LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A bankruptcy judge Thursday ruled that Major League Baseball does not have to turn over a number of documents to the Dodgers or make baseball commissioner Bud Selig available for a deposition.

Frank McCourt wanted the judge to force MLB to hand over documents, which he said would prove that Commissioner Bud Selig is treating him unfairly.

The judge ruled against the request, stating that it was not applicable.

“It’s a setback for him in his continuing battle, but ultimately I think he’s still on that slippery slope,” said sports attorney Jeffrey Lenkov, who is not involved in the case.

Lenkov said the key for this bankruptcy remains the FOX Television contract that is still on the table, according to McCourt.

But Lenkov said that what McCourt was asking for had nothing to do with the bankruptcy.

“It looks like a cornered cat and what do we always learn about a cornered cat? Beware of the claws,” Lenkov said.

The Dodgers released a statement on the ruling.

“Although the court concluded that the discovery we sought was premature, we look forward to persuading the court on July 20 that the financing with Highbridge is both appropriate and preferable to financing from MLB. As the court indicated, there is will still be other opportunities in the bankruptcy case for the Dodgers to obtain the discovery that MLB does not want to share with the Dodgers and the court,” it read.

“I’m a ‘Joe nobody.’ I’m not a season ticket holder. I’m not a sponsor. I’m somebody who doesn’t like him,” said sports fan Eric Schuman, who two days ago received a call on his cell phone from Frank McCourt.

Schuman and McCourt had a long conversation.

“I don’t know if he’s delusional or not, but he is under the belief that he can still keep the club.” Schuman said.

In recent weeks McCourt has denied all interview requests. Over a month ago for one day he granted all interviews – TV, radio and newspapers.

Schuman had called into a sports talk show blasting McCourt and then e-mailed McCourt saying that he would love to continue the conversation. Two days ago Schuman got his wish.

“I don’t like him let’s say 99 percent and maybe now I only dislike him maybe 97 percent,” Schuman said referring to the phone conversation.

He said that McCourt had asked him to keep certain parts of their conversation confidential, which he did.

But I asked him if McCourt ever used the word “embarrassment” regarding the bankruptcy situation.

“No, and again this is just me speaking; I don’t think he cares,” Schuman said.


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Comments (3)
  1. chatsworth doc says:

    folks seem to forget that the McCourts (or any business person) is in business to MAKE MONEY, not make friends. He will do whatever is best for himself, period!

  2. get out mcbroke says:

    I wouldve hanged up on that ass h+-_, but thats just me.. Mcbroke do us a favor and sell the team… .

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