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WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Fashionistas hoping to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge can now find some of Princess Kate’s favorite fashions at a West Hollywood boutique.

Reiss, a mid-price line with a store located on Robertson Boulevard, is causing quite a stir with royal watchers.

The Duchess of Cambridge chose Reiss for her official engagement photo, pulling a white, knee-length, $300 ruffle dress out of her own closet from the line’s 2009 collection.

“The day she wore [it] our phones were ringing off the hook,” said Laurie Marco, Pres. of Reiss North America.

catherine duchess of cambridge 118249888 West Hollywoods Reiss Allows Americans To Dress Like Kate Middleton

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The company re-released the garment after the photo was published and sold one dress every minute on the store’s website for four days. Kate recently wore the dress again during her North American tour while visiting Canada.

Catherine also chose a $340 blush colored Reiss dress to great the Obamas at Buckingham Palace.

“When she wore the Shola dress . . . the day that happened, our website crashed. We had over 1.6 million hits on the website,” said Marco.

The Duchess doesn’t work with a stylist. British royals are not allowed to accept gifts so Kate picks out and pays for each item.

“She comes into the stores herself and her style is very much the girl next door. She’s touchable. The people love her,” Marco said.

To view the entire Reiss collection, visit their online store.

» PHOTOS: Princess Catherine’s Fashion

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  1. Topher says:

    LMFAO I SAW THE SAME THING!!! Ahaha I love/hate misplaced apostrophes!

  2. Marty says:

    NO wonder we as a people cannot get anything accomplished in America. Half the MORONS in this country are following Kate around to see which outfit and hairstyle she will wear next.

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