use it next.

    3. Jeezus says:

      i love when illegals name drop the white offenders, cause they can only name under 5-10 prolific ones. Cause it’s simply not as rampant in that culture as it is in the brown cultures. I bet that in nearly every illegal’s family there’s illegal activity. (see how i did that?)

  8. Cracker says:

    Yeah go on if you like DAX but the truth of the matter is that this country is reverting back to Mexico…look around you. I’m not latino but I prefer coexsisting among their people than yours…even more, I’m taking great delight in watching you racist pigs squirm as they trounce over your borders and move into your neighborhoods…lets hear you tell Juan how you really feel when he’s your next door neighbor. You wont because youre a coward and you wont have the heart so you’ll just go behind closed doors and post your racist views.

    1. Calvin says:

      So you take pleasure watching neighborhoods becoming 3rd world with all these illegal peasants running them into the ground. You tell me what good has ever came from Mexico? That’s right, nothing! If the government would enforce the law like it was written, their kind would be where they belong!

      1. 1stmam says:

        Tell your fellow whites to stop raping people

      2. Calvin says:

        Hey geronimo, go back to your reservation and quit making false statements. I will gladly tell the white man to stop raping but coming from a black man, they may take it the wrong way and hang my a$$!

      3. 1stman says:

        No need to worry about them hanging you uncle tom.

  9. Todd Jones says:

    You idiots that want illegals here do not understand the economical and social implications that come with it, do you? Do you know how hard crimes will be to solve with people who have no record or are not in the system? Do you know how funding we will be short as these people are not counted in the census? Our schools are already taking a hit and a lot of services for citizens like medical, shelter, food are being sucked dry by these people. Either legalize them so we can track them or ship them all out, but do not leave as is!

    1. adamson says:

      Yeah, Americans never commit crimes. Never.

  10. Jeff says:

    For all of you negroes and mexicans saying “whites commit a majority of crime”, take a look at the LAPD most wanted list. After you’ve done that, put down the crack pipe and/or burrito.

    1. Toms says:

      True statement Jeff. Percentage wise, minorities commit more crimes per person.

    2. 1stman says:

      That’s because those are the only ones they report. White people break laws all the time they just get away with it. I’ve known of white lawyers and some other big shots who get cocaine delivered to them. In Century City btw..who do you think is running the show? you people get manipulated easy by the media.

      1. Jeezus says:

        someone doing his own cocaine which already exists in the world, is much different than someone stealing from, raping or murdering another individual. If that’s the crime by whites that you’re gonna bring up in this then you lose the debate before it even starts.

  11. rick says:

    jeezus for you info if the mans organ was covered and never came out and never touched any sexual part of the woman it is NOT sexual assult it would be MOLESTATION coping a feel or any other act short of sex is not sexual assult if it was every dim witt that has ever grabed some girls ass would be sought for a rape

    1. Jeezus says:

      so oral sex isn’t sex?

      1. rick says:

        not for the purpose of rape its not rape requires penitration

    2. Jeezus says:

      right on, Dic!

  12. Colin D says:

    This troubles me I live very close to this area within a few blocks I surf all the time and run from my house to my car in a wet suit almost everyday and I’m white 5’10!

  13. Cracker says:

    @calvin, go ahead and keep spreading your racist paranoid ignorant propaganda…at the end of the day all that wouldve shouldve couldve doesnt mean caca because the facts speak for themselves. So you keep talking and while your doing so go ahead and bend over because the brown man is taking over….

  14. Craven-Morehead says:

    I’m scared to leave the half way house at night.

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