VENTURA (CBS/AP) — A Ventura woman is police custody on suspicion of spraying a can of roach and ant killer in a 12-year-old girl’s face.

Jeanette Rohde, 52, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of of child endangerment and assault with a caustic chemical. Rohde is being held on $50,000 bail.

The girl’s mother, Maria Elena Pacheco, told CBS2/KCAL9’s Suzie Suh that her daughter, Cristal, was playing outside with her four brothers and sisters when Rohde began arguing with another neighbor. Rohde then came over to Pacheco and another neighbor and began to argue with them.

“She said, ‘There’s some cockroaches here, so I’m going to spray some of this spray,’ but she meant us,” Cristal said. “And she put some on our legs.”

Cristal says Rohde then put the can near her face. Cristal says she tried to block the can, but some of the spray still landed on her left cheek.

Investigators say Rohde left but officers found her several blocks away, trying to hide.

Police say the girl sustained minor injuries to her face.

Other neighbors said that Rohde isn’t exactly the friendly neighbor next door.

“She has to be nicer to people,” Cristal said. “And she has to think before she does [things].”

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  6. Calvin says:

    She was doing what immigration is not, trying to get rid of illegals, whether by bug spray or any means neccessary. The anchor baby’s mom does not even speak english and just bred her litter her so she could stay in the US. Deport them and give the lady who sprayed them a medal!

    1. Jeanette Rohde says:

      thank you cavin for responding….spent 30 days in a jail had no rights so I cannot go home . the media have been following me every where I go

      1. Angel says:

        Your neighbors don’t look like they are trying to have a quiet life. They look like they hang out and make a lot of noise outside your dwelling. How long has it been since you had any peace and quiet? Probably never since living there.
        Sorry Jeanette but you aren’t going to be allowed to go home, have any peace, quiet, nor sanctuary; not even while paying rent.

  7. Marvin Portnoy says:

    Some of you are heartless morons! A 12 year old for God’s sakes! Asking if any of you are feeling shame for some of these comments, is basically redundant and useless.